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Day Schools Choctaw Nation – B

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Bentley Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Mike Jimison14
Ellis Jimison13
Male White Students
Leroy Howell15
Raleigh Whillhite14
Morey Whillhite12
George Case10
Elija Darwell13
Newt Darnell6
Elbert Darnell9
Otto Kingston7
Burley Matney8
Earl Matney6
Female White Students
Hattie Case13
Rossie Darnell15
Eddie Hartly13
Lillie Howell11
Bessie Fay9
Clara Hart12
Myrtle Hart10
Rebecca Whillhite6
Teacher: Grace James, Bentley, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $25.33
Local Trustees: J.E. Forkner, I.A. Franklin, H. Washington, Bentley, I.T.

Bethel #1 Neighborhood Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Dallas Darneal12
Eliza Darneal15
Frank Darneal16
Gutey Darneal9
Sampson Ward16
William Ward11
Henry Merryman10
Frank Merryman8
Female Choctaw Students
Emma Darneal12
Emma Darneal7
Ida Darneal10
Nannie Merryman6
Kate Darneal7
Male White Students
Dewey Horton6
Dee Blaylock8
Charles Thompson12
Charles Leflore14 (white?)
Cleve Manning14
Jim Manning9
Willie Farris7
Pat Farris6
Bennie Cryts9
Ellery Cryts6
Female White Students
Ethel Bowman14
Esther Bowman9
Allie Blaylock11
Stella Manning13
Nannie Willkett16
Lillie Willkett14
Effie Farris17
Dona Farris19
Belle Farris9
Minnie Fisher12
Eliza Fisher14
Ethel Rice10
Teacher: Annie Williams, Oak Lodge, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $35.00
Local Trustee: Edward Lanier

Bethel #2 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Jackson James9
Gilbert Perry12
Edward Jones7
Female Choctaw Students
Ella James7
Minnie Webster16
Male White Students
Richard Bonds9
Lee Bonds6
Virgil Bonds8
Joseph Brown16
James Brown7
Jeff Goodin12
Edward Harrell14
Samuel Harrell11
Honest Card10
Yater Hill6
Ocie McCage15
Elbert McCage8
Roy McClung7
Graddy McClung6
David Poland14
C.S. Sullenzer20
Green Sullenger16
Idus Riddle9
Ollie Riddle14
Elish Williams11
Sterald Parker14
William Goodin7
Female White Students
Fannie Card15
Bertha Card12
Rosa Brown11
Susan Brown17
Bonnie Brown18
Lida Brewer16
Ocie Harrellno age listed
May Hill8
Rozella Hill9
Audie McCage10
Chloe McCage11
Ethel Parker10
Lou Card7
Annie Sullenger15
Lillie Sullenger14
Allie Sullenger12
Zena Trout10
Danie Trout9
Annie Riddle16
Carrie Riddle12
Ora Williams16
Teacher: W.H. Neal, Stigler, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $35.00
Local Trustees: J.W. Harrell, Dan Perry, J.W. McCage, Stigler, I.T.

Big Hill Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Noel Johnson12
Madison Jefferson10
Nicholis Jefferson9
Jerry McCoy11
Ab Plume16
Sylvester Plume14
Ben Robert19
Nelson Waul14
Female Choctaw Students
Sarah Johnson16
Aggie Johnson10
Carrie Johnson7
Nora Carney14
Esion Jeffersonno age listed
Enis Plume9
Male White Students
Riley Whisenhunt10
Teacher: L.J. Cooper, Smithville, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $34.67
Local Trustee: Albart Carney, Smithville, I.T.

Big Lake Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

Edward Colery10
Ecil Genis16
Clayton Hancock15
Aaron Hancock10
Bennie Jefferson7
Davis Sockey14
Melvin Sockey10
John Sockey6
John Tollaby9
Dukes Tollaby11
Female Choctaw Students
Manda Hancock12
Rhoda Hancock9
Ada Hancock8
Cora Hancock6
Lena Jefferson9
Ada Jefferson7
Minnie Lewis13
Martha Sockey12
Annie Willis10
Male White Students
Jesse Staton9
Emmett Staton7
Teacher: Emma Hornidy, Red Oak, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $35.00
Local Trustee: Ben Sockey, Red Oak, I.T.

 Black Jack Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

John Black17
Willie Black15
James Leader9
Summie Webster9
Female Choctaw Students
Clara Black12
Lena Webster11
Male White Students
Roy Hopkins12
John Preston12
Ernest Preston9
Jacob Sumter18
Leonard Roy12
Female White Students
Ida Hopkins10
Cora Hopkins6
Dona Sumter16
Mary Roy9
Clara Roy7
Teacher: T.F. Wasson, Peck, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustees: Eastmon Willis, J.W. Hopkins, Charles S. Lewis, Peck, I.T.

Boggy Depot Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Enos Buckholts17
Female Choctaw Students
Rhoda Buckholts8
Ida Buckholts11
Male White Students
Otis Stamphil16
Baxter Stamphil8
Baxter Crowell6
Leo Hoskins7
Jessie Williams15
Aloza Williams10
Ira Hathaway8
Owen Hathaway6
Jim Stamphil14
Marshall Crowell10
Hawley James9
Frank Shipley9
Lem James15
Russell Beene6
Willie Snellgroves10
Female White Students
Effie Fairchilds15
Pearl Parrigan10
Iva Parrigan7
Priscilla Fairchilds10
Ludie Crowell8
Mary Beebe13
Alta James13
Bertha Drain17
Maude Drain16
Myrtle Drain16
Lorena Taley14
Leila Williams12
Lillie Beebe7
Ethel Beene11
Lavinia James17
Bertha Marshall12
Vallie Fairchilds6
(name illegible)7
Teacher: Ophelia James, Boggy Depot, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $34.67
Local Trustees: G.D. Drain, C.E. Staudphill, Wm. T. Hall, Boggy Depot, I.T.

Boiling Springs Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Elis Wade14
Joel King15
Female Choctaw Students
Anna James6
Plany Ward8
Noda Hatensty15
Mary Hatensty13
Louisa McKinney16
Male White Students
Arthur Hurt15
Benny Hurt11
Ely Hurt7
Claude Dobbs11
Jeff Dobbs15
Edward Foster11
Herbert Foster8
Everett Wilson11
Elvin Wilson7
Jesse Pate17
Linzy Pate13
Benny Pate11
Luther Pate9
Walter Pumyroy11
Delbert Pumyroy7
Burt Mills11
James Mills9
Sol Leatherman9
Fate Degrafteuray11
Sam Degrafteuray8
Ernest Gordon10
Tom Gordon7
Joshua Breedlove11
Geddy Breedlove13
James Breedlove15
Jay Robinson18
Burt Ferguson15
Jim Fain19
John Fain9
Wilfred Foster6
Female White Students
Nettie Gordon9
Myrtle Gordon12
Grace Gordon16
Ada Dobbs17
Rosa Dobbs13
Lilly Pate15
Bessie Pate7
Messy McCants10
Ola McCants12
Cora McCants14
Maude McCants16
Dovie Breedlove9
May Wilson9
Dora Hurt7
Elva Ferguson13
Verga Ferguson11
Bessie Fain12
Nellie Fain16
Teacher: Maggie Loose, Hartshorne, I.T
Amount Paid Teacher: $40.00
Local Trustees: Edward Foster, William Dobbs, Isham Christie, Wilburton, I.T.

Bokchito #1 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Jerome Robinson7
Shelby Patterson9
Ward Neeley13
Henry Labor16
Virgil Labor10
Dennie Impson9
Willie Jones16
Jacob Jones13
Reason Jones9
Elmer Louis11
Female Choctaw Students
Lena Frazier9
Dona Impson6
Lilly Impson11
Minnie Impson14
Ruth Robinson10
Jessie Robinson9
May Labor13
Dona Labor6
Amelia Labor5
May Matoy6
Mary Neely15
Dortha Patterson10
Male White Students
Maude Barnes15
Claude Barnes12
John Barnes10
Elmer Phillips10
Oatis Phillips6
Ervin Smith8
Claude Summers14
Mat Summers11
Willie Summers8
Fred Summers7
James Martin17
Lawrence Martin14
Arthur Martin10
Clark Martin11
Harrison Martin13
Earl Grotts10
Ellis Allen15
Alvin Thomas9
Virgil Carriker8
Willie Albright10
Leon Mitchem13
Bernie Dodson7
Female White Students
Ada Dodson11
Stella Phillips8
Dovie Smith9
Vera Smith7
Dana Summers9
Dallas Summers16
Rearly Summers14
Hester Martin14
Dora Thomas11
Blanche Thomas7
Nola Carriker16
Dora Albright12
Ora Albright12
Teacher: Mrs. Mae Hamilton, Bokchito, Ind. Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $50.00
Local Trustee: David Robinson, Bokchito, I.T.

Bokchito #2 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Tom Webster10
Jae Webster9
Wata- Colbert14
Esaias Willie15
Hodgis Taylor10
David Taylor11
Robert Taylor9
Lowlen McAfee10
Dwight Wilson8
Alton Wilson7
James Wesley13
Recen Wesley11
Lonis Tushka12
Philis Williams17 (male?)
Dickson James15
Jae Lonis17
Joseph Oklahumba12
Female Choctaw Students
Maggie Webster7
Nancy McAfee9
Sopha Tarney10
Sopha Wesley9
Lena Wilson6
Male White Students
Jimmie Ray7
Teacher: Mrs. B.W. McKiney, Idabel
Amount Paid Teacher: $40.00
Local Trustee: William A. Willie, Idabel, I.T.

Bower Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Milo Beck16
John Beck17
Oliver Beck15
Tandy Beck11
Gilbert Beck9
Wallace Beck7
Female Choctaw Students
Della Beck14
Julia McNeely12
Edna McNeely11
Martha Jennings15
Male White Students
Charley Anderson13
Frank Caskey18
Claud Casey5
Wi-m Freeman14
Clearence Fraizer8
Johnie Gage7
Elmore Summers12
Lee Jones15
Jack Jones11
Ed Murphy6
Steward O’Kelly14
Grady O’Kelly11
Henry Oxfort12
Newt Oxfort6
Jesse Oxfort5
Marvin Pierce15
James Parmer12
Claud Pendergraft16
Clide Pendergraft11
Olen Smith14
Chalmers Spears7
Emit Woods10
Ben Winbur8
Harry Williams7
Earnest Williams11
Clearence Williams6
Dune Williams6
Female White Students
Dora Anderson12
Dora Beck19
Pearl Anderson16
Bulah Fraizer11
Leona Gage14
Fannie Gage12
Maude Inman12
Ruth Inman7
Lucy Jones12
Gertie McDugal12
Julia Murphy12
Hattie Murphy14
Willie O’Kelly16
Lillian O’Kelly13
Bertie Oxfort10
Mollie Parmer11
Maggie Parmer9
Jesse Parmer8
Cora Pendergraft6
Elvey Smith10
Omer Smith7
Ora Trustle8
Ethel Williams17
May Williams15
Olie Williams14
Ida Williams12
Teacher: Sam B. Ross, Bower, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $40.00
Local Trustees: J.W. Freeman, J.H. Caly, J.C. McConlee, Bower, I.T.

Brooken Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Ira Neal10
Charles Walker12
George Walker13
Female Choctaw Students
Alice Rogers9
Male White Students
Bunyon Bush10
Lonnie Bush12
Andrew J. Bush15
Jessee Bush17
Dee Bush10
Luther Bush7
Andrew Bush6
Walter Bush12
Arlie Baker16
William Barton13
Arthur Clayton18
Claude Clayton15
Rop Clayton13
Baker Clayton14
Marshall Clayton14
Holder Coffman11
Dixie Coffman9
Hinisie Coffman8
Jessee Coffman6
Dee Coffman13
Leo Forrister13
Louie Forrister13
Jacob Howell11
Benjamin Howell11
Menard Howell18
Homer Howell9
Everett Jennings8
James Knight21
Dewitt Knight24
Sherman Moore16
Jewell McLerveken13
John Moore12
Lee Oliver9
Andy Phillips14
Benjamin Pesterfield11
Claude Pesterfield9
Benjamin Ritter15
Jacob Robinson12
Robert Shradlin14
Grover C. Shradlin12
Herman Smith11
Claude Smith7
Thomas Dow Wood17
Female White Students
Ethel Bush9
Ella Bush14
Ada Bush11
Ethel Baker7
Jessie Barton17
Sadie Barton9
Hettie Barton11
Eliza Coker12
Hettie Coffman12
Zula Clayton7
Sallie Clayton9
T.C. Clayton6
Maude Clayton16
Audrie Cothron13
Virgie Cothron11
Dora Farrar12
Lillie Farrar17
Viola Howell14
Emma Howell18
Maggie Jenkins12
Maggie Moffett11
Lucy McCracken10
Susie Moore15
Hattie Nicholson14
Minnie Phillips13
Ola Pate12
Myrtle Spradlin7
Maud Spradlin9
Lillie Spradlin13
May Snider11
Georgia Snider13
Ida Smith14
Dessie Smith10
Teacher: L. Peyton, Brooken, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $20.00
Local Trustees: W. T. Farrioths, G.B. Knight, J.S. Smith, Brooken, I.T.


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