Collection: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico

Wiyot Tribe

A small tribe, whose name Powell adopted for the Wishoskan linguistic family, on the coast of North California about Humboldt Bay. The word seems to be a misapplication of their own name for their Athapascan neighbors, Wishashk. Wiyot, which has sometimes been used as an equivalent, is therefore probably a better term than Wishosk, though not entirely exact.

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Norridgewock Tribe

A tribe of the Abenaki confederacy, their territory embraced the Kennebec Valley nearly to the river’s mouth. Their closest relationship was with the Penobscot, Arosaguntacook, and Wewenoc Indians.

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Indian Tribe Structure

Among the North American Indians a tribe is a body of persons who are bound together by ties of consanguinity and affinity and by certain esoteric ideas or concepts derived from their philosophy concerning the genesis and...

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Snoqualmu Tribe

Snoqualmu Tribe, Snoqualmu  Indians. A Salish division which formerly occupied the upper branches of a river of the same name in Washington and which numbered 225 in 1857. The remnant of these Indians is now on Tuliap...

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