A List of Choctaw Claims allowed in Nitachacha District

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A List of Choctaw Claims allowed in Nitachacha District

Names.Number of AcresNumber of Acres AllowedRemarks.Relinquished.
Capt. Jas. Gardiner32480.Relinquished.
Wakayahogah, (widow)200320.Relinquished.
Henry Garvin30480..
George Johnson12160..
Wm. Christy12160..
John Garland-1,280Provided for in treatyRelinquished.
James Garland20320.Relinquished.
S. Garland12160.Relinquished.
Samuel Anderson13160..
Captain Hopeachahaba-1,280Pro. for in settlementPurchased by J. B. Earle
Thomas McCann580Granted by chief, Oct.12, 1831.Purchased by James McKinney
Wachenahoma780October 12, 1831.Relinquished.
Abamahache480October 12, 1831.Relinquished.
Mingohoma280October 12, 1831.Relinquished.
Nokawachabi280October 12, 1831.Relinquished.
Pashibanowah580October 12, 1831.Relinquished.
Chambi13160October 12, 1831.Purchased by J. McLean
Tashihekabi12160J. B. E. October 12, 1831Purchased by J. B. Earle
Pashfalaabi12160October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Nackiichtonabi480October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Meashatta....
Capt. Bigax5400October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Onnabubbe-1,280Pro. for in settlementPurchased by W. Trotter
Shupastobbi480October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Homah580October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Poushpaba3400Capt. at treaty, womanRelinquished.
Pasimustubbee1080October 12,Relinquished.
Tushkiyabi580October 12,Relinquished.
Tickbauchahubbi6400Capt. at treatyRelinquished.
Capt. Thorn80October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Gen. Coffee980October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Onawchorhaba380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Yoyachabi12160October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Onabi320October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Haunochito280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Amukkaltubbee280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Fatfahabi380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Lapalichabi280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Nakishtabi320October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Charles Gibson980October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Ishpannhoma580October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Nahomastubbee680October 12, 1831Purchased by J. Kemp.
Capt. Pashishlikabi7400October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Chehasaw380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Iyacha280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Kaiyochabi680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Ikkinshnowa680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Tapemishlika680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Onmatlabi980October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Pashishtabi380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Nucchahatabi780October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Tanapshona280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Otikaihacho9400October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Tashkanahucho880October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Anowachubbee380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Shotickacharla480October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Kumulichabi6400October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Youwachee380October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Ishpawohoma680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Palli..November 21, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Tanapeyubbee....
Capt. Kashonachatubbee12160October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Imathtaya680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt: Red Cedar8400October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Phalhcaabi580October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Nitbiakomah12480October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Topaka, (widow.)280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Isnitmahkaubbee980October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Flolahbee680October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Hopiatubbee20640October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Ayokama, (woman)35480October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Ishtamatahaki280October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Ishtonachi1080October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Hamo12160October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Oklanowa580October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Tohona, (widow.)680October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Capt. Paushahoma8400October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Poushimostabe85320October 4, 1331Relinquished.
Capt. Pur Juzong1,280Pro. for in supplement..
Kishochelata280October 12, 1821Relinquished.
Hopestanaka15160October 12, 1821Relinquished.
Tupanahoma1,280Provided for in treaty..
Charles Juzong1,280Provided for in treaty..
Cham Kie12160October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Mingomustabi280October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Natona, (woman.)280.Relinquished.
Capt. Kasponamaakee80October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Onatemah, (widow)980October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Imokelashiahopia1180October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Hoshishimataha880October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Pisahhotatubbee6400October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Koshahhoma380October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Oklaimahoyo14160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Tosheyoholatta20640October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Wakatahi12160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Tukee, (widow)1080October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Shemah, (widow)480October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Okchokmaltalabi480October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Topanahhago12160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Shatayo160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Chohtamitahi18480October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Pahathit, (widow)15160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Atabitama12160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Teyaa, (widow.)1080October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Ayena, (widow)14160October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Pesatabi580October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Shamah (widow)1080October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Ibaishi480October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Atakbabitoshka14160October 12, 1831Relinquished.
Koshahomer1180October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt, Hopiahimetah12480October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Ishtomahahtomah23320October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Ishtanokahoma280October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Fishahopaii980October 4, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Asetahoma.320November 23, 1831Sold to J. B. Earle.
Kochatima, (widow)58012-OctRelinquished.
Onatiya, (widow)2332012-OctRelinquished.
Z. Brashears, sen.50640..
Capt. Eyhochipaiya.1,280Purchased by GeneralSamuel Dale.
Pliny Fisk30480.Relinquished.
Captain Hoshimimatuba3480..
Captain Holihtamakabi13160November 21, 1831Relinquished.
Jayakaabi12160December 31, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Hopiahoma12480December 24, 1831Relinquished.
Capt Lakto8400Capt. at the treatyDec. 24, 1831. Relinq.
Capt. Heshubi....
Pashitola380December 30, 1831Relinquished.
Capt. Ittalahoma4400..
Capt. Shikopatakena....
Atobatonee, (widow)280..
Captain Ahocklatubbee....
Pashonnowabi12160November, 1831Sold to J. H. Horne.
Wanayahi12160November, 1831Sold to J. H. Horne.
Achatonabi12160November, 1831Sold to J. H. Horne.
Fishonalatubbee12160November, 1831Sold to J. H. Horne
Nakiimanchahubbee1080November, 1831Sold to J. H. Horne.
Capt. Onmaba12160Relinquished.
Ibakahaba2400Capt. at treatyPurchased by J. H. Horne
Captain Kanniyohotubby4400..
Captain Kashainahbe12160..
Colonel880.Purchased by J. H. Nail.
Immahoyaka, widow.)17160.Purchased by D. B. Thompson
Hishenoma880October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt. Hopiashtanoki3400October 12, 1831Relinquished
Matamporkash480October 12, 1831Relinquished
Ahakitubbi480October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt. Tashhatula12320December 30, 1831Relinquished
Nahoiloemustabi12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Chakaha12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt. Nukpallichabi12160December 29, 1831Relinquished
Capt. John Lake12160December 20, 1831Relinquished
Capt. John Cooper....
Ittatemostubbee30480November 22, 1851Relinquished
Capt. Memtubbee....
Allen Yates1401,280Provided for in treaty..
Wm. Fields12160.Purchased by J. Nail
Thomas Cango14160.Purchased by J. Nail
J. K. Nail1401,280..
Capt. Big Ax20640October 12, 1831Relinquished
Noknomahago12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Chakalacha780October 12, 1831Relinquished
Chalekatohe480October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt. Bob2400October 12, 1831Relinquished
Hapishtiah380October 12, 1831Relinquished
Captain Inealashahoma8400October 12, 1831Relinquished
Tomabtratubbee280October 12, 1831Relinquished
Hayopahocho1080October 12, 1831Relinquished
Pannockte12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Imehachi12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Kashona12160October 12, 1831Relinquished
Capt. Koahoma12480October 12, 1831Relinquished
Imahaka780October 12, 1831Relinquished
Pan Mingo280October 12, 1831Relinquished
George Clark40480October 12, 1831Relinquished

I certify that this is a true copy from the books made out by me, in obedience to instructions from the War Department, showing the various claims granted in the treaty made at Dancing Rabbit creek on the 25th September; 1830. Done at the Agency House, Choctaw, this 4th September, 1831.
F. W. ARMSTRONG, Special Agent.

MLA Source Citation:

Armstrong Roll of Choctaw, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 1831. Document 512, Correspondence on the Subject of the Emigration of Indians between the 30th November, 1831 and 27th December, 1833 With Abstracts of Expenditures by Disbursing Agents, in the Removal and Subsistence of Indians. Furnished in answer to a resolution of the Senate of 27th December, 1833, by the Commissary General of Subsistence., Vol. III, printed in Washington by Duff Green, 1835. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 31 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/list-of-claims-nitachacha-district.htm - Last updated on Mar 3rd, 2013

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