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Genealogy of the Cherokee Grant Family

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OK 3 Ezekial Beck. Ruth Hicks
4 John Beck. Emily Duncan
5 Jeffrey Beck. Sallie Downing
6 Pauline Beck. Aaron Downing, James Crittenden, Stephen Hildehrand and James Kesterson
7 Arie Beck. Joseph A. Sturdivant and Brice Hildebrand
8 Charlotte Eaton. Ellis Buffington Towers
9 Sinia Eaton. Solomon Denton and Young Charles Gordon Duncan
10 Richard Eaton. Elizabeth Alherty
11 Harlin Eaton * Rebecca Crittenden
1112137415 James Buffington. Matilda Benge
2 Ezekiel Buffington. Louisa Newman
OK 3 Mary Buffington* Johnson McBreer and Hiram McCreary
4 Ruth Buffington* Robert Agnew and William Langford
5 Susie Buffington. Martin Root
6 Jennie Buffington. Charles Dougherty and John D. Alberty
7 Clara Buffington. Elliis West and John Wright Alberty
8 Ellis Buffington. Elizabeth Starr
9 Elizabeth Buffington. Moses Alberty
1112138415 Robert Buffington Daniel. Ann Daniel
2 Ezekial Daniel. Niesa Muskrat


3  James Daniel*
4 John M. Daniel*
5 Susan Daniel. Samuel Knight Weir
6 Mary Daniel. George Carselowry, Isaac Woodall and Victor Benton
7 Annie Daniel. Thomas Woodall and Jacob Houston Woodall
1112139415 Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson
2 Joshua Buffington. Sabra Lynch


3 Nannie Buffington* Thomas Fox Taylor
1112231415 Annie Rogers. John W. Flawey and Thomas Irons
2 Joseph Rogers*


3 William Rogers. Nellie May
4 Tiana Rogers. David Gentry and Samuel Houston
5 Susannah Rogers. Nicholas Miller
1112232415 Elizabeth Gentry. Ezekial Williams
2 Isabel Gentry*


3 Patience Gentry*
1112233415 Pleasant Rogers
2 Eliza Rogers. John Seabolt
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MLA Source Citation:

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921 Web. 25 August 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 6th, 2013

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