1867 North Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Alden Lucas W. provision dealer
Alden Luther E. shoe cutter, r Montello
Alden Russell, shoe manuf. r Main
Alden Samuel F. butcher, r Quincy
Alden Sanford, farmer, r Quincy
Alden Sanford O. boot maker, r Quincy
Allen: Benjamin C. shoe cutter, r Belmont
Allen F. E. shoemaker, r Centre
Allen Horatio G. shoe cutter, r Turnpike
Allen James A. mechanic, bds Hotel
Ames Edwin C. shoe cutter, r Pleasant
Ames Francis, farmer, r Gary
Ames Franklin, r Main
Ames Horace, boot maker, r Ames
Ames John, boot maker, r Belmont
Ames Luther, shoe cutter, r Court
Ames Theron, farmer, r Gary
Andrews Alpheus C.
Andrews George, mechanic, r School
Andrews Leander B. mechanic, r School
Andrews Tyler, shoe cutter, r Main
Arnold Albert L. shoemaker
Ashport Calvin, laborer, r Bryantville
Averill William, cabinet maker, r Pond

Bacon Charles W. bds Montello
Bacon Willard, r Montello
Bailey Ephraim, box maker, r Main
Baker Horace, grocer
Bancroft Rinaldo, laborer
Barden William H. hairdresser, bds Main
Barnes Willard A. butcher
Barry Edward, shoemaker
Bartlett Orin, cabinet maker, r Court
Bates Elijah, shoe cutter
Bates Isaac, shoemaker
Bates Lorenzo D, shoemaker, r Main
Battles Ansel, shoe cutter, r Pleasant
Battles Benjamin F. shoemaker, r Battles
Battles Hiram, mason, r Pond
Battles John, shoe cutter, r Main
Battles, Josiah O. shoe cutter, r Main
Battles Nahum, mason, r Battles
Baxendale John, shoe manuf. r Pleasant
Baxter Freeman, farmer, r Main
Beals Jeremiah, farmer, r Turnpike
Beals John F. carpenter, r cor. Church and Montello
Beals Martin, cabinet maker, r Chapel
Belcher J. A. shoe cutter, r Crescent
Benner E. J. merchant, r Belmont
Bennett Edward E. livery stable, r High
Bennett James, mechanic, r High
Billings Jesse, blacking manuf. r Pond
Bird Lemuel T. harness maker. Pond
Bisbee Jefferson, blacksmith r Pleasant
Bixby Charles C. druggist, r Main
Bixby Jonathan, farmer, r West Shares
Blanchard Cyrenus W. stitcher
Blanchard Frederick C. clerk, Centre
Blanchard Junius M. shoe cutter
Bliss L. C. grocer, r Main
Blodget Moses, shoemaker
Bloomstrand Peter, shoemaker, r Main
Bonney Watson, shoemaker, r Cottage
Borden George K. shoemaker, bds High
Boucher John, shoemaker, r Main
Boucher William, laborer, r Main
Bowles Samuel, shoemaker
Boyle James, laborer, r Grove
Brackett E. R. peddler, r Pond
Brackett Loring, laborer, bds Belmont
Bradford Waldo, blacksmith, r High
Brailey James H carpenter, r Main
Brett David, r Prospect
Brett Edward, shoemaker, r Bartlett
Brett Ellis, farmer, bds Pleasant
Brett Ephraim, farmer, r Pleasant
Brett Francis, shoemaker, bds Main
Brett Fred. L. (Brett Bros.) r Main
Brett Henry A. merchant, r cor. Main and Elm
Brett Joel P. shoe cutter, r Quincy
Brett Pliny, shoe manuf. r Main
Brett Kutus E. (Brett Bros.) bds cor. Main and Church
Brett Samuel S. shoe manuf. r Montello
Brett Samuel T. farmer, r Main
Brett Zenas, r Main
Brett Zibeon, farmer, r Battles
Brigham Charles D. merchant, r Elm
Brooks John; machinist, r Crescent
Brooks Joseph, blacksmith
Brown Bela T. shoe finisher, r Short
Brown John, peddler, r Crescent
Brown Van B. boot maker
Bryant George E. merchant, r Elm
Bryant George W. (G. W. B. & Co.) r Main
Bryant Harrison, shoe cutter, r South
Bryant Henry L, merchant, Main
Bryant Horace, shoe manuf. r Montello
Bryant Ira, farmer, r Gary Hill
Bryant Ira A. farmer, r Gary
Bryant Willard, r South
Bryant Ziba, laborer, r Cary
Buck S. N. shoe manuf. r Pond
Bullard Lewis L. box maker, r Crescent
Bunker Eli, shoemaker, t Battles
Bunker Henry L. shoemaker, r Battle
Burden Alexander, farmer
Burgess Leonard, tin man
Burke David, farmer, r Main
Burke Edward, shoemaker, r Crescent
Bui-ke James A[. shoemaker, r Court
Burke John T. shoe manuf. r Quincy
Burrell Henry, clerk, bds Grove
Burrell Nicholas, shoemaker, r Grove
Burtman John P. shoe manuf. r Bartlcut

Caldwell Benjamin b. clerk, bds Belmont
Calkins Clarence, boot maker
Campbell Oscar A. shoemaker, Battle
Carr Alpheus, farmer. Pleasant
Carr Henry, Centre
Carr James L. butcher. Main
Carr Lysander, boot maker, Turnpike
Carr Simeon, shoe cutter, Turnpike
Carr Simeon D. Turnpike
Carr William B. carpenter, bis Churea
Cary Barzillai, shoe cutter. Main
Cary Charles, Cary
Cary Charles H. shoemaker, Winter
Cary Daniel H. carpenter, Cary
Cary George C. shoe cutter, Main
Cary Howard, shoemaker, r Cary
Cary Nathan S. farmer, Main
Cary Williams, farmer. Winter
Chamberlin Robert M. mechanic. Centre
Chesman Noah, shoe manuf. Elm
Chesman Zachariah, shoe cutter. Pleasant
Childs Tomas W. shoemaker, Campello
Churchill Solomon S. mechanic
Clapp Benjamin K. merchant. Main
Clapp Otis F. surveyor, Main
Clark A. Clinton, clerk. Pleasant
Clark Benjamin, vineyard. Main
Clark Benjamin S. vineyard, r Main
Clark George, liquor agent, Pleasant
Clark Herman B. clerk, bds Pleasant
Clark Lemuel, peddler, Montello
Clark Lyman, cabinet manuf. Main
Clark Samuel, peddler, r Montello
Clark Samuel J. boot maker, r Church
Cleveland Walter F. teamer
Cobb David, merchant, r Main
Cobb David H. merchant, r Main
Cobb George P. hotel
Cobb Lyman E. grocer, r Centre
Cobb Otis, carpenter, r Chestnut St, Campello
Cobb Tyler, merchant. Main
Cole Charles, r Campello
Cole Charles H. r Campello
Cole Eleazer, machinist, r Summer
Cole George W. shoe cutter Campello
Cole John H. r Campello
Collier Stephen N. boot maker
Colwell Benjamin O. clerk, r Belmont
Colwell H. B. shoe manuf. r Belmont
Commons William jr., shoe finisher, r Crescent
Connerty Patrick, shoemaker. Main
Coombs Joseph C. shoe cutter, r Campello
Cooper Francis, mechanic, r L.
Cooper James H. clerk, r Pleasant
Coots Henry E. shoemaker, r Montello
Copeland Caleb, farmer, r Summer
Copeland Cyrus F. telegraph operator, r 15 L.
Copeland Cyrus P. boot maker, r Summer
Copeland Ephraim, shoemaker, r Summer
Copeland Fisher, shoo cutter, i Montello
Copeland George M. turner, r L.
Copeland Ira, grocer, r Pine
Copeland Lawrence, farmer, Centre
Copeland Marcus, shoe cutter, r Campello
Copeland Rufus, stitcher, r L.
Corcoran Christopher, shoemaker, r Battles
Corcoran Philip, shoemaker, r Battle
Cowell David L. ast. p. m. r Green
Craits F. A. clergyman, r Church
Crane George J. watchmaker, r Centre
Creeden Daniel, marble worker, Main
Crimmin Philip, boot maker
Crocker Allen, blacksmith, r Ward
Crocker Charles B, shoe cutter. Ash
Crocker Daniel, r Main
Crocker Edward, farmer Ash
Cross Henry, shoe manuf. r Main
Crosby Asa F. mechanic, r Main
Crosby John, mechanic, r Main
Crosby John W. mechanic, r Alain
Curtis Charles H. farmer, bds Crescent
Curtis Edmund, laborer, r Plain
Curtis George E. grocer, bds Crescent
Curtis Isaac, farmer, r Crescent
Curtis John W. farmer, r Pine
Curtis Levi S. clerk, bds Crescent
Curtis Sylvanus B. grocer, bds Crescent
Curtis Theodore L. farmer Crescent
Cushing Elisha A. shoemaker, r Main
Cushing George, farmer, r Main
Cushman George H. carpenter, r Main
Cushman John J. carpenter, r Pine
Cushman Nelson, boot maker
Cushman C B. shoemaker, r Crescent
Cushman William H. shoe cutter
Cushman Winslow B. carpenter, r L St

Dalton Peter, stitcher, Campello
Davenport Nathaniel, r South
Davenport Nathaniel, jr. peddler, r South
Davis Benj. P. boot and shoe dealer, r Pond
Davis Stephen, shoe cutter, Campello
Dearborn S. F. druggist, r Main
Dean Edgar E. physician, r Centre
Dexter Freeman, carpenter,
Dickerman Nahum, boot maker, r L St
Diamond Patrick, laborer, Campello
Doyle Thomas, farmer
Dow Alexander, stitcher, r Court
Drake Aaron B. merchant, r Campello
Drake Albert, boot maker, r Turnpike
Drake Charles F. boot maker, r Pond
Drake Jonathan W. boot maker, r Turnpike
Drake Reuben, boot maker, r West Shares
Drake Stafford, cabinetmaker, r Campello
Drayton Thomas gardener, r Main
Drew Francis D. r Belmont
Dunbar Bradford, clerk, r Pleasant
Dunbar Charles A. peddler, r Crescent
Dunbar Charles H. farmer, r Linwood
Dunbar Daniel, shoe finisher, r Plain
Dunbar David, shoemaker, r Rockland
Dunbar Geo. B. broker, r Montello
Dunbar Heman, butcher
Dunbar Henry S. laborer, r School
Dunbar Henry T. bds School
Dunbar Hiram, boot maker, r Pleasant
Dunham Benjamin F. stitcher
Dunham Cornelius H. shoe finisher, r Prospect
Dunham Isaac A. mechanic, r Centre
Dunham M. V. B. bds Prospect
Dunham Soranus, mechanic, r Cottage
Dunham Stillman, farmer, Turnpike
Dyer Henry, Campello

Eames Ephraim N. shoe cutter, Main
Eames Daniel, teamer, r Crescent
Eames Isaac, farmer, r Main
Eaton Apollos, mechanic, r L.
Eaton Benjamin H. shoemaker, r Belmont
Eaton John E. r Eaton
Easton Caleb, boot maker, r Oak
Easton George W. farmer, r Oak
Easton John C. H. wheelwright, r Eaton
Eddy Henry, farmer, r Main
Eddy Henry T. bds Main
Eddy Willard, bds Main
Edson Amasa, farmer, r Winter
Edson Bartlett C. shoemaker
Edson Daniel W. r Summer
Edson David, farmer, r Pine
Edson David, 2d, firmer, r Summer
Edson Josiah, shoemaker
Edson Seth, carpenter, r Pleasant
Edson Simeon W. farmer, r Summer
Eiffe Thomas, baggage master, r Pond
Eldred David, jr. shoe manuf. r Pond
Eldred Daris K. mason, r Pond
Elliot Leonard, shoe cutter
Ellis John, r Main’, Campello
Emerson John O. shoe manuf. Campello
Emerson William, shoemaker
Emery John, boot maker, r Chestnut
Emmes John B. shoe cutter, r Cottage

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A transcription of the Plymouth County Directory and Historical Register of the Old Colony, Middleboro, Mass: Published By Stillman B. Pratt & Company, 1867. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 21 December 2014. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/massachusetts/1867-north-bridgewater-massachusetts-directory.htm - Last updated on Feb 13th, 2013

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