Athens Grand Juries from, 1805 to 1815

The first grand jury that ever sat in the county, was drawn in November, 1805, and was composed as follows:

John Dixon, John Hewitt, Samuel Moore, John Corey, Peter Boyles, Jeremiah Riggs, Canaday Lowry, William Howlett, Robert Fulton, Alvan Bingham, Josiah Coe, Philip M. Starr.

March Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, Hopson Beebe, John Thompson, Silas Dean, John Lowry, Josiah Coe, Daniel Stewart, Robert Fulton, Baruch Dorr, Edmund Dorr, Peter Boyles, John Corey, Benaziah Simmons.

July Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, John Havner, David Pratt, Reuben Hurlbut, Jacob Boyles, Moses Bean, Canaday Lowry, Alexander Fulton, George Wolf, Joseph Brooks, Abraham Shidler, John Corey, Peter Boyles.

November Term, 1806.-Jehiel Gregory, Silas Dean, Samuel Humphreys, Thomas Sharp, William Howlett, Ignatius Thompson, Trueman Hewx, Michael Barker, Amos Thompson, William Weir, Phineas Allen, Benaziah Simmons, Silas Bingham.

March Term, 1807.-Hopson Beebe, Archibald Stewart, William Brooks, Alvan Bingham, Christopher Wolf, John Thompson, Jared Bobo, John Steele, Abram Pugsley, Josiah Waters, John Miller, John Hewitt, Jason Rice, Jehiel Gregory.

December Term, 1807.-Stephen Pilcher, Joseph Seamans, Obadiah Walker, Benjamin Davis, Jason Rice, John Corey, James Crippen, John Thompson, Jesse Halsey, Nathaniel Williams, John Brooks, Aaron Young, Simon Speed, Jehiel Gregory, Roswell Culver.

April Term, 1808.-George Seamans, Samuel Beaumont, Elijah Pilcher, Joshua Wyatt, Eleazar Penrod, Nehemiah Gregory, Uriah Tippee, John Simontown, Samuel Russell, Charles Harper, David Chapman, Baruch Dorr, Azel Johnson, Leonard Jewett.

August Term, 1808.-John Thompson, Moses Bean, Charles Harper, James Pilcher, David Boyles, John Walker, Ebenezer Currier, William Woodward, Caleb Merritt, Edmud Dorr, John Kelso, Jacob Wolf, John Lowry, William Gabill, Elijah Pilcher.

December Term, 1808.-Amos Thompson, Daniel Stewart, Joseph Fuller, Charles Rice, William Howlett, Robert Palmer, John Brown, Jacob Boyles, Peter Boyles, William Barrows, John Abbot, Simeon Cooley, Josiah Coe, Peter Grow.

April Term, 1809.-Nathan Woodbury, Azel Johnson, William Peane, Thomas Armstrong, William Harper, Isaac Stanley, Robert Linzee, Othniel Tuttle, Daniel Weethee, Jacob Cowdry, Isaac Barker Joshua Wood, Arthur Coates, John Brown 2d.

August Term, 1809.-Leonard Jewett, Martin Mansfield, Reuben Davis, William Rabb, Caleb Merritt, Daniel Stewart, William Howlett, William Weir, Samuel Coleman, Levi Johnson, Thomas Armstrong,-Jacob Humphrey, Stephen Buckingham.

December Term, 1809.-Jehiel Gregory, George Walker, Jason Rice, Zebulon Griffin, Jonathan Watkins, William Burch, Elijah Pilcher, Joseph Pugsley, John Armstrong, John Johnstone, Samuel Luckey, Martin Mansfield, Amos Thompson, William Howlett, Eli Reynolds.

April Term, 1810.-John Brown, Benjamin Davis, Abraham Pugsley, Josiah True, William Brown, Seth Fuller, Peter Phillips, Joshua Wyatt, Amos Crippen, Arthur Coates, William Harper, Samuel Moore, John McKee, Eli Reynolds.

August Term, 1810.-John Corey, Arthur Coates, Daniel Weethee, Eli Reynolds, Abel Mann, James Crippen, Solomon Munroe, Charles Harper, Jarret Bobo, Joel Lowther, Jacob Cowdry, John Thompson, Jarret Jones, Joshua Wood, Elijah Pilcher.

December Term, 1810.-Jehiel Gregory, Joseph Guthrie, Charles Harper, Levi Stedman, James Armstrong, Isaac Wood, William Burch, Joseph Fuller, Nathan Woodbury, Baruch Dorr, Samuel Luckey, Jabez Cooley, Silvanus Ames, Bernardus B. Lottridge, George Barrows.

April Term, 1811.-John Brown, Isaac Stephens, Caleb Merritt, William Brown, Robert McKinstry, Henry Barrows, John Bowman, Abram Pugsley, Nicholas Phillips, Samuel Coleman, John Phillips, Moses Bean, John White.

August Term, 1811.-David Simontown, John Wright, Elisha Alderman, Robert Palmer, Christopher Herrold, George Ewing, Jonathan Watkins, Isaac Havner, Isaac Wood, Edmund Dorr, Elijah Pilcher, John Abbot, Aaron Young, Moses Kay.

December Term, 1811.-John Phillips, Josiah Coe, Jeremiah Shumway, Thomas Armstrong, Arthur Coates, Thomas Sharp, John White, Nehemiah Davis, Othniel Tuttle, Job Phillips, Wm Burch, Augusting Webster, John Irwin, John McKee, Robert Lowther.

April Term, 1812.-Silas Bingham, Henry Barrows, Frederick Tubbs, Ebenezer Barrows, Martin Mansfield, John Symmes, Christopher Herrold, Jacob Cowdry, Abel Mann, William McKinstry, Joel Cowdry, Enos Thompson, John Corey, Levi Johnson, Edmund Dorr.

December Term, 1812.-Christopher Wolf, John White, Daniel Weethee, Nathaniel Williams, Hopson Beebe, John Corey, David Pratt, Edmund Dorr, Reuben J. Davis, Jeremiah Riggs, Joseph Guthrie, Arthur Coates, Martin Mansfield, Stephen Pilcher, Charles Harper.

April Term, 1813.-Alvan Bingham, Hopson Beebe, Charles Harper, Edmund Dorr, Arthur Coates, John Connor, Alexander Stedman, Barnet Brice, Eliphalet Case, Eliphalet Wheeler, George Barrows, Daniel Muncie, Alvan Bingham, jr.

August Term, 1813.-Stephen Pilcher, Charles Harper, Peter Grow, Joshua Selby, Ezra Green, B. B. Lottridge, Jacob Barker, Samuel Dailey, Abel Miller, David Pratt, Robert McKinstry, Seth Fuller, Abel Glazer, Jason Rice, Caleb Merritt.

December Term, 1813.-Alvan Bingham, Robert McKinstry, Thomas McClellan, John Brown, John Holmes, John Brooks, Conklin Buckley, Enos Thompson, Seth Fuller, Jehiel Gregory, Peter Boyles, Elisha Hulburt, Henry O’Neil.

September Term, 1814.-Stephen Pilcher, John Bowman, Samuel Luckey, William Dorr, Joseph McMahon, George Walker, Elihu Francis, S. P. Standiff, Elijah Pilcher, John McKee, Arthur Coates, Abel Mann, Luther Danielson, Jonas Smith, William McKinstry.

January Term, 1815.-George Ackley, Justus Reynolds, Jonathan Watkins, Robert McKinstry, William Johnson, William Buffington, William McKinstry, George Barrows, Azel Johnson, Joseph Fuller, Obadiah Walker, Nathan Nye, Jacob Kimes, Josiah Coe.

Tune Tern,, 1815.-Josiah Coe, George Reeves, Ezekiel Worthing, David Ducher, John Brooks, Jacob Humphrey, Cephas Carpenter, Isaac Pierce, Charles Devol, John Walker, Asahel Cooley, James Gillmore, John Abbot, John Bowman, Elijah Pilcher.

MLA Source Citation: Athens County Ohio Genealogy. Web. 14 December 2014. - Last updated on Dec 5th, 2012

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