Collection: Mississippi Census Records

1850 Census of Lawrence County, Mississippi

The 1850 census of Lawrence County, MS was extracted by Dennis Partridge in 2011. The extraction provides basic information such as the names, ages, sex, and occupation of each resident of the county. For space purposes and speed, I have chosen not to do a complete extraction, but may choose at a later date to add the full transcription. Every person enumerated in Lawrence County, however, is listed. For further verification of this census, researchers should view the original census records. For purposes of search, I have taken the liberty of adding the surname of each person. In the actual record, only the first person of each families surname per page was listed, while the remaining individuals of that family name were listed as ” for their surname. An extraction of a census is very much a work of art. The handwriting of Jonathan Keegan left many of the names indistinguishable, and often he spelled the name as it sounded, instead of as it actually occurred for the person in the records of the town, and in their family history. I have taken the liberty in my extraction of providing positive identity of each person enumerated – by this I mean I have used my knowledge of the residents of Lawrence County, MS at that time to identify each person, and used their proper spelling. 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi...

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Mississippi 1860 – 1930 Census Records

Mississippi Census online research should begin with what is available online for free. If this proves fruitful then congratulations! If not, then I would suggest signing up for the online census images (links to the right) where you can access all the available online Mississippi census information directly from your computer at home. Mississippi 1820 – 1950 Census Records 1860 Amite County Mississippi Images Amite County Mississippi Index A-D Index E-L Index M-R Index S-Z File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7 Choctaw County Mississippi Images Jackson County Mississippi Index A-G Index H-P Index Q-Z Notes File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 Jefferson County Mississippi Images Lauderdale County Mississippi Index A – B Surnames C – D Surnames E – G Surnames H – K Surnames L – M Surnames N – R Surnames S – U Surnames V – Z Surnames Pages pg00001 pg00018 pg00035 pg00052 pg00069 pg00086 pg00103 pg00121 pg00138 pg00155 pg00172 pg00189 pg00206 Noxubee County Mississippi File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7 Index A-F Index G-M Index N-Z Panola County Mississippi Images Pontotoc County Mississippi Index A Index B Index C Index D-E Index F Index G Index H Index I-L Index M Index N-O Index P-Q Index R Index S Index T-V Index W-Z File 1 File 2...

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