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These are the stones that were visible at Ackles Cemetery, Union County. They will provide some additional information to your website record, as of September 1001

Ackles, James B: 6/06/1840 D:2/07/1908
Ackles, George 1832-1917
Ackles, Lousa T Walker D: 1885 @52 yrs/8mo
Ackles, Edith S.H. D: 1899 @ 61 yrs/8mo
Allen, Evalyn (Heryford) 1912-
Allen, Samuel Ray 1894-1975
Boothe, Lelia J. 1870-1883 12 yrs
Boothe, Harley S. 1889-1890 1mo/3day
Briscoe, Florence Edith 1895-1907
Buchanan, Harriet Cullen 1826-1900
Buchanan, John 1816-1893
Buchanan, DJ D: 1886 @ 38 yrs/2mo
Burks, Florence 1878-1966
Burks, Albert 1880-1939
Carter, Martha E. 1828-1912
Clark, Mildred 1891-1891 6 months, daughter of JM & SE Clark
Clark, Mildred B: 4/1891 D: 10/1891, daughter of JM& SE
Coleman, John D. D: 1/26/1897 @ 50yrs/11mo/5day
Couch, Belle D: 1896 @ 19yrs
Couch, Amelia A. 1838-1920
Couch, Reuben T. B: 1833 D: 1888 @ 54yrs/11mo
Culp, Winnie 1884-1887
Dillingham, Sarah A. D: 1890 @ 56 yrs, wife of RW
Dunnington, Eleanor S. 1813-1891
Farrell, Carrie Ethel 1886-1887 @ 6mo, daughter of JR & AM
Gelham, Almeda 1830-1885 55 yrs, wife of C.A.
Good, infants son/daughter of A & C Good
Good, Cordellia 1855-1923
Good, Bertie H. 1889 5 years old
Good, Charles P. 1893 14 years
Good, Albert 1843-1916
Good, Alice L. 1896 15 years, daughter of Albert & Cordellia
Grimmett, John C. 1871-1878 7 yrs
Grimmett, infant D: 4/15/1899 daughter
Grimmett, J.J. 1857-1894
Grimmett, ? 1836-1874
Halley, Benjamin S. D: 10/23/1898 @ 64 years
Halley S.M. D: 2/25/1896 @ 41yr/9mo/19day
Halley, Mary E.
Halley, wife B: 7/22/1848 D: 11/01/1916, wife of JP Halley
Holman, Walter E. 1880-1882
Holman, Wm. L. 1873-1874
Holman, ? 1857-1874 daughter of SJ Moss
Holman, Rebecca
Hulse, Sarah J. 1849-1906
Hulse, Marquis L. 1845-1906
Hulse, Henry A. D: 1894 @ 57yrs
Hulse, Caroline (Walker) D: 1908 @69 yrs
Hulse, Edith York 1870-1948
Hulse, Jesse Elmer 1860-1841
Hulse, Philip A. D: 1906 @ 12yrs/2mo
Hulse, ? D: 1898 @ 26yrs/2mo
Hunter, Alice 1877-1877 1 month old twin
Hunter, Jason S. 1840-1916
Hunter, Mary E. 1840-1879
Hunter, Nancy 1816-1890 Our mother
Hunter, Ella 1877-1877 1 month old twin
Hunter, John T. D: 1878 @ 62yr/1mo
Killpack, Aulene 1902-1903 daughter of EA & MC
Locke, Ellen Ruth 1907-1907 1 mo
McClelland, Leo L. D: 1885 @ 9yr/10mo, son of AG & M
McDowell, Lucinda V. 1842-1885
McDowell, John 1828-1899
Mead, Alpha A. 1869-1913
Mitchell, Francis W. 1822-1904
Mitchell, J.S. B: 2/12/1844 D:3/14/1916
Mitchell, Frances 1857-1875, daughter of MH & Frances
Mitchell, Amelia C. 1854-1922
Mitchell, John J. 1892-1893, son of JS & AC
Mitchell, Moses H. 1820-1901
Moss, ? B: 3/25/1875 D: 1878
Moss, Earl S. 1891-1896
Moss, Sarah J. 1834-1905
Moss, Mary A. 1873(or 1875)-1878
Moss, Wm D. 1828-1912
Moss, Henry F. 1862-1915
Murray, Mary E. 1850-1887
Oldenburg, Lodewijk 1877-1886
Oldenburg, Jerry 1887-1905
Pearce, Clude O. 1905-1986
Pearce, Clara L. 1905-1988
Rowley, Louisa J. D: 1870 24 years old, wife of N.G.
Safford, Robert P. 1878-1906
Smith, girl D: 1896 child of JN & MN
Smith, Melvil N. 1898-1901
Smith, boy D: 1898
Van Dermeulen, Egbert B. 1833-1897
VanDermeulen, Bonnie Egbert 1803-1882 @ 79 yrs
Vandermuelen, Ott 1835-1919
Vandermullen, Bonnie C. 1894-1969
Vandermullen, Bonna J. 1894-1894
Vandermullen, Annie 1892-1893
Vandermullen, Ellanora (Edwards) 1867-1951
Vandermullen, Annie 1845-1938 Of Holland
Vandermullen, Orange 1845-1931
Walker, Mary 1878 @ 9 yrs, daughter of MH & JG Walker
Walker, Mary H 1833-1901
Walker, Rebekah D: 1877 wife of William
Wilson, Minnie D: 1902 @ 8day, daughter of GE & AJ

MLA Source Citation: Cemetery Collection. Web. 13 December 2014. - Last updated on Oct 29th, 2012

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