Bunker Hill Cemetery, Wilmot, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

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  • Joseph Allen and wife Kezia who died 1822 and Martha his 2nd wife


  • Jennie A. daughter of Rev. S. H. and L. A. Amsden


  • Reuben G. Andrews and wife Lydia Bailey


  • Charles T. Atwood

  • Minie B. (Langley) Atwood


  • John E. Babbitt


  • Elizabeth wife of Andrew J. Barnard


  • Hannah H. Bean

  • Moses, died Jan. 15, 1819, son of Jeremiah and Mahitable Bean

  • Wales, son of Folsom and Laury Bean died Feb. 1, 1834.

  • Joseph died 1815, son of Jeremiah and Mahitable Bean.



  • Frank M. Bond


  • Minera C. Booth, wife of Capt. William


  • Gilbert Briggs and wife Eliza

  • William B. Briggs

  • Fred G. Briggs


  • Louisa Brown

  • Lendon Brown and wife Hannah

  • Lucy, wife of Thomas Brown, Lendon Brown and Daniel Perley

  • Rapsama, daughter of Shurburn and Eliza Brown

  • Franzy Brown

  • Alvan Brown 80 years old

  • Joseph Brown died 1824

  • Calvin Brown and wife Aura T.

  • Anna M. Brown wife of Charles I. Brown

  • Charles son of Horace and Betsy Brown

  • Sally, wife of Josiah Brown 87 yrs. old

  • Charles H. Brown and wife Roseina

  • Charles K. Brown and wife Lovana

  • Joseph C. Brown and wife Henrietta H. Jones

  • Joseph G. Brown and wife Mary Vinton


  • Benjamin Bunker 79 yrs. and wife Betsey S. 77 yrs.

  • Rhoda Bunker 75

  • Sylvester Bunker and 1st wife Almeda, 2nd wife Sylvia M.


  • Hulda P. daughter of Elizah P. and Belsey Bussell


  • Harriette Whittemore wife of O. J. Cahoon


  • Charlotte Campbell


  • Willie C. Chase

  • Joseph J. Chase and wife Hannah A. Buswell


  • Frank Clifford


  • Charles Clinton and wife Rachel S. 79 yrs.


  • Franklin H. Clough and wife Henrietta Mason

  • Capt. Obadiah Clugh died Jan. 18, 1860, 79 yrs., 8 days old, his wife Sarah, died May 5, 1862, 80 yrs. old

  • Capt. Baruch, son of Obadiah C. Clough died April 2, 1877 68 yrs., 7 mo. old, wife Sally F. died 1889, 77 yrs. old


  • Otis M. Coney and wife Rebecca


  • Helen M. Corning


  • Capt. David Cox and his wife Judith Corning


  • Thomas C. Craggy and wife Ruamac


  • Elizabeth M., wife of Henry Crocker


  • Merrill Cross and wife Rebecca Fisk, he was 67 and died Aug. 11, 1869, Rebecca was 84 and died in 1893

  • Deacon Thomas Cross 70 yrs. old died in 1829, his wife Mary died June 2, 1826

  • James Cross died March 2, 1821, 33 yrs.

  • Thomas Cross died 1839

  • Abigail, consort of David Cross, died 1818

  • Samuel son of Elder David Cross and his wife Charlott who died 1825

  • John Cross and wife Caroline E.

  • Charles M. Cross M.D. and wife Anna L.


  • James Currier and wife Etta C. Smith


  • Emily B. Whittemore wife of Samuel Davis


  • Herman E. Dean and wife Ethel Pinard


  • Rhoda DeWitt


  • Alma C. Dickey, daughter of Sabra and James Dickey

  • Mary wife of James Dickey

  • Lydia, wife of James Dickey

  • Robert Dickey 84 and wife Miriam 70


  • Edward Dodge and wife Martha Gove


  • Abi B. Fish, wife of Israel Dow, wife of David Cross


  • I.S. Eastman


  • Mrs. Al Eaton


  • Willard Emerson and wife Phoebe

  • Anthony Emerson and wife Lydia H. and Harriet

  • Sarah Ann, wife of Harrison Emerson


  • Daniel Emery and wife Rebecca Chase

  • Harriet Emery

  • Mathew Emery and wife Elnora

  • Caroline, wife of Matthew Emery

  • Daniel Emery 99 yrs. and wife Mary 80 yrs.


  • Ebenezer Farnum and wife Ploomy M.

  • J. Wilson Farnum

  • Carterett C. Farnum

  • John F. Farnum and wife Ellen P.


  • George W. Fish


  • Deacon Calbin Fisk, 87 yrs. old and wife Asenath Cross

  • Jeremiah Fiske 84 yrs. and wife Mary 73 yrs. and their daughter:

    • Mary died 1826


  • John Folsom died 1826

  • James Folsom died 1826


  • Hugh and Howard Frazer


  • Mercy French died 1834

  • Abigail, daughter of Elizabeth French died 1829


  • Walter M. Fulton and wife Jennie Brown


  • Franklin Gay

  • Marcy M. 2nd wife of James M. Gay

  • Mary Ann, 1st wife of James M. Gay

  • James M. Gay

  • William Gay, died in 1836 at 47 yrs. and his wife Margaret at 61 yrs.

  • Major General Eliphalet Gay, who fell asleep July 30, 1825 in the 60th year.


  • Johnnie Gill


  • Seth E. Goodhue and wife Florence Langley

  • Seth Goodhue and wife Susan S. Stearns


  • William F. Gould


  • Warren Gove and wife Mary, he was 83 and Mary was 85 years old

  • William T. Gove and wife, Mary J.

  • Jeremiah Gove and wife Mary, both 73 yrs.

  • Joseph E. and wife Elvira A. Gove

  • Asenath F. Gove

  • Nellie E. Gove

  • Eben, Robert, Arthur, Hannah, and Walter Gove

  • Joseph Gove and wife Ellen Mellisa

  • Samuel Gove age 86 yrs. and wife Martha

  • Joseph Gove died 1826

  • Benjamin C. Gove

  • Nathan Gove

  • Nellie and Athalie Gove, children of Clarence Gove


  • Simon Grace and wife Elmira Marcus Grace and wife Nettie E. W. Hamilton and wife Alice


  • Allen Haskins and wife Abbie I. Powers

  • Moses Haskins and wife Mary A.

  • Roxann Tenney wife of E. G. Haskins


  • Sarah Heath wife of Peter Heath

  • Asa Heath 88 yrs. and wife Olive 85 yrs.


  • Leynard A. Heyer


  • Joshua Holland and wife Pluma


  • Mary M. Hubbard age 89 yrs.


  • George M. Jewett and wife Annie E.

Jinney (might be Tenney)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jock Jinney


  • Lewis T. Johnson


  • Walter G. Jones

  • Emma I. Jones

  • Jonathan Jones died 1830

  • Ezra Jones died 1828, 85 yrs. old and wife Elizabeth died 1831 80 yrs.

  • Jonathan Jones died 1838

  • Deacon Nathan Jones and Polly Adams

  • John M. Jones died 1848

  • Betsy P. Wife of Amos Jones 1846

  • Mary B. Jones


  • Mamie Keenan

Kenerson/ Kinerson

  • George Kenerson and wife Mary Pedrick

  • Benjamin S. Kinerson and wife Harriet A. Irvin

  • In memory of Abigail Kinerson who died December 6, 1822 daughter of Mr. George and Mrs. Hepzibah Kinerson

  • Geirge Kinerson 77 yrs. died 1849, his wife Hipzibah died 1859, 87 yrs.


  • Elmedia Kimball

  • Elizabeth daughter of Micah and Martha Kimball died 1831

  • Micah Kimball 79 and wife Patty Gay 90 yrs.

  • Eliphalet G. Kimball 77


  • Dolly Knowles died 1834


  • Huldah Lamson died March 18, 1838 age 66 yrs.


  • Austin Langley and wife Jennie M. Woodward

  • Andrew Langley

  • Jonathan Langley and his wife Nancy Potter

  • Josiah Langley and wife Edna Dean

  • Francis B. Langley and wife Ella D.

  • Grover C. Langley

  • Cyrus S. Langley 90 yrs. and wife Martha Babcock

  • Myron H. Langley

  • Aubrey T. Langley husband of Abbie C. (Williams) Langley

  • Warren F. Langley and wife Elmira W. Currier

  • Curtis Langley and wife Maria C.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Will Langley

  • Clara M. Langley


  • Esther, wife of Abraham Leach


  • Pedrick Logue 81 yrs. and wife Katie


  • Frank P. Lull and wife Celeste

  • Freeman Lull and wife Rosa


  • Dora M. Lyford


  • Ernest MacNeil


  • Henry K. Mason and wife Emily G. Tenney

  • Amos C. Maxson and wife Sarah E. Brown

  • Byron Mason

  • Mary D. Mason, wife of Dr. H. N. Mason, age 88 yrs.


  • Alice D. Mastin


  • Parker A. Matthews


  • Daniel Mears 82 yrs. and wife Polly 93 yrs.


  • Perley Messer and wife Rapsima

  • Thomas Messer and wife Sarah Browell

  • Rufus Messer and wife Linda

  • Thomas Messer and wife Sarah S.


  • Hozard P. Miner


  • Mrs. Joanna Mitchel, died March 25, 1828 at 84 yrs. her husband Jeremiah Mitchel died 1839

  • Nancy, wife of Bradley Mitchell, died June 22, 1811


  • LaFayette M. Morrill

  • Jabez Morrill died in 1854 at 77. His wife Hannah died in 1831.


  • Lydia, wife of Ira W. Morrison


  • Hattie Normandy


  • 2 babies of Ethel Nye


  • Dellore Odette and wife Gertrude B.


  • Horace J. Osborn and wife Minerva DeWitt


  • Ada M. LeDuc, wife of J. Dale Outhouse


  • Melvina Page


  • Nancy, wife of Thomas Parker, died 1840


  • George Patten and 1st wife Mary T. Mason, 2nd wife Luvia M. Tenney


  • Rebecca, wife of W. W. Peabody

  • Mrs. Ida Mac Upton Peabody


  • Uriah B. Pearson and wife Laura B.


  • Bethuel Peaslee and wife Mary


  • Joseph Pedrick age 87 and wife Sabrina

  • Lettia, Lizzie, Abbie, Alfred and Melvina Pedrick

  • Abigail, wife of Joseph Pedrick died July 1833, 58 yrs.

  • Mrs. Abigail wife of Mr. Joseph Pedrick who died June 11, 1822, 50 yrs. old

  • Lee Pedrick


  • Jacob W. Perkins 78 yrs.

  • Orrin B. Perkins and wife Mary F.


  • B. B. Philbrick and wife Arabella

  • James Philbrick and wife Betsey

  • Polly, wife of Joshua Jones and daughter of James and Betsy Philbrick died Sept. 10, 1816

  • Hannah E., wife of James Philbrick, Jr. died 1834

  • Mr. Benjamin Philbrick died Feb. 2, 1828

  • David Philbrick died 1829

  • Fletcher Philbrick

  • Orlando Philbrick and wife Abiah


  • Jennie M. Pillsbury


  • Horace S. Pingree and 1st wife Laura A.; 2nd wife Lucy J.

  • Moses K. Pingree age 78 and wife Julia

  • Horace Pingree and wife Laura


  • Charles Poor age 79 yrs. and wife Abigail C.

  • Daniel Poor, 87 yrs. and wife Hannah 76, died in 1839


  • Henry Prescott

  • Silas Prescott

  • Perly Prescott

  • Moses E. Prescott

  • Alfred Prescott, son of John and Dolly Prescott

  • George W. Prescott and wife Lydia A.

  • Sewall Prescott

  • Horace Prescott and wife Nancy Ray

  • Grace Byron, son of Sewell and Olive Prescott

  • Thomas B. Prescott

  • Sylvanus, son of William and Mary Prescott, died 1832

  • Greenleaf Prescott 80 yrs. and wife Harriet

  • Obadiah Prescott

  • Mrs. Abagail Prescott

  • Joseph L. son of Obadiah and Abigail Prescott died 1822

  • Polly, wife of Samuel Prescott died 1832

  • Caroline Prescott, daughter of Peter Prescott and Hannah Holland

  • Josiah Prescott and wife Eunice Prescott

  • Betsey, wife of D. A. Prescott

  • Nancy, wife of Josiah Prescott died 1838

  • Martha J. daughter of Sewall and Olive Greenleaf Prescott died 1839


  • Benjamin Putman 84 yrs. and wife Sally 88 yrs.

  • Addison B. Putman died 1833

  • Addison B. Putman


  • Chase Putney and wives, Marium and Mary J.


  • Moses H. Ray and wife Mary J. 82 yrs.

  • Sarah Ray wife of Samuel Fowler


  • Deacon John M. Richards and wife Olive Clay

  • Deacon James A. Richards and wife Lottie V. Pedrick

  • James Richards 94 yrs. husband of Lottie (Pedrick) Richards


  • Josiah Rogers died 1841, 81 yrs.


  • Jobson Rolfe and wife Mary


  • Samuel Scribner and wife Hannah

  • Mary Ann and Sarah E. wives of M. B. Scribner


  • John Sewall 79 yrs. and wife Hannah Greeley died 1848


  • Mary, daughter of Henry S. and Nancy Shattuck died 1838


  • Asa Smith 86 and wife Abigail Thompson

  • Clayton C. son of Rev. John L. Smith died 1837


  • Addie Rose Starkweather


  • James Stearns and wife Eunice S.

  • Minot Stearns and wife Sarah Hazelton age 86 yrs.

  • Blanche Whipple, wife of John K. Stearns

  • John Stark Stearns and wife Parthenia Langley

  • Dwight and Wymie Stearns

  • 3 babies of Ralph Stearns

  • Eva Stearns

  • baby of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stearns


  • Amos P. Stevens and wife, Asenath Upton 92 yrs.

  • Sophia, wife of David M. Stevens


  • William, son of William and Betzey Stinson, died 1832

  • Almira, daughter of William and Betsey Stinson, died 1830

  • William Albert, son of Thomas and Lydia Stinson died 1834


  • James Taylor and wife Caroline and 1st wife Rebecca J.


  • Samuel Teel and wife Ellen Clough


  • Tyler S. Tenney

  • Isaac D. Tenney and wife Abby P. Ray

  • Melvin Tenney and wife Sara L.

  • Alvah P. Tenney

  • Silas Tenney died 83 and wife Mary D. died 1858 95 yrs.

  • Isaac Tenney and wife Sarah

  • Samuel Tenney and wife Sarah

  • Mehitabel C. daughter of Isaac and Sarah Tenney died 1823


  • Albert E. Thomas and wife Angie E. Mason


  • Samuel Thompson and wife Anne True

  • J. Van Buren Thompson and wife Ellen Woodbury

  • Moira daughter of Charles and Hannah Thompson, died March 14, 1826 in the 16th year of her age

  • Charles S. son of Charles H. and Sarah W. Thompson


  • John F. Tilton and wife Grace I.


  • Orville B. Tobine


  • Josiah Trumbell and wife Hannah

  • Abraham Trumbel

  • Harriet, wife of Charles Trumbell

  • Andrew Trumbull and wife Elizabeth Messar

    • Lillie Bell, his daughter

  • Gracie M. A. daughter of Walter S. and Jennie D. Trumbull

  • Jonathan W. Trumbell and wife Betsey Keniston


  • J. Emerline Tucker died 1838, Hannah H. 1842

  • Winfield S. Tucker

  • Emily G. Tucker

  • Children of Caleb died 1834 and Dorothy Tucker 84 yrs. 1875

  • William Tucker

  • Joseph B. Tucker and wife Betsy Smith


  • Daniel Upton and his wife Rebecca Teel and his 2nd wife Asenath Teel

  • Daniel Upton and wife Amanda M. 77 yrs.


  • James Uran died 1822


  • Samuel C. Waldron and wife Caroline A.

  • John Waldron 86 yrs. and wife Sarah 90 yrs.

  • Harriett B. wife of A. J. Waldron


  • Oscar F. Wallace

  • Joseph Wallace and wife Elizabeth 72 yrs.

  • Sally Wallace

  • John Wallace

  • Reuben Wallace and wife Nancy 85 yrs.

  • William son of Reuben and Nancy Wallace died 1831


  • Clarence S. Wells and wife Addie


  • Guy F. Wheeler

  • Dearborn J. Wheeler and wife Sarah F.


  • Henry White and wife Jane W. Goodhue

  • John White 73 yrs. and 1st wife Mehetable P. 83 yrs. second wife Sarah B.

  • Sally, wife of David White

  • Eben White and wife Judith

  • Moses E. White

  • Mary White


  • Tyler S. Whittemore and wife Rossann A. Upton

  • Albert Whittemore and wife Abby 85 yrs.

  • Parker C. Whittemore

  • Amos Whittemore 73 yrs. and wife Nancy 83 yrs.

  • George Whittemore 88 yrs. and wife Juliaette

  • Alice Pearl Whittemore

  • Charles A. Whittemore

  • Eliza Jane Whittemore

  • Amos Whittemore died 1848

  • Caroline Whittemore died 1841

  • Mary A. wife of Amos P. Whittemore

  • Caroline A., only child of Amos and Mary A. Whittemore

  • Plaorna W. daughter of Amos and Nancy Whittemore, died 1828


  • Rev. Robert H. Wilder and wife Maria E. Pedrick


  • Harry E. Williams

  • Mellisa, wife of Eustace Williams


  • Jennie Woodward

  • Sumner Woodward and wife Nellie Boyd

  • John F. Woodward 84 yrs. 1st wife Julia B. 22 yrs. 2nd wife Iris A. 48 yrs. 3rd wife Anna 84 yrs.

  • Fred P. Woodward

  • John Woodward, Jr., wife Elizabeth

  • Capt. John Woodward died 1843 (and the 4 is engraved backward) and wife Phebe Cross

  • Howard Woodward and wife Ella F. Leach

  • Hattie, daughter of George and Maria M. Woodward

  • George Woodward and wife Maria

  • Byron M. Woodward and wife Letitia D. Thurston

  • George Woodward and wife Cyrena B. Chase

  • Herbert Woodward


  • Elias S. Young

  • Mary G. (Clough) Farnum and former wife of Elias S. Young 72 yrs.


  • David S. Youngman

  • Mary B. Youngman wife of T. B. Pearson

  • Isaac B. Youngman 80 yrs. and wife Hannah E. 83 yrs.

The original spelling of the names, as recorded on the stones, has not been changed.

We have record of 353 instances of burials in this cemetery.

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