Collection: Georgia Marriage Collection

Georgia Marriage Collection

Our Georgia Marriage Collection provides marriage records from specific Georgia counties up until the year 1850 (except for Pulaski, which goes through 1930). Some are inclusive and cover all of the years from the start of record keeping in the county, while others have breaks in the data. The reasons for the breaks in the data can be a loss of records at the county level, an error during the initial transcription, or just a lack of marriage events during that period in time.

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Effingham County, Georgia Marriages 1754-1850

Effingham County, Georgia Marriages 1754-1850: The following marriage records have been extracted from Effingham County Georgia court records. They contain an index to the marriage records for the years of 1754-1850, not inclusive. There appears to be a large gap in the marriage records for the years of 1778-1791, with only one marriage recorded.

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Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

Pulaski County Georgia Marriage Records through 1930. A Surnames Abney, Bailey A., to Caroline S. Bolinger, Aug. 28,1845. By David Roberts, M. G. Abney, B. F., to Pit Faucett, Jan. 20, 1907. By W. B. Richardson, J. P. Abney, Henry I., to Mamie Floyd, March 17, 1901. By R. C. Sanders, M. G. Abney, James S., to Mattie Jones, Dec. 27, 1896. By T. J. Meadows, J. P. Abney, J. F., to S. C. Crumpler, Aug. 20, 1899. By T. J. Meadows, J. P. Abney, John F., to Dollie Coley, Dec. 24, 1880. By E. H. Godwin, M. G. Abney, Joseph, to Ada Holland, May 18, 1902. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P. Abney, Robert D., to Sibbie M. Coley, June 10, 1875. By E. H. Godwin, M. G. Abney, Robert D., Jr., to Vera E. McGowen, April 6, 1928. By Alger Haskins, Ordy. Abney, Thomas, to Lula Dunn, Dec. 26, 1897. By R. D. Abney, J. P. Abney, William, to Hezekiah Bolingo, Oct. 11, 1864. By G. R. McCall, M. G. Abney, William, to Elbira Dykes, Nov. 24, 1895. By J. P. Holland, J. P. Abraham, Abe, to Pearl Rudich, Nov. 15, 1916. By Rec. Henry Weiss. Adams, Adiel L. to Nannie Bunn, April 21, 1886. By E. J. Coates, M. G. Adams, Berry, to Sarah Joiner, Aug. 20, 1865. By James Hartley, J. P. Adams, Berry,...

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Camden County, Georgia Marriages 1787-1850

Camden County, Georgia – Marriage Records 1787-1850. Georgia marriage records which comprise a period of years between 1787-1850 for Camden County, Georgia. There are many missing years, including a block of years between 1797-1814, and the year 1840. We are unsure if marriages just did not occur during this time period, or if the records were lost, or just not recorded. This is a transcript of the marriage books, and only contains the groom, bride, and date of marriage.

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