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Genealogy of the Cherokee Grant Family

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OK3Ezekial Beck. Ruth Hicks
4John Beck. Emily Duncan
5Jeffrey Beck. Sallie Downing
6Pauline Beck. Aaron Downing, James Crittenden, Stephen Hildehrand and James Kesterson
7Arie Beck. Joseph A. Sturdivant and Brice Hildebrand
8Charlotte Eaton. Ellis Buffington Towers
9Sinia Eaton. Solomon Denton and Young Charles Gordon Duncan
10Richard Eaton. Elizabeth Alherty
11Harlin Eaton * Rebecca Crittenden
1112137415James Buffington. Matilda Benge
2Ezekiel Buffington. Louisa Newman
OK3Mary Buffington* Johnson McBreer and Hiram McCreary
4Ruth Buffington* Robert Agnew and William Langford
5Susie Buffington. Martin Root
6Jennie Buffington. Charles Dougherty and John D. Alberty
7Clara Buffington. Elliis West and John Wright Alberty
8Ellis Buffington. Elizabeth Starr
9Elizabeth Buffington. Moses Alberty
1112138415Robert Buffington Daniel. Ann Daniel
2Ezekial Daniel. Niesa Muskrat


3 James Daniel*
4John M. Daniel*
5Susan Daniel. Samuel Knight Weir
6Mary Daniel. George Carselowry, Isaac Woodall and Victor Benton
7Annie Daniel. Thomas Woodall and Jacob Houston Woodall
1112139415Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson
2Joshua Buffington. Sabra Lynch


3Nannie Buffington* Thomas Fox Taylor
1112231415Annie Rogers. John W. Flawey and Thomas Irons
2Joseph Rogers*


3William Rogers. Nellie May
4Tiana Rogers. David Gentry and Samuel Houston
5Susannah Rogers. Nicholas Miller
1112232415Elizabeth Gentry. Ezekial Williams
2Isabel Gentry*


3Patience Gentry*
1112233415Pleasant Rogers
2Eliza Rogers. John Seabolt

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