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Troup County Georgia Genealogy

The land for Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll counties was ceded by the Creek people in the 1825 Treaty of Indian Springs. Troup County was created June 9, 1825 and December 11, 1826 with 447 square miles acquired by Creek cessions of January 24, 1826 and March 31, 1826. It was named for George Michael Troup, 1780-1856. He was the governor of Georgia, 1823-1827. He was elected to the U.S. Senate. Later, he was nominated to be president of the United States. The court house burned in November 4, 1936 along with some records. Discover your family's story....

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Troup County Georgia Government Officials

Troup County Clerk of Superior Court 1827-1934 1827-34 N. Johnson 1835-42 Robert F. McGehee 1842-48 Moses Lee 1848-50 H. B. Williams 1850-62 William M. Latimer 1862-66 Inhn R Awtrev 1866-75 R. S. McFarlin 1875-81 John W. Sledge 1881-87 John Edward Toole 1887-96 E. T. Winn 1896-14 William L. Cleaveland 1914- G. Thomas Travlor Court of Ordinaries Roster 1852-1934 1852-56 Wiley H. Sims 1856-58 Thomas C. Evans 1858-64 Samuel Curtright 1864 James Turner 1864-68 Littleton Pitts 1868-72 Henry H. Cary 1873-77 Littleton Pitts 1877-88 William C. Yancey 1888-93 Robert M. Young 1893-01 John B. Strong 1901-25 Henry T. Woodyard 1925- J. Forest Johnson Judges of Superior Court 1826-1931 1826-32 Walter T. Colquitt 1833-40 Hiram Warner 1841-44 William Ezzard 1845-53 Edward Young Hill 1854-55 Obediah Warner 1855-61 Orville A. Bull 1864-65 Benjamin H. Bigham 1866-67 Hiram Warner 1868-69 John Collier 1869-71 John S. Bigby 1871-72 William F. Wright 1872-80 Hugh Buchanan 1881-82 Francis M. Longley 1882-03 Sampson W. Harris 1903-04 Thomas A. Atkinson 1904-16 Robert W. Freeman 1917-20 J. Render Terrell 1921-30 Charles E. Roop 1931– Lee B. Wyatt In the above roster the names of Edward Young Hill, Orville A. Bull, Benjamin H. Bigham, Francis M. Longley, Thomas A. Atkinson, and Lee B. Wyatt, indicated by italic type, were citizens of Troup. Inferior Court Judges 1827-1877 Amoss, B. B. 1857-58 Atkinson, Nathan L 1861-64 Bacon, Thomas 1851-52 Bailey, Samuel A....

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Troup County Georgia World War 1 Commissioned Officers

The following list of Commissioned Officers was extracted from NARA records by Dennis N. Partridge. They represent officers who served in World War 1 and are not present in the Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Roster. Troup County Georgia World War 1 Commissioned Officers Surname First Name Rank County State Allen Winston S. 1st Lieutenant Troup Georgia Atkinson James L. 2nd Liuetenant Troup Georgia Baker Arthur Marshall 1st Lieutenant Troup Georgia Bradfield Arthur D. 2nd Liuetenant Troup Georgia Bradfield Loyd 1st Lieutenant Troup Georgia Chandler Homer E. Field Clerk Troup Georgia Clark Neal 1st Lieutenant...

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Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors

The following information has been extracted from NARA records by Dennis N. Partridge, and provides a list of all known World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors as reported by their respective agencies. For additional names view the following: Troup County Georgia Commissioned Officers Troup County Georgia Soldiers Who Died in Service Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Last Name First Name Rank File # Race Service Abbott Emory C. Sergeant 1356421 W Army Abell John Private 2902852 W Army Abraham William H. Private 726415 W Army Adams Charles D. Private 4745034 W Army Adams Charles S. Sergeant 794345 W Army Adams Willie F., Jr. Private 1346090 W Army Adams James Private 2648886 C Army Akers Washington Corporal 1928823 C Army Alexander John Private 4574530 C Army Allen Alwyn L. Private 4884386 W Army Allen Beverly P. Private 1361853 W Army Allen Frank Private 3497707 W Army Allen Marshall L. Private 1343831 W Army Allen William H. Private 4432074 W Army Allen Winston B. Private 793234 W Army Allen Henry Corporal 1931817 C Army Allen John T. Private 1924013 C Army Allen Willie F. Private 2345943 C Army Allison Virgil Private 3991778 C Army Ammons Robert M. Sergeant 30863 W Army Amos U.J. Private 1927983 C Army Anderson Will Private 1360443 W Army Anderson John Private 2650390 C Army Andrews Frank Private W Army Andrews Oliver M....

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Early Troup County, Georgia Land Records

The following records of early Troup County Georgia Land records was extracted from the History of Troup County, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed by Foote & Davies Co., 1935, pp 11-26. The lot numbers followed by an asterisk (*) are fractional lots of less acreage than those unmarked; those followed by a plus (+) are not wholly in Troup County; the county from which registrations were made is the third column; names followed by an asterisk (*) are revolutionary soldiers or their widows; those followed by a plus (+) are soldiers of Indian wars or their widows. Early Troup County, Georgia Land Records Lot Name County District 220 Adair, John B. Madison Twelth 7 Akins, William Pike Sixth 100 Albritton, Elizabeth Washington Fifteenth 123 Alexander, William+ Jasper Fourteenth 245 Allen, Clement Greene Fifth 36 Allen, Edward Warren Eleventh 51 Allen, James Warren Twelth 82+ Allen, Samuel Washington Twelth 193 Allinder, Edward C. Chatham Fourth 128 Allred, Aaron Gwinnett Eleventh 140 Almand, William Burke Third 158 Almond, William M. Elbert Sixth 152* Amos, Elijah M. Crawford Fifteenth 145 Anderson, Amos Telfair Fifteenth 240 Anderson, Ann Walton Third 131 Anderson, Mary Wilkes Sixth 182 Anderson, T. W. Twiggs Fifth 200 Andrews, children Taliaferro Fifth 177 Andrews, Joseph Liberty Fourth 247 Anthony, Ruth Liberty Fifth 98 Archer, David Clarke Sixth 63 Armor, Robert+ Wilkes Fifth 71 Arnold, Sarah Oglethorpe Sixth 59 Arthur, Mathew* Habersham...

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Captain Robert H. Sledge’s Company

A Partial Roster Of Captain Robert H. Sledge’s Company Of J. C. Alford Battalion Of Cavalry In The Creek Indian War Of 1836 from Troup County, Georgia. JULIUS C. ALFORD, Colonel of the Battalion WILLIAM M. MARTUS, Lieutenant Colonel HUGH J. LESTER, Ensign of Battalion ROBERT H. SLEDGE, Captain WALKER DUNSON, First Lieutenant JOHN B. LEE, Second Lieutenant HADIJAH ELAM, Orderly Sergeant JAMES H. HARRISON, Second Sergeant WRIGHT GREEN, Third Sergeant JOHN P. WARMACK, Quartermaster Privates Bledsoe, Peachy Bruster, Sheriff Bruster, W. B. Davenport, Benedict Davenport, Presley Davidson, Allen Farrar, John Gates, James R. Greer, Young Hardin, William O. Harrison, J. W. Howell, Daniel Hughes, William C. Hunter, James Jordan, Joshua O’Neal, Hilliard Riley, W. B. Satterwhite, Elijah Scott, George E. Scott, James H. Sledge, John Sledge, Mincey Sledge, Shirley Sledge, Thomas Smith, Anderson S. Stockton, J. T. Tankersley, Baldwin Thornton, J. T. Vann, James Vickers, Jefferson Weaver,...

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Troup County Georgia Civil War Soldiers

A Surnames Adams, Augustus. B-60 Ga.; wounded Winchester. Adams, Dock. B-60 Ga. Adams, James. B-60 Ga. Adams, Joseph. B-60 Ga.; from Heard County. Ainsworth, David H. F-21 Ga.; March 1, 1863; wounded Second Manassas. Akers, Franklin C. B-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861; discharged July 21, 1864. Akers, Reuben A. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861; wounded Kernstown, Va. Allen, Captain Ujanirtus C. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861; 2nd Lt. Dec. 3, 1861; born Jan. 29, 1839; Captain, May 31, 1862; killed Chancellorsville. Allen, Henry C. B-60 Ga. Allen, John W. D-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861; wounded Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864; died Oct., 1864. Allison, A. K-13 Ga.; July 9, 1861; died Lynchburg hospital, Sept. 18, 1862. Allison, D. E. K-13 Ga.; March 1, 1862; wounded Sept. 17, 1862; wounded Spottsylvania, May 18, 1864; furloughed from wound Feb. 28, 1865. Allison, Robert G. K-13 Ga.; March 1, 1862; sick Dec. 31, 1864; died 1865. Alston, Noah. D-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861. – Anderson, James M. D-4 Ga.; Sept. 21, 1861; Sergeant May, 1862; killed Wilderness. Anderson, John R. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861; killed Cold Harbor, Va. Anderson, Nicholas. D-4 Ga.; Sept. 21, 1861; discharged July 20, 1862, under age. Anderson, Thomas J. K-13 Ga.; July 9, 1861; appointed Ensign 13th Regiment. Anderson, W. J. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; sick Charlottesville typhoid, March 7, 1863; furlough June 17, 1863; died...

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Troup County Georgia in the Spanish American War

Spanish American War. The last straw in the friction between Spain and the United States was the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. After the court of inquiry had determined that the explosion was due to a mine in the harbor, the United States Congress demanded the withdrawal of the Spanish troops from Cuba, which was practically a declaration of war. This occurred on April 20, 1898, and was followed by a call for troops on April 22, 1898, from eighteen to forty-five years of age. The Fifth Regiment of Georgia Volunteers under the command of Colonel John S. Candler, Lieutenant-Colonel Park Woodward, Majors W. J. Kendrick, Cleveland Wilcoxon and Clifford L. Smith, were called to Atlanta immediately and the regiment through its commanders and company officers volunteered for service in the above war. The LaGrange Light Guards under the command of William T. Herring was Company E of this regiment. The regiment was not accepted as a unit, but many of the officers were selected to form the Second Georgia Regiment. Enlistment was made voluntary in the new organization. The Second Georgia was considered as a reserve and was encamped near Tampa, Florida; but the Fifth Regiment of regulars was then stationed at Fort McPherson and was sent to the front and saw active service in Cuba. The following Troup County citizens participated...

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