William Manning Todd6, (Simeon5, Joel4, Ithamar3, Michael2, Christopher1) married first, Harriet Lounsbury; second, Luian Stevens.

The Todd homestead in Mount Carmel, Conn., owned by Simeon Todd was later owned by his son William Manning Todd, then sold to Harry Todd (not of the same family) and then owned by his son Loyal Todd. Later it was sold by Loyal Todd to Edwin Payne (father of Miles Payne later of Cheshire) and by him sold to Messina Clark of New Haven, then to Forrest Smith, and then to General Phelps Montgomery who took down the old house and built another on the same site.

All these changes took place during the lifetime of John H. Dickerman, in whose boyhood the place was the homestead of his mother (Angeline Todd) and her brother William Todd, whose sons “Richie” and Kirtland were the schoolmates of their Dickerman cousins on the adjoining farm where the house was built by Obed Todd and later also sold to General Phelps Montgomery, the two farms forming a large estate.

Children by Harriet Lounsbury:
*1075. Orrin Kirtland, b. Dec. 6, 1833.
1076. Richardson W., m. Amaranda Benham. No children. They lived in Mount Carmel, Conn.

Child by Luian Stevens:
1077. Oakley M., d. 1878, was buried in Mount Carmel, Conn.