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11 ___Dorcas. Benge and Young Charles Gordon Duncan  |A47
1112 Edmond Benge. Mary Rains
2 John Duncan. Elizabeth Abercrombie
3 Rebecca Duncan. James Landrum
4 Emily Duncan. Alexander Kell
5 Elizabeth Duncan*
6 Lewis Duncan*
7 Charles Duncan. Mahala Abercrombie
111213 Charles R. Duncan. Judith Roach
2 Martha Duncan. David Jones
OK 3 John R. Duncan*
4 Jennie Duncan. Thomas Carey
5 Edmond Duncan. Maria Richey and Barbara Ashley
6 William B. Duncan. Narcissa Reeves Foreman nee Carey
7 Lewis Duncan. Mary Spears
8 George Washington Duncan* Martha Carey and Margaret Scrimsher
9 Nathaniel Green Duncan. Ellen Martin
10 James R. Duncan. Elizabeth Dennis and Susan Bryant
11 Mary Duncan. James Martin, Samuel K. Weir, Thomas Hiekox and George W. Moore
12 Ross Cherokee Duncan. Mary Goddard and Susie MeLain
112213 Hannah Duncan. Ezekial Buffington McLaughlin

A47. John Adair, a Scotchman, married Mrs. Ge-ho-ga Foster, a full. blood Cherokee of the Deer clan. She was a sister of Mrs. Dorcas Duncan, wife of Young Charles Gordon Duncan who was also a Scotchman. Adair had five children that lived to be grown and after her death he married Jennie Kilgore, a White woman, by whom he had ten children.