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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Company B.

CAPTAINS: Davidson, Samuel N., Gary, Thomas W., Connor, Thompson.

LIEUTENANTS: Hunter, W.P., Lipscomb, T.J., Buzhardt, M.P., Davenport, C.S., Pulley, S.W.

SERGEANTS: Summer, M.B., Reeder, J.R.C., Moffett, R.D., Clark, J.P., Spears, L.M., Copeland, J.A., Peterson, W.G., Livingston, A.J., Smith, J.D., Bradley, E.P., Tribble, A.K.

CORPORALS: Davis, T.M., Gary, Jno. C., Dean, Julius, Lark, Dennis, Chalmers, Joseph H., Anderson, W.A., Wallace, W.W., Spears, A.S., Perkins, H.S., Gibson, B.W., Workman, Robt., Stephens, P.J., Suber, Mid.

PRIVATES: Brooks, E.A., Burton, Kay, Butler, J.C., Bishop, W.F., Bishop, Jno., Bailey, A.W., Brown, D., Brown, J.A., Butler, E.A., Butler, J.N., Butler, B.R., Butler, D.M., Cannon, Isaac P., Crooks, L.T., Crooks, J.A.B., Chalmers, E.P., Craddock, D.F., Craddock, S., Chupp, J.G., Cole, John, Campell, Jno. B., Cleland, J.P., Clark, E.G., Connor, Robt., Clamp, D.L., Chappells, J.B., Davenport, H., Davenport, W.P., Davenport, E.W., Dalrymple, John, Davis, A.P., Davis, D.P., Davis, J.T., Dumas, J.H., Davenport, J.C., Floyd, Jno. S., Floyd, J.N., Gary, J.W., Gary, M.H., Gary, C.M., Gary, Jessie, Griffin, S.B., Griffin, W.B., Grimes, W.M., Grimes, T.A., Gibson, M., Gibson, W.W., Golding, James W., Golding, Jno. P., Galloway, Jno., Graham, T.J., Greer, R.P., Hopkins, G.T., Harp, David, Harmon, W.C., Harmon, H.T., Jones, J.S.B., Johnson, W., Johnson, W.R., James, W.A., King, W.H., Keller, W.J., Lank, J.W., Lyles, I.E., Livingston, H., Livingston, E., Longshore, E.C., Longshore, A.J., McKettrick, J.W., Middleton, J.H., Moates, J.L., Moates, F., Montgomery, G.B., McEllunny, R.N., Neel, J.M., Neel, T.M., Pitt. J.M., Pitt, W., Pitt, J., Pitt, D., Pitt, A.N., Reeder, A.M., Richey, E., Robertson, S.J., Reid, W.W., Reeder, W., Spruel, J.S., Spruel, W.F., Stewart, J.P., Senn, D.R., Satterwhite, R.S., Scurry, J.R., Sterling, G.P., Saddler, G.W., Suber, G.A., Suber, A., Thrift, C., Thrift, G.W., Templeton, R.W., Willinghan, W.W., Workman, J.A., Workman, J.M., Workman, H., Workman, P., Whitman, J.C., White, G.F., Wells, G.F., Waldrop. W.W., Williams, B.

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