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Location: Alma Colorado

Biography of James H. De Coursey

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now James H. De Coursey. Many of the great commercial houses of the world have been built up from a small foundation, and a young law student’s enterprise in nourishing and developing a business idea of his own, is responsible for the most extensive ice cream and butter manufacturing plant in the State of Kansas. It is located at Kansas City and is the property of the De Coursey family, and its able manager, James H. De Coursey, was also its founder. The De Coursey name has been one held in high regard in Kansas for three generations. The first of the family, James De Coursey, was born in Louisiana, undoubtedly of French stock, and in the gold rush of 1849 traveled by wagon to California from Illinois. He returned by water and after marrying in Illinois, came again to Kansas, the appearance of the state having pleased him when he had crossed overland on his way westward. He located on a farm in Johnson County, near Edgerton, broke up his land with, oxen and bore many hardships there before moving to Leavenworth, in 1859, after selling his farm. There he engaged in the grocery trade and also became interested in dairying and he is credited with founding the first creamery in the state, in 1879. During...

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