James Robert Love, m. Maria Williamson Coman, daughter of James Coman,

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of Raleigh, N.C. November 26th, 1822. Maria Williamson Coman was

b. January 22nd, 1805 and d. March 20th 1847.


1) James Coman Love, Oct 2nd, 1824; d. Oct 18th, 1854 (Bachelor)

2) Col. Robert Gustavus Adolphus Love, B. January 4th, 1827; d. May 24th 1880 (Bachelor) was Col, C.S.A. 62nd M.C. Regiment

3) Dr. Samuel Leonidas Love, b. Aug. 24th, 1828; d._____? Was twice married; 1st, to Rachel Boyd—three children: (a) Margaret Love, (Mrs. Harry C. Marschall) #5027 Hazel Avenue, West Philadelphia, Pa. (b) Maria Williamson Love, (d. unmarried). (c) Robert Gustavus Adolphus Love, (Lives in Waynesville, N.C.) (Note: the second wife of said Dr. Samuel Leonidas Love-Margaret Harrison, of Virginia-is dead, and by her he had no descendants.)

4) Sarah Jane Burney Love, b. Oct 26th, 1831; d.____? M. Col. William Thomas in 1858. (a) children, towit: William Thomas, b.____? m. Miss Byrson, and by her had six children. (b) James Robert Thomas, b._____? m. Josephine Smith, and by her had four children (c) Sarah Love Thomas, b.____? m. Judge A.C. Avery, and by him had three children. The deaths of neither of the above mentioned are known.

5) Infant twin daughter, b. Oct 1834; d. Young.

6) Margaret Elizabeth Love, b. Aug. 20th, 1836 (lives in Asheville, N.C>) m. Dr. William L. Hilliard, January 3rd, 1854, and by him had nine children, towit: (a) James Hilliard, b._____? (d. unmarried). (b)Rev. Samuel Hilliard, b._____? m. Mary Justice of Hendersonville, N.C., no children. (c) Dr. Wm. D. Hilliard, b.____? m. Mary Duffield, of Virginia; and by her has one daughter-Margaret. (d) Maria Duffield, b._____? m. Fred Hull (no children). (e) Dr. Charles E. Hilliard, b.______? m. Mary Craig, of Owensboro, Ky. and by her had one son-Charles. he d.________? (f) Margaret Josephine Hilliard, b._____? m. John M. Campbell, and by him has three children, towit: Emily, Hilliard and John M. Jr., (Lives at Asheville, N.C.) (g) Dr. Walter b. 1870; d____?

(unmarried) (h) Love Hilliard, b. 1876; m. Robert P. Foster, and by him has three sons, towit: Robert, William and Charles Hardin Foster. She lives in Asheville, N.C. All of the above families live in Asheville, N.C.

7) Mary Josephine Love, b. Oct. 21st, 1838; m. Joseph Branner, of Tennessee, March 4th 1856, and now live in Waynesville, N.C. By him she had the following children, towit: (a) Ella Maria Branner, b.____? m. Rev. Jas. Atkins, Sept. 14th, 1876, and by him had three children, viz Mary Lyons, Love Branner, and James Atkins. These live in Nashville, Tennessee; Rev. Atkins being connected with the Methodist Publishing House afterwards Bishop of M.E. Church South. (b) Mary Love Branner, b._____? m. Hon. Robert D. Gilmer, of Waynesville, N.C. and by him has two children, viz: Branner and Josephine Richards Gilmer. They all live in Waynesville, N.C. and Mr. Gilmer is Attorney General of the State.

8) Captain Mathew Hale Love, b. April 15th, 1840; d. March 18th, 18__” , Rebecca Moore of Tennessee, and by her had the following children, viz: (a) Maria Moore Love, b.___? m. Robert Harris Mitchell of Tennessee, November 4th, 18__? one child, Robert Harris Jr., (b) James Robert Love, b.____? (c) Hugh Arthur Love, b.____? (d) Paul Love, b._____? (e) Janie Josephine Love, b._____? m. Holmes Conrad Jr., of Winchester, Virginia-one son, Bryan Conrad. (f) Elizabeth Avery Love, b.____? (g) Mattie Blanche Love, b.______? All, except those noted live in Waynesville, N.C.

9) Maria Malinda Love, b. December 7th, 1843; m. Col. Wm. Williams Stringfield of Tennessee, January 2nd, 1871, and by him has the following children, towit: (a) Dr. Thomas Stringfield, Mary Love Stringfield, James Love Stringfield, Sarak Burney Stringfield, Margaret Josephine Stringfield, Samuel Lanier Stringfield and Jenny Linda Stringfield. All of these live in Waynesville, N.C.