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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 8th Regiment, Company E.

CAPTAINS: Young, J.D., Joy, W.D.

LIEUTENANTS: Westhimes, H., Hewitt, T.M., Halford, J.J.

SERGEANTS: Athenson, S.R., Ward, R.H., Hollyman, M.W., Miller, T.J.

CORPORALS: Philips, J.R., Moody, E.T., Moon, W.W., Morris, T.E.

PRIVATES: Allen, R.M., Anderson, T.J., Anderson, W.D., Alford, R.H., Askin, J.A.J., Anderson, C., Anderson, J.F., Anderson, W.H., Anderson, W.T., Anderson, G., Anderson, J.M., Barfield, M., Bristow, C.C., Bristow, J.N., Barefoot, D.R., Brookington, E.S., Byrd, J.E., Carter, W.A., Carter, G., Carter, H.M., Carter, N.S.J., Carter, H., Carter, R.M., Carter, S.B., Coward, W., Cook, T.J., Courtney, S.J., Connor, E.J., Connor, G., Chandler, T.A., Cone, R., Danels, E., DaBase, A.E., Doralds, M.H., Evingston, G., Elliott, A.J., Graham, C.S., Gilchrist, J., Gee, S., Gardner, J.D., Gardner, C., Ganniginn, D., Hill, E.F., Hill, J.J., Hill, B., Hill, H., Hill, J., Hill, R.M., Hill., I.T., Howall. W.H., Hollan, J.S., Hollan, S.S., Hamphury, S.S., Hamphury, R.F., Hane, H.W., Hane, A.J., Hane, H.A.W., Hane, W., Hatchell, I., Hatchell, C.A., Hatchell, L., Hancock, H., Hollyman, A., Halford, J.M., Hix, T., Hase, G.N., Hickson, J.S., Jackson, T., Jones, R.M., Jordan, P.A., Kerth, J.H., Kirby, S.J., Kirby, H., Kent, J.L., Lockhart, J.C., Lockhart, R.C., Lockhart, G.R., Lockhart, W.J., McCoy, C.D., McCoy, T.G., McCoy, J.J., McCoy, S., McCoy, J., McGee, J.M., McGee, W., McKnight, W., Moore, J.G., Moore, J.D., McGill, J.F., McGill, J., Morris, M.E., Morris, H., Morris, J.L., Matthews, W.A., McKessick, W.J., Nettles, L.F., Nettles, G.T., Nettles. R.C., Norwood, J.E., Philips, J.R., Philips, L.A., Price, J.A., Price, G.P., Pool A.A., Pawley, J.H., Plummer, C.H., Powers, M.J., Powers, A.D., Powers, W., Rollins, R.D.F., Rice, D.H., Rogers, M.D., Singletary, C., Smoot, W.B., Smoot, W.L., Snipes, M., Timmons, W.H., Timmons, W.B., Truitt, J.E., Turner, J.C., Ward, J.W., Ward, R.H., Ward, C.E., Ward, J.J., Witherspoon, S.B., Windham, J.R., Windham, I., Windham, J.H., Wooten, S., Wittington, J.W., Wadford, N., Wadford, G.W., Winburn, S., Young, W.W.

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