Carlisle Indian Industrial School Graduates 1906 – 1910

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Carlisle School Boys
Students ready to return to their homes after spending a Term at Carlisle.
Clothing was purchased by the students with money they earned.

The Carlisle Indian School is situated in the heart of the great Pennsylvania agricultural belt on the edge of Carlisle, in the beautiful Cumberland Valley, about nineteen miles from Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania one hundred twenty miles from Washington DC. The climate is very healthful, there being great extremes neither of cold nor of heat.

For years there had been a cavalry barracks located on the present site of the school. In the early history of the Colonies, this had been a frontier military post, and it was here that, in 1775, Benjamin Franklin made a treaty of peace with the Indian Tribes of Pennsylvania.

There were graduating classes at Carlisle Indian School from 1889 to 1910. Listed below are the Graduates Name, Tribe, Home and Occupation.

Class of 1906

Adeline Kingley Bear, Winnebago, Keshena, Wisconsin, Housewife.

Emma Logan Bear, Winnebago, Winnebago, Nebraska, Housewife.

Bertram Bluesky, Seneca, Fredonia, New York, Normal Student.

Nicholas Bowen, Seneca, Appleton, Wisconsin, Student, Univ.

Chauncey Charles, Stockbridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Laborer.

Elias Charles, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Baseball.

Christine Childs, Crow, Germantown, Pennsylvania, Housework.

Bertha Dennis, Seneca, Irving, New York, Housework.

Wallace Denny, Oneida, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Asst Com, of Cadets, I. S.

Katharyn Dyakanoff, Alaskan, Sitka, Alaska, Teacher, I. S.

Albert Exendine, Delaware, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Law Student.

Clarence Faulkner, Shoshoni, New York, New York, Machinist.

Emma Burrows French, Yuma, Phoenix, Arizona, Housewife.

Ignatius Ironroad, Sioux, Cannon Ball, North Dakota, Carpenter, I. S.

Frank Jude, Chippewa, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prof. Baseball.

Rosabel Patterson, Seneca, Toledo, Iowa, Teacher, I. S.

Louis E. Paul, Alaskan, Tacoma, Washington, Student.

Wilber Peawa, Comanche, Cache Creek, Oklahoma, Farmer.

Marian Powlas, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Asst. Cook, I. S.

Charles Roy, Chippewa, Fort Shaw, Montana, Discip., I. S.

Mary Runnels, San Foil, Oroville, Washington, Dressmaker.

Eudocia Sedick, Alaskan, Syracuse, New York, Housework.

Blanche Lay Seneca, Seneca, Irving, New York, Housewife.

William Sholder, Mission, Mesa Grande, California, Rancher.

Rose McFarland Stevens, Klamath, Eureka, California, Housewife.

Juliette Smith Truax, Oneida, Chicago, Illinois, Nurse.

Anna Minthorn Wannassay, Cayuse, Yakima, Washington, Housewife.

Mary Guyamma Yukatanache, Wyandot. St. Louis, Missouri, Housework.

Class of 1907

Nicodemus Billy, Seneca, Akron, New York, Musician.

Arthur Doxtator, Seneca, Versailles, New York, Buffalo Auto. Loan Co.

Isaac R. Gould, Alaskan, Latuch, Alaska, Ranching.

Zoa Hardin Haney, Shawnee, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Housewife.

Sarah Isham, Chippewa, Reserve, Wisconsin, Housework.

Freeman Johnson, Seneca, Rochester, New York, Tailor.

Jonas Jackson, Cherokee, Cherokee, North Carolina, Railroader.

Wm. S. Jackson, Alaskan, Sitka, Alaska, Boat Builder.

Archie Libby, Chippewa, White Earth, Minnesota, Curtis Pub. Co.

Joseph Libby, Chippewa, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Arthur Mandan, Mandan, Washburn, North Dakota, Band Leader.

Josefa Maria Manjares, Pitt River, Pitt River, California, Teacher.

Dora LaBelle Mitchell, Sioux, Wilmot, South Dakota, Dressmaker.

Elizabeth Walker Nelson, Alaskan, Waterbury, Conn., Housewife.

Eli M. Peazzone, Digger, Wyebrook, Pennsylvania, Machinist.

Carl Silk, Gros Ventre, Crow Agency, Montana, Watchman, I. S.

Albert W. Simpson, Arickaree, Ree, North Dakota, Blacksmith.

Edward Sorrell, Shoshoni, Inkom, Idaho, Railroader.

Arthur Sutton, Seneca, Ft. Wayne, Detroit U. S. Army.

Hattie M. Powlas Sweezy, Oneida, Gotebo, Oklahoma, Laundress, I. S.

Titus White Crow, Sioux, Crow Creek, South Dakota, Engineer.

Susie Whitetree, Wyandot, West Newton, Massachusetts, I. S. Laundress.

Class of 1908

Elizabeth Baird, Oneida, Pipestone, Minnesota, Assistant in I. S.

Josephine Charles, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Housework.

Louis F. Chingwa, Chippewa, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Shoemaker, I. S.

Martha Cornsilk, Cherokee, Worcester, Massachusetts, Student, Training School.

Morgan Crowsghost, Gros Ventre, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Alice Denomie, Chippewa, Lawrence, Kansas, Bus. Student.

Archie Dundas, Alaskan, Sitka, Alaska, Carpenter.

Thomas Eagleman, Sioux, Crow Creek, South Dakota, Farmer, I. S.

John B. Farr, Chippewa, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Stu. of Mechanical Drawing.

Eugene C. Geffe, Alaskan, St. Petersburg, Alaska, Laborer.

Fritz Hendricks, Caddo, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Conway Hall.

Lucy Coulon House, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Housewife.

Peter Hauser, Cheyenne, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Charles Huber, Gros Ventre, Elbowoods, North Dakota, Asst. Clerk, I. S.

Florence D. Hunter, Sioux, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Student.

Louis Island, Oneida, Lawrence, Kansas, Bus. Student.

Flora E. Jones, Seneca, Brockport, New York, Normal Student.

Claudia McDonald, Chippewa, Lawrence, Kansas, Bus. Student.

Theodore Owl, Cherokee, Rice, Arizona, Ind. Teach., I.S.

Ferris Paisano, Pueblo, Winslow, Arizona, Ice Plant Emp.

Elizabeth Penny, Nez Perce, Lewiston, Idaho, Bus. Student.

Oscar Smith, Oneida, West De Pere, Wisconsin, Farmer.

Lottie R. Styles, Gros Ventre, Camden, New Jersey, Housework.

Vera Wagner, Alaskan, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Under “Outing.”

Ira Walker, Sac & Fox, Meeker, Oklahoma, Baseball Player.

William Winnie, Seneca, Versailles, New York, Blacksmith.

Mary E. Wolfe, Cherokee, Chemawa, Oregon, Matron, I. S.

Class of 1909

Girls Choir Carlisle Indian School
Girls Choir
Carlisle Indian School

Michael Balenti, Cheyenne, College Station, Texas, Student.

Cecilia Baronovich, Alaskan, Klinquan, Alaska, Teacher, I. S.

Savannah Beck, Cherokee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Under “Outing.”

Georgia Bennet, Seneca, Brant, New York, Housewife.

Olga Reinkin Bolshanin, Alaskan, Unalaska, Alaska, Housewife.

Alonzo Brown, Mashpee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Under “Outing.”

Irene Brown, Sioux, Sisseton, South Dakota, Student.

Robert Davenport, Chippewa, Cross Village, Michigan, Mill Hand.

Martha Day, Pueblo, Seama, New Mexico, Housework.

Margaret DeLorimiere, Mohawk, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

George Gardner, Chippewa Hayward, Wisconsin, Discip., I. S.

Josephine Gates, Sioux, Fort Yates, North Dakota, Housework.

Charles Hill, Oneida, Oneida, Wisconsin, Laborer.

Elmira Jerome, Chippewa, Fort Totten, North Dakota, Asst. Seam, I. S.

Orlando Johnson, Sac & Fox, Cushing, Oklahoma, Farmer.

Helen Lane, Lummi, Beach, Washington, Lighthouse Kpr.

Marie Lewis, Cherokee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Samuel McLean, Sioux, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Discip., I. S.

Charles Mitchell, Assiniboin, Milk River, Montana, Farmer.

Myrtle Peters, Stockbridge, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Thomas Saul, Sioux, Creek, South Dakota, (At Home.)

Patrick Verney, Alaskan, Crow Ketchikan, Alaska, Printer.

Elizabeth Webster, Oneida, West De Pere, Wisconsin, Stenographer.

John White, Mohawk, Mt. Holly, Pennsylvania, Printer.

William Weeks, Gros Ventre, Elbowoods, North Dakota, (At Home).

Class of 1910

Carlisle Industrial School
Carlisle Industrial School

Stella Bear, Aricharee, Cantonment, Oklahoma, Matron, I. S.

Stacey Beck, Cherokee, Red Rock, Oklahoma, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Matron, I. S.

John Bastian, Puyallup, Pacific Beach, Washington, (At Home.)

Inez Brown, Sioux, Sisseton, South Dakota, Clerk in Office.

Johnson Enos, Pima, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Outing at Trade.

Louis George, Klamath, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Outing at Trade.

Adeline Greenbrier, Menominee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Carlysle Greenbrier, Menominee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Levi Hillman, Onondaga, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Outing at Trade.

Raymond Hitchcock, Klamath, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Printer.

Sarah Hoxie, Nomelaki, Covelo, California, Bus. Student.

Louise Kenney, Klamath, Happy Camp, California, Housework.

Joseph Loudbear, Sioux, Little Eagle, South Dakota, (At Home.)

William Nelson, Pima, Walworth, Wisconsin, Blacksmith.

Mary Redthunder, Sioux, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Matron, I. S.

Selina Twoguns, Seneca, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Fannie Keokuk, Sac & Fox, Stroud, Oklahoma, Housework.

Katie Wolfe, Cherokee, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Bus. Student.

Evelyn Pierce, Seneca, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Housework.

Day School #27 Pine Ridge Reservation
Day School #27
Pine Ridge Reservation

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Catalogue, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle Indian Press, Printed by Students, 1912. Web. 11 December 2014. - Last updated on Jul 8th, 2013

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