1894 Michigan State Census – Kalkaska County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Boardman Township – Stephen Heller, John H. Dewitt, Josiah J. Cole, Wesley H. Leach, Jacob McCaslin, R. M. Hudson, Mark B. Wonsey, George W. Hart, Abram Darling, George W. McLean, Isaac Hall, Alvin E. Hank, James N. Risk, John D. Dagle, A. E. White, George Holland, William H. Blanchard, Basila Holstine, William H. Thompson, Edwin Luce, Porter R. Sherman, William H. Vanetten, Jacob McCrory, Addison McCoy, Allen D. Lile, George Ives, Henry Molinx, S. J. Grandy, Michael Murphy, Edwin F. Mills, W. J. Cornwell, H. E. Hogan, P. H. Sharron. Aaron C. Magoon, Isaac Waste, Hiram Swick, B. F. Pierson, Henry Very.

Clearwater Township – Andrew J. Stover, William H. Bockes, John P. Leiphart, Job Harris, John Hendrickson, Charles Van Buren, Edward Smith, John W. Chaney, Peter P. Desmond, Charles Brookmayer, Henry Wright, William Gray, Robert R. Campbell, Henry Mathews, John A. Peck, John P. Austin, Allen F. Little, John Mentzor, Peter Smith, George NS”. Persons, Hiram M. Blodgett, Harry Smith.

Cold Springs Township – Elijah Goodwin, Samuel B. Phelps, John U. Spies, William H. Stoddard, Christopher C. Greenman, Charles O. Thompson.

Excelsior Township – Napoleon B. Groves, George W. Rickard, Leander P. Johnson, C. E. Bartholomew, William Lewis, Andrew J. Speers, James M. Potes, Jerry Hyatt, M. S. Weed, Albert H. Sidnum, William Grow, Samuel D. Jackson, John M. Merrill, William H. Cole, Happen W. Bickford, Artemas H. Clark, Frank Hotelling, Allison Webb.

Garfield Township – Charles Carpenter, George W. Abbott, Emanuel Mocherman, John Westbrook, John Senninger, Henry M. Foss, John F. Abbott, John M. Calkins, Horace S. Calkins, William Williams. Glade Township – John J. Hagerman, Charles Ferguson.

Kalkaska Township – Emerson J. Corpe, Austin Corpe, George L. Carlisle, Albert Mann, Lewis Beebe, Henry M. Hickox, William F. Campbell, George A. Morse, James M. Steele, Wilson Pontious, George A. Richards, George A. Myers, Charles H. Metzgar, Hewitt E. Tyler, Smith Scofield.

Village of Kalkaska – James Greacen, William J. Getty, Mason C. Kidder, William Adams, David M. White, William C. McFerren, James W. Mosher, Willard R. Parker, Manuel Beelman, Frederick McLargin, Isaiah Allen, Jacob M. Shafer, Joseph F. Mowbray, Henry Loomis, John E. Rainbow, William M. Moyer, William W. Bowen, Charles Miles, W. J. Wilson, A. D. Fessenden, Nathan Y. Sherwood, John Lewis, William B. Ferguson, Stephen M. Cowdry, Nathan P. Munyon, Philetus Wheeler, Jas. M. Flagg, Amos C. Beebe, Charles M. Thatcher, Cyrenus Rice, Henry U. Hill, Ambrose O. Burt, Reuben H. West, Arthur A. Bleazby, James A. Harriatt, Alfred Fredenberg, James B. Lincoln, Joel Cross, David P. Beebe, Jesse Decker, Albert G. Barber, Charles Hulin, Nathaniel Woodfield, William H. Eckler, Henry Swofford, Amasa Probasco, Lafayette D. Curtis, Charles H. DePuy, John Sheldon, Charles Woolpert, William Magee, Absalom Brown, Benjamin Wooden, George F. Johnson, Reuben D. Ford, Lewis Woodruff, Wallace W. Whipple, Rolando F. Rugg, Oscar Magee, [William F. Stewart].

Oliver Township – Thaddeus Tanner, Charles D. Ayers, James J. Peterson, Charles W. Pierson.

Orange Township – William Richardson, Moses Sheperd, Hiram R. Beach, Benjamin Jackson, Isaac Carroll, Benjamin H. Johnson, Joseph Ely, John H. Gilman, Frank Burnham, Jonathan Dunham. Bradford Gragg, James D. Long, Amos J. Drake. Clinton D. Knowles. Lewis Deuel, Henry Gleason.

Rapid River Township – William Martin, William H. Potter, David Wells, Orange S. Dewey. Aaron Rigby, George W. Caruthers, John H. Porter. Alanson H. Borden. John W. Morley, Asa H. Barnaby, Dorman Curtis. Joseph A. Annis. Charles T. Babcock. John Smith, William N. Marshall. Edwin L. Taylor. Samuel Inman. Hiram Annis. Andrew W. McGee, Banford R. Briggs. Francis Sumner. Richard Jones, Richard ”. Bunker, John Smith. Remus A. Baldwin. David Stratton, George Cutting, David Brinks, Loren A. Rice, Robert Wheeler, Isaac Kimball, Walter Turk, William M. Cole, Henry Akey, Henry Dorman, William C. Woodham.

Springfield Township – Ira J. White, Peter W. McCrea, Peter Cole, Albert T. Breed, Daniel S. Ingersoll, Isaac F. Rish, Israel D. Blake, Milo Furman, Alexander R. Harpe, Arista O. Clark, David H. Holbrook, John H. Codd, John H. Dennis, William E. Clark, John A. Battenfield, John A. Haskins, John Leighthiser, John Lane, John Battenfield, John Clark. Robert McDonald, Milo Harcull.

Wilson Township – Charles W. Barnard, James C. Mitchell.

MLA Source Citation:

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 31 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/michigan/1894-michigan-state-census-kalkaska-county.htm - Last updated on May 14th, 2013

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