Caswell County, North Carolina – Wills 1777-1799

1784 March. ALLEN, ROBERT, Hannah (wife); Josiah Allen (grandson).
1784 September. ATKINSON, ROBERT, Ransom, Patsy, Mary and Jane.
1788 July. ANTHONY, JOHN, Ursula (wife); Jonathan, Elijah, John, William, Joseph, Elizabeth (children); Nancy Stone, Sarah Boney and Jane Carder (daughters).

1777 June. BARNETT, ROBERT, Sarah (wife); Robert and Andrew.
1777 June. BUMPAS, SAMUEL, Mary (wife); Robert, Nathaniel, John, Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary.
1777 June. BUMPASS, ROBERT, Sarah (wife); John, (son) Lucy Van Hook, Elizabeth Davey, Agnes Pratt, Winifred Cozart and Martha Williams (daughters).
1777 June. BUMPASS, ROBERT, Sarah (wife); John, (son) Lucy Van Hook, Elizabeth Davey, and Sugreston.
1781 April. BLACK, ROBERT, Elizabeth (wife); George, Henry, John, Thomas, Elizabeth Fulkerson (daughter).
1784 March. BOWLES, SARAH, John and Mary.
1786 October. BURTON, CHARLES, Jean (wife) ; George, Edward, Robert, Charles, Theodorick and Dolly.
1787 April. BRADLEY, JAMES, Thomas, John, James, Edward and Mary.
1787 January. BROWING, NICHOLAS, Sarah (wife); Jean, Sarah and Enos.
1788 October. BARKER, GEORGE, John, Israel, James, George, David, William, Isabel and Susanna.
1789 January. BLACK, HENRY, Mary (wife); eight children (not named).
1790 April. BAXTER, THOMAS, Rachel (wife); Frances, Thomas and Philip.
1790 April. BROOKS, RICHARD, Ann (wife); William, Betsy, Frances and John (children); Ann S. Graves (daughter).
1791 July. BOMAN, ROYAL, Elizabeth (wife).

1782 March. CARTIN, RICHARD, Mary (wife); John Carter (brother).
1782 September. CORDER, WILLIAM, Phoebe (wife); children (not named).
1784 July. CUMMINS, WILLIAM, Martha (wife); children (not named).
1785 July. CATE, JOHN, Thomas (son); John Cate (grandson).
1789 July. CARNAL, PATRICK, Mary (wife); Richard, Fanny, Patrick, Hubbard, Archibald and Fleming (children); Nancy Mitchell, Mary White and Mildred Oliver (daughters).
1790 January. CURREE, JOHN, Wife (not named); James, Hugh, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Martha and Margaret.
1796 July. CROSSET, JOHN, Wife (not named); William, Charity, Margaret, James, Jean and Elizabeth.
1799 CHARLES, NICHOLAS, Fanny (wife); Elizabeth, Nancy, William and Robert (children); Polly Dixon, Dolly Rice and Elizabeth Bowman (daughters).

1777 December. DEWEESE. JONATHAN: Rachel (wife); Miriam, Ruth, Hezekiah, Samuel, Isaiah, Johnathan, Matthew and Cornelius.
1778 December. DOBBIN, ALEX.; Catherine (wife) ; John, Hugh, Agness and Elizabeth.
1781 December. DOBBIN, HUGH; John and James Dobbin (cousins); Mary Donaldson (friend).
1781 September. DONALDSON, HUMPHREY; Mary (wife), Janet, Margaret, Rebecca, William, Andrew, Robert, Ebenezer and Humphrey (children); Mary Richards (daughter).
1782 September. DIXON, HENRY, JR.; Martha (wife); Roger, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth and Wynne.
1782 September. DUTY, MATTHEW; Wife (not named); William, Solomon, Richard, Mary, Ann, Sarah and Littleton.
1790 January. DONALDSON, HANNAH; Robert and Mary (children); Rachel Dickson, Elizabeth Noell, Hannah Breese, Catherine Archdeacon and Sarah Wilkerson (daughters).
1791 October. DYER, SAMUEL; Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, Samuel, Anthony, Catherine and Mary.
1795 October. DIXON, HENRY, Elizabeth (wife), Charles and Tilman.
1798 January. DOBBIN, RACKEL; John (son); Margaret Comer and Rachel Van Hook (daughters); John Burch (grandson); Rachel Dobbin (grand-daughter).
1799 July. DAVIS, HENRY, Mary (wife).

1782 September. ELLIS, WALTER; Mother (not named), brothers and sisters (not named).
1792 June. ENOCHS, BENJAMIN; Mary (wife); Benjamin, John, Samuel, Rice, Sarah, David and Mary Warren.

1783 March. FARMER, SAMUEL; Cassandra (wife); Daniel, William, Stephen, Nathan, Pachel, Rachel and Susanna (children); Mary Wilson and Eleanor McMahon (daughters).
1784 March. FLYNN, PATRICK; Wife (not named), John, Mary, Patrick and Sussanna.
1786 January. FLETCHER, JAMES; Ursula (wife); William, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Wesley and Grace.
1788 January. FERRELL, CHARLES; Mary Ann (wife), Elizabeth, Catherine, Charles; Mary William Charles.
1788 October. FARLEY, NATHANIEL; Sally (wife), Robert, Laban, George, Elizabeth, Polly and Nancy.
1790 July. FULLAR, HENRY, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary, George, Rankin, Abraham, Stephen, Isaac, John, Anne, Jacob and Isaiah (children); Sarah Majors and Keziah Reynolds (daughters).
1799 January. FARLEY, GEORGE, Catherine (wife), Partenia and Milly.
1799 October FARLEY, STEWART; Mary (wife), Hezekiah and Daniel.

1777 June. GALASBY (GILLESPIE) ALEXANDER; Ann (wife); Alexander and James.
1778 March. GOLD, EPHRAIM; Rachel (wife), William Gold (nephew).
1780 December. GUNN, JOHN; Wife (not named), Jesse, Sally, Gabriel and Daniel.
1781 June. GATEWOOD, AMBROSE; Martha (wife), Dudley Gatewood (nephew).
1782 September. GREYHAM, (GRAHAM) JAMES; Wife (not named), William, James, George, Thomas, Margaret and William.
1789 July. GREEN, SHADRACH; Thomas H. and Margaret; Sarah Crawford and Lucretia Albertson (daughters); Zachariah Swallow (grandson).
1790 January. GRAVES, JAMES; Ann Yancy (sister); Thomas Graves (brother).
1796 January. GILLEsPIE, ANN; James (son).

1777 December. HOPPER, THOMAS; Ann (wife); Benjamin McIntosh (grandson).
1779. April. HARRELSON, EZEKIEL; Jane (wife), John, William and Hepzibah.
1781 June. HARRELSON, ELKANAH; Jesse, Reuben, Elkanah and Bradley.
1781 June. HARRELSON, NATHANIEL; Dorcas (wife), Thomas, Nathan, Jeremiah and Forbes; Mary Smith (daughter).
1781 June. HUsToN, ROBERT; Jane (wife), James, William and George; Mary Cooper (daughter).
1782 September. HARRIS, JOHN; Ann (wife).
1785 January. HOWARD, FRANCIS; Sarah (wife), Henry, Groves, William, Francis, Larkin, Johnston, Rebecca, Patty, Bettie and Ann.
1786 April. HALL, DAVID; Dorcas (wife); Franacis, Sarah, William, Dorcas, Ede, Samuel and John.
1786 January. HENLEY, DARBY; Edmund, James and Darby.
1787 January. HARRIS, TYREE; Tyree, Robert, Ede, Simpson, Christopher and Lydia; Nancy Abercrombie and Francis Dabney (daughters).
1789 January. HARRISON, SAMUEL; Wife (not named), Exbel (daughter).
1790 July. HARRISON, THOMAS; Arsay Fuqua and Magdalen McDougal (daughters).
1793 April. HOGG, GIDEON; Judith (wife); John, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Agnes, Gideon (children); Ann Denton, Mourning Denton, Judith Gibson, Rebecca Shelton and Mary Yates (daughters).
1793 July. HIGHTOWER, CHARLES, Frances.
1793 October. HENSLEE, WILLIAM; John and David (brothers).
1794 October. HAMBLETT, RICHARD, Katie (wife); Robert, William, Sarah, Richard, Hannah, Elizabeth and Byrd.
1797 January. HIPWERTH, JOHN, Mary (wife).
1799 January. HARRISON, THOMAS, William, Andrew, Thomas, Charles, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Jean and Patsy.
1799 January. HORNBUCKLE, THOMAS, Nancy (wife); Richard, William and George (sons); Milly Windsor, Elizabeth Harden, Sally Simpson and Frances Rogers (daughters).
1799 January. HUGHES, JOHN, Mary (wife); John, Andrew, Obedience and Gibson.

1791 October. INGRAM, JAMES, Mary (wife); Walter, Priscilla, Vachel, Clay, Benjamin and John.

1779 June. JOUETT, MATTHEW, Sarah (wife); John, Susanna, Polly, Nancy, Matthew, Thomas, Betsey and Washington.
1780 September. JONES, JESSE, Frances (wife); Drury, Goodridge, William and Sally.
1781 June. JoHNSON, JOHN, Mary (wife); James, Daniel and Rachel; Isabella Walker and Jane Christie (daughters).
1781 September. JESSE, HENRY, Wife (not named).
1783 September. JOHNSON, ROBERT, Frances (wife); William, John, Robert, George, Benjamin and Philip; Elizabeth Stewart and Judah Weake (daughters).
1797 July. JOHNSTON, JOHN, Hannah (wife); Thomas, John, James, Samuel, Jean and Elizabeth.

1777 December. KIMBROW, THOMAS, Eleanor (wife); John, William, Robert, Thomas, Lucky and Nowell.
1780 October. KERSEY, JOHN, Ursula (wife); Drury, John and Elizabeth.

1780 December. LOGUE, EPHRAIM, Mary (wife); Eleanor.
1781 September. LEA JOHN, Elliott, Edmund, Carter, Owen, Phoebe, Betty and Milly.
1784 July. LYON, JOHN, James, William, Peter and Henry; Elizabeth Farrar, Frances Bailey and Jane Anderson (daughters); Richard Tankersley (grandson).
1785 April. LEA, MARY, Children (not named); except Sarah Runnals.
1786 July. LONG, BENJAMIN, Sarah, Benjamin, Leah, Martha and Reuben; Mary Bennett (daughter).
1790 July. LEWIS, JOHN, Catherine (wife); John (son); Apphia Allen and Sarah Taylor (daughters).
1791 April. LONG, AMBROSE, Elizabeth (wife); Elizabeth, Frances, Reuben, James, John and Jesse; Ann Clift (daughter).
1792 January. LEA, ZACHARIAH, Ann (wife); Vincent, Henry, George, Rachel and Sarah; Mary Bangston (daughter).
1792 January. LEITH, FREEMAN, Susanna (wife)
1792 March. LEA, JAMES, Anne (wife); William, John and Major.
1796 July. LONG, JAMES, Priscilla (wife); Robert (son); Mary Dollarhide, Agnes Maxfield, Jane Upton and Rebecca Branham (daughters).

1777 June. MOORE, JOHN, Joseph and John (sons); Sarah McGehee and Elizabeth Shoemaker (daughters).
1779 March. MCDONNELL, DUCAN, Elizabeth (wife); Katherine Hemphill (daughter); David Hemphill (grandson).
1780 December. MCFARLAND, ROBERT, Margaret (wife); John, James, William, Walter, Joseph, Ellen, Robert; Martha Barrett (daughter).
1781 December. MCNEILL, THOMAS, Ann (wife); Thomas, John, Benjamin, Patsy and Lois.
1781 December. MOORE, JOHN, Wife (not named).
1782 June. MAINS, MATTHEW, Sarah (wife); Joseph and Mary.
1782 June. MUIRHEAD, CLAUD, Elizabeth (wife) ; Nicy and Elizabeth Park (friends).
1784 July. MCKEEN, HUGH, Agnes (wife); Alexander and five other sons (not named).
1785 April. MILES, ALEX, Lucy (wife); Thomas, Jacob, John and Elizabeth.
1785 January. MOORE, JOHN, Wife (not named) ; John, Patrick, William, Lucy and Mary; Elizabeth Lightfoot (daughter).
1785 October. MITCHELL, JOHN, Mary (wife).
1789 October. MINCEY, RICHARD, Judy (wife).
1791 October. MONTGOMERY, MARY, Michael and James; Jane Maxwell (daughter).
1795 January. MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Sarah, Mary, Susanna, John, Cicely, William, James and Nancy; Elizabeth Cary (daughter).

1783 March, NEELY, WILLIAM, Eleanor (wife); Samuel, Jacob and Joseph (sons); Mary Pryor (daughter).

1783 December. PAINE, JAMES, William, Robert, James and John.
1786 October. PHELPS, JAMES, Mary (wife) ; Obadiah, Thomas, Larkin, Lucy, Betty, Polly, William and Ambrose.
1788 April. POGUE, JOSEPH, Sarah (wife); John and Joseph.
1788 July. POTEETE (Poteat) JOHN, Ann (wife); Elizabeth, Win: n, Miles, James, Thomas, John and Richard; Mary Vann (daughter).
1788 October. PARR, WILLIAM, Mary (wife); John and William (sons); Elizabeth Brown and Rachel Walker (daughters).
1791 July. PALMAR, THOMAS, Susanna (wife); Joseph, John, Thomas and Philip (sons); Sarah Van Hook, Susanna Pellers, Beersheba Hall and Mary Woode (daughters).
1791 July. PERKINS, JOHN, Rachel (wife); Martin and Jesse (sons); Ann Foster and Susanna Baker (daughters).
1793 October. PERKINS, ABRAM, Cicely (wife); Abram, Philemon, Polly, Milly and Grimes (children); Fanny Ware and Elizabeth Middlebrooks (daughters).
1794 April. PORTER, DAVID, Alexander (son); Mary Kelly and Rebecca Johnston (daughters).
1794 April. POSTON, JEREMIAH, Elizabeth (wife) ; William, Katie, Betsy, Henry, Polly, Anna, Richard and Francis; Priscilla Dickens (daughters).
1794 April. POW,, MICAJAH, George.
1794 October. PARKER, PLEASANT, Sally Perkins and Dicey Coleman (sisters).
1803 July. PATTERSON, GIDEON, Gideon.

1792 March. QUINE, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife); Sarah; Elizabeth Stafford, (daughter).

1780 September. ROBINSON, JACOB, Alexander, James, Samuel, Jemima, William, Jacob, John and Thomas.
1781 September. RAINEY, GEORGE, Mary (wife) ; William, George, John and Martha.
1782 January. RAINEY, JOHN, Wife (not named); William, James, Thomas, Elizabeth and Jenny.
1783 June. ROBINSON, T. THOMAS, Penina (wife) ; named); Esther, Mark, Alex, Jemima and Thomas.
1783 June. ROBINSON, THOMAS, Penina (wife); Gideon, Nelly, Paty, Keziah and Rebecca.
1784 March. ROSEBROUGH, GEORGE, Jean (wife); Robert, William and Margaret (children) George Southard and Allen Fowler (grandsons).
1786 July. RAY, ROBERT, Anice (wife); Sarah, James and Wilson.
1787 January. RICHMOND, JOHN, Rachel (wife) ; Joshua, Joseph, Elizabeth, Eleanor, William, Margaret, Mary, John and Martha Jane.
1794 October. REID, JOHN, Susanna (wife).
1797 January. RICE, JOHN, Lettisha (Letitia) (wife); Ann, William, Mary and Nathaniel.
1797 October. RANDOLPH, JAMES, Mary (wife) ; John, Nimrod and Rebecca.

1777 December. SMITH, GEORGE, Jane (wife); Rebecca, Catherine, George, Robert and Ruth.
1778 December. STANSBERRY, SAMUEL, Mary (wife); Solomon, Luke, Benjamin, Sarah and Aquilla.
1779 September. SMITH, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife) ; Mary (daughter); Betsey Jewell (daughter).
1781 December. SCOTT, JOHN, Robert, Rebecca and John (children); Catherine McAden and Mary McFarland (daughters).
1781 June. SARGENT, JOSEPH, Ruth (wife); Daniel and Elizabeth.
1781 September. SPENCER, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife); John, Frances, Betty, Robert, Mary, Susanna and Benjamin.
1782 June. STOKES, MATTHEW, Sarrah (wife); Joseph and Mary.
1782 March. STINSON, ALEX, Sarah (wife); Nancy.
1783 June. STEWART, JAMES, Wife (not named); William, Rachel, James,. Agnes and Elizabeth.
1785 October. SHACKELFORD, FRANCIS, Eunice (wife); Rebecca, Armistead, Nancy, Henry, Abner, Absalom, Betsy and John.
1786 January. SIMPSON, RICHARD, Mary (wife); Richard, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Lydia, Ede and Nancy; Susanna Barton (daughter).
1790 October. SAWYER, WILLIAM, William, Stephen and Absalom.
1792 January. SMITH, ANNE, Mason (son); Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Williams (daughters).
1792 March. STAFFORD, ADAM, John and Samuel and other children (not named).
1793 October. STEPHENS, CHARLES, Thomas, William and Benjamin (sons); Abbemar Williams and Elizabeth Lea, (daughters).
1794 October. SIMMONS, THOMAS, Priscilla (wife); Alexander and Thomas.
1797 October. SMITH, PETER, Elizabeth, Martha, Jesse, Moses, Aaron, Presley, William, George, John B., Elias and Elijah.
1798 April. SCOTT, JOHN, Mary (wife); James (son); Jane Bell and Polly Strnder (daughters).
1798 April. SLADE, THOMAS, Hannah (wife); Thomas and William; Hannah Lee (daughter).
1798 October. SIDDALL, JOHN, Esther (wife); Job, Ira, Martin, Amy and Nancy; Betsy Angler (daughter).
1798 October. SIMPSON, MARY, Richard (son); Margaret ‘Williamson, Keziah Reid, Elizabeth Oldham and Lydia Tait (daughters).
1799 June. STRINGER, EDWARD, Judah (wife); Edmond, Limeledge, Mary Ann, James and William (children); Agnes Whitlock, Fanny Sutherland, Lucy Browning, Tabitha Peed, Sarah Campbell and Frances Vier (daughters).
1799 October. SHELTON, BRYON, Rebecca (wife); Leonard and Clever.

1781 June. TAPLEY, HOSEA, Sarah (wife).
1789 July. TATE, WADDY, Anne (wife); William and other children (not named).
1790 April. TUNKS, THOMAS, Rachel (wife) ; Frances, Thomas and Phillip.
1799 July. THOMAS, WILLIAM, Philip and Asa (brothers).
1799 October. TERRY, JAMES, Rebecca (wife); Sarah and Olive.

1785 January. VAN HOOK, DAVID, Lucy (wife); Jacob, Kendall, David, Robert and Sarah.

1777 October. WATERS, JOSEPH, Rebecca (wife); Chloe, Priscilla, Harbin, James, Isaiah, Benjamin, Keziah, Josiah, Reason, Anna ‘and Lloyd; Susanna Hobbs and Lydia Brodie daughters).
1780 December. WILLIAMS, JAMES, Mary (wife); Daniel, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, James and Washington.
1782 March. WILKINSON, SAMUEL, Wife (not named); Mary, Francis, Ann, John, William, Thomas, Catherine and Elizabeth.
1786 January. WILLIAMS, HENRY, Daniel, Joseph, Henry, Arthur, and Elizabeth; Nancy Reid (daughter).
1786 July. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, Tobirs, Mary, Agnes and Obedience.
1787 July. WILLIAMS, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife); Benjamin, Neal, Mary, Lucy and Martha; Elizabeth Moore (daughter).
1790 January. WALKER, JOHN, Rachel (wife); Thomas, Betsy, Benjamin, William, Polly and Barbara.
1798 July. WALKER, SAMUEL, Eleanor (wife); James (son); Jane Long and Elizabeth Long (daughters).

1798 June. YATES, JOHN, Allen, Alfred, Betty, Milly, Dolly, Sally and Ann.
1799 June. YATES, JOHN, Sarah (wife); William, Thomas, John, James, Milly, Joyce, Keziah and Elizabeth.

MLA Source Citation:

Partridge, Dennis. Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800. Web. Web. 17 January 2015. - Last updated on Sep 1st, 2012


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