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Genealogy of the Cherokee Adair Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

8Thomas Whitfield Bigby. Rebecca Thompson
9David Taylor Bigby. Nancy Jane Guilliams
10Malinda Jane Bigby
1112135415Martha Jane Adair. Silas Aiken
2Ross Adair*
OK3Mary Elizabeth Adair*
4Benjamin Adair. Sarah Guerin
5Rachel Ann Adair. James Roe Trippard and Charles L. Bowden
1112136413Nannie A. Trott. Joseph George Vann
2 John Ross Trott. Emma A. Clayton
OK3James Campbell Trott. Madora Stover
4Timothy Trott*
5Elizabeth Trott*
6William Lafayette Trott. Malinda Stover* and Louisa Moore
7Charlotte Trott. Benjamin Johnson
8Henry Harden Trott. Eliza Cannon nee Harlan
1112138413Levi Adair. Eliza Consene nee Vann
OK2 John Martin Adair. Triphena Terrell
1112139415Stella Ann Adair. George Washington Scott
OK2Maybelle Adair. Martin Van Benge
1112231415Walter Adair Goss*
2Benjamin Franklin Goss. Sarah Emily Bean and Demaris Pace
OK3Rachel Elizabeth Goss. Richard F. Fields
1112232415William Penn Adair. Sarah Ann Adair and Sue McIntosh Drew
2Brice Martin Adair. Sarah McNair
OK3Walter Thompson Adair. Mary Buffington Adair, Ruth A. Markham and Fannie Gray
4John Ticanooly Adair. Martha Nannie Thompson
5Mary Ellen Adair. Joseph Franklin Thompson
6Benjamin Franklin Adair. Mary Delilah McNair
7Rachel Jane Adair. Milton Howard McCullough
8Cherokee Cornelia Adair. Jesse Bushyhead Mayes
1112233415George Washington Mayes. Charlotte Bushyhead and Sarah Alice Nicodemus nee Taylor
2John Thompson Mayes. Cynthia Pack Davis
OK3Frank A. 0. Mayes
4James Allen Mayes. Ophelia Davis, Ruth Springston and Annie Foster
5Joel Bryan Mayes. *Martha McNair, Martha J. Candy and Mary Drew nee Vann
6Walter Adair Mayes*
7Rachel Mayes. Lucullus McNair and John W. Petty

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