Location: Angelina County TX

Biloxi Indians

Biloxi Tribe: Apparently a corruption of their own name Taneks anya, “first people,” filtered over the tongues of other Indians. Also called: Ananis Anaxis Annocchy, early French spellings intended for Taneks Polu’ksalgi, Creek name. Biloxi Connections. They belonged to the Siouan linguistic family. Biloxi Location. Their earliest historical location was on the lower course of Pascagoula River. (See also Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.) Biloxi Villages. None are known except those hearing the name of the tribe, unless we assume the “Moctobi” or “Capinans” to be a part of them. These, however, may have been merely synonyms of the tribal name. Biloxi History. It is possible that the Biloxi are the Capitanesses who appear west of Susquehanna River on early Dutch charts. On the De Crenay map of 1733, a Biloxi town site appears on the right bank of the Alabama River, a little above the present Clifton in Wilcox County, Alabama. This was probably occupied by the Biloxi during their immigration from the north. Individuals belonging to the tribe were met by Iberville on his first expedition to Louisiana in 1699, and in June of the same year his brother Bienville visited them. In 1700 Iberville found their town abandoned and does not mention encountering the people themselves, though they may have been sharing the Pascagoula village at which he made a short stop. A few years later, PĂ©nicaut...

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Angelina County, Texas Cemetery Records

Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Cemetery Transcription hosted at Ray Jackson’s Home Page Newman Cemetery Cemetery Transcriptions hosted at Angelina County, Texas Archives Allen Cemetery Allen Family Cemetery Anthony Cemetery Barge Cemetery Barron Cemetery Belote Cemetery Berry Cemetery Bodan Cemetery Bowen Cemetery Brazil Cemetery Brown Cemetery Burrous Graves Cameron Cemetery Carrell Cemetery Carson Cemetery Cassels Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Chambers Cemetery Chestnut Cemetery Clark’s Ferry Cemetery Cochran Cemetery Collier Cemetery Concord Cemetery Crain/Crane Cemetery Crawford Cemetery Crocker Gravesite Dollarhide Cemetery Dunk Havard Cemetery Dunkin Cemetery Dunn / Aldredge Cemetery Durham/Redtown Cemetery Ewing (Anthony) Cemetery Fairchild-Dubose Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Frank Boykin Cemetery Freeman Cemetery Gann Cemetery Gann Cemetery (A-J) Garden of Memories (Babyland) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Columnbarium Niches) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Garden Crypts) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Garden Entrance) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Last Supper Mausoleum) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Last Supper) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Lullabyland section) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Phase I Mausoleum) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Phase II Mausoleum) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Sunset Mausoleum) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Wildwood section) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Woodland 300 section) Cemetery Garden of Memories (Woodland 600 section) Cemetery Gilbert Chapel Cemetery Gilliland Cemetery Glendale-Hillcrest-Knight-IOOF/Oddfellow Cemetery Graham Cemetery Grimes Cemetery HawkinsCemetery Hensarling – Dearmond Cemetery Herrington Cemetery...

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