North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

P Surname

Paine, William ?-11/23/1980
Parker, Aline No Dates
Parker, Clara S. 1877-1975
Parker, Randolph W. 1867-6/1959
Parker, Violet 1881-4/1965
Partney, Cora Alice 1910-1/20/1984
Partney, Russell No Dates
Patterson, Andrew “Dode” 8/3/1895-2/27/1969
Patterson, Erma Abigail 5/26/1897-5/5/1984
Patton, John No Dates
Patton, Maxine H. 1914-1976
Payne, James E. 1937-5/28/1964
Pearson, Alfred L. 1869-1954
Pearson, Alvin Dale 10/12/1935-6/5/1998
Pearson, Ben No Dates
Pearson, Calvin 6/27/1923-1/14-1926
Pearson, Carol 11/12/1912-2/1/1913
Pearson, Carrie P. No Dates
Pearson Charles E. 1881-4/1959
Pearson, Daisy May 1897-1901
Pearson, Dollie F. 1894-11/1977
Pearson, Donald 1910-1933
Pearson, Dorthy ?-10/19/92 (As Listed)
Pearson, Elmer 4/10/1910-8/28/1983
Pearson, Elvina E. 1886-1967
Pearson, Emmitte L. 1912-1982
Pearson, Everett 4/28/1890-2/25/1961
Pearson, Florence M. 12/12/1893-2/17/1977
Pearson, Frank A. 1/22/1885-11/4/1967
Pearson, Guy 3/26/1909-1/6/1984
Pearson, Harrison 1873-1924
Pearson, Henry 12/3/1859-1/29/1920
Pearson, Homer H. 1892-10/1965
Pearson, Infant ?-1908
Pearson, Infant ?-1909
Pearson, Iva No Dates
Pearson, Jessie Susan (Davis) 3/29/1913-7/10/1959
Pearson, Juanda Seretta 5/2/1915-4/10/1923
Pearson, June No Dates
Pearson, Katie 1887-8/1976
Pearson, Manerva 2/5/1860-11/15/1926
Pearson, Margaaret M. 1863-1939
Pearson, Marie Nettie 1888-1967
Pearson, Martha 9/25/1905-11/25/1926
Pearson, Olive 2/1/1891-6/2/1944
Pearson, Rowena Myrtle 12/6/1913-10/18/1969
Pearson, William 1885-7/1961
Pearson, William 7/3/1836-5/16/1915
Pearson, Winfield S. 1861-1938
Pentecost, Renee Lucille 3/28/1949-5/18/1949
Peters, Alva Herman 1913-1974
Peters, Alva W. 1879-10/1962
Peters, Florence Louise 9/14/1921-6/20/1988
Peters, Rose J. 1887-1947
Petersen, Chris 1872-1948
Petersen, Crystal L. 1912-1927
Petersen, Gerald L. 1905-4/1966
Petersen, Rosella 1878-1952
Pfel, Louis W. 11/7/1917-3/27/1994
Pierce, Homer New (As Listed)
Pierce, Homer Emery 3/20/1913-5/7/1987
Pierce, Ivan E. 1887-1944
Pierce, Mary L. 1889-1969
Pilcher, Freddie B. ?-5/19/1898
Pilcher, Hattie 5/27/1882-11/9/1912
Pilcher, James A. 10/1/1854-4/1/1925
Pilcher, Mary 1850-1936
Pilcher, Mary Lula 4/12/1898-11/2/1898
Polen, Halleck W. 1887-8/1960
Polen, Olive Anna 10/14/1905-6/15/1908
Polen, Virginia M. 1881-1965
Powers, Adeline E. 9/9/1828-8/9/1869
Powers, Ellenora 2/14/1857-10/18/1900
Powers, W. B. 3/4/1825-11/26/1908

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