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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Company K.

CAPTAINS: Kennedy, B., Lanford, S.M., Poster, L.P., Young, W.H., Cunningham, J.H., Roebuck, J.P.

LIEUTENANTS: Wofford, J.W., Wofford, J.Y., Bearden, W., Layton, A.B., Thomas, W., Smith, R.M.

SERGEANTS: Bray, D.S., Wofford, W.B., Thomas, J.A., Varner, C.P., McArthur, J.N., Jentry, J.L.

CORPORALS: Vise, James S., Nesbitt, W.A., Smith, W.A., Davis, A.F., James, G.W., Lanford, F.M., Pettitt, N.H., Roundtree, J.R., Smith, A.S., West, T.H., Bass, J.B.C.

PRIVATES: Bass, G.W., Beason, B.S., Beason, B., Bishop, J.W., Beard, J.C., Brewton, I., Brice, D., Birch, F.C., Bearden, W.S., Barnett, W.H., Bearden, G., Cook, N., Cunningham, H.W., Chunmey, G.W., Chunmey, J., Drummond, R.A., Elmore, J.H., Foster, J.A., Gwinn, C.T., Gwinn, D., Gwinn, M., Gwin, J., Harmon, T.P., Harmon, J., Harmon, W., Havener, J.P., Hyatt, G.T., Hyatt, J., Hamby, J.H., Hill, L., Johnson, J.A., Lanham S.W.T., Lawrence, W., Lancaster, W.H., Marco, J.J., Mattox, P., Mayes, S.S., Mayes, D.W., Mayes, W.J., Meadows, T.M., Meadows, T.S., McAbee, W., McAbee, J., McDonald, J.E., McArther, J., Pearson, J.W., Petty, T., Petty, P., Pettis, B.F., Pearson, H., Roundtree, J.S., Riddle, J.M., Riddle, T., Rogers, M., Rogers, J., Rogers, E., Rogers, W., Rogers, G., Roebuck, B.F., Roebuck, J., Roebuck, W., Sammonds, G., Shackleford, J.L., Stribblan, A.C., Stribland, S., Stribland, J., Shands, B.A., Shands, S., Stallions, J., Smith, B.M., Smith, S., Smith, E.F., Smith, Robt., Smith, W.P., Sherbutt, W.T., Sherbutt, S.Z., Sherbutt, A.T., Slater, Jno., Story, G.H., Storey, D.G., Story, J.S., Thomas, T.S., Thomas, L.P., Thomas, W., Thomas, M., Turner, J., Vehorn, W.J., Vaughan, L., Vaughan, J., Varner.R., Williams, R.M., Wofford, B., Wofford, W.T., Wofford, J.H., Wofford, W.A., West, T.J., West, G.W., West.E.M., West, H., Wingo, H.A., White, R.B., Westmoreland, S.B., Wright, W.M., Woodruff, R., Zimmerman, T.H.

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