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Location: Altona Germany

Biography of Ben C. Hartz

One of the most extensive business enterprises conducted in the City of Rock Island is the wholesale drug house of Hartz & Bahnsen Company. It is a business that, although modest in its inception, has attained immense proportions, until today it occupies a magnificent four-story building on Third Avenue and Nineteenth Street, and for its successful operation requires the employment of a small army of clerks. It is one of the founders of this large concern and its president, whose life we propose to take up in this sketch, and as a specific example of what integrity, perseverance and industry can accomplish, it will certainly be of interest to every reader. Ben C. Hartz was born December 5, 1856, in the town of Altona, Germany, his parents being J. H. and Theresa Hartz. The father was a contractor and manufacturer of furniture. He died in his native land of Germany in 1871. After his death the mother made her home with her children in Rock Island, passing away September, 1888. Their son came in the United States in 1873 and located in Rock Island. Previous to leaving Germany, he had served an apprenticeship of three years in a wholesale and retail drug and paint business in Hamburg. Having thus fitted himself as a practical pharmacist he found no difficulty in obtaining employment in his chosen line upon coming to...

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