1867 Duxbury Massachusetts Directory

Adams John, farmer
Alden Benjamin, auctioneer
Alden Henry, laborer
Alden Ichabod, laborer
Alden James, farmer
Alden John, trader
Alden John, jr. master mariner
Alden Samuel, boat-builder
Alden Thomas, farmer
Alden William J. deputy sheriff
Alden William J. jr. shoemaker
Ames Thomas K. shoemaker
Armstrong John, shoemaker
Arnold Abel C. shoemaker
Arnold Gamaliel, shoemaker
Arnold Orson M. shoemaker
Atwell George, farmer
Atwell Samuel, selectman

Baker Alven, carpenter
Baker Daniel, farmer
Baker George
Baker Geo. L.
Baker Granville, shoemaker
Baker Harvey, ship carpenter
Baker Herbert, shoemaker
Baker Sumner B. farmer
Baker Walter, shoemaker
Bailey Edgar H. shoemaker
Bailey George H. house carpenter
Bailey Louis M. farmer
Bancroft Kirk H. physician
Barstow Augustus P. mason
Barstow Benjamin, mason
Barstow Daniel W. boot maker
Barstow Henry, shoe eutt.cr
Barstow Henry W. mason
Barstow Hiram W. farmer ^^
Barstow Ichabod, ship carpenter
Barstow Lewis, mason
Barstow Lewis B. mason
Barstow William, Ship carpenter
Bemis Benjamin C.
Belknap Scott, shoemaker
Bisbee Benjamin F. trowel worker
Bisbee Joseph F. mechanic
Bisbee Franklin, manuf. of trowels
Boylston Benjamin, trader
Bosworth Joseph P. carpenter
Bosworth Joseph P. jr., shoemaker
Bowen William, shoemaker
Bradford Daniel, master mariner
Bradford George, selectman
Bradford Gershom, trader
Bradford Ephraim, rope maker
Bradford William, spar maker
Brett Royal T. butcher
Brewster Asa, fisherman
Brewster Charles E. trader
Brewster Daniel W. master mariner
Brewster John W. farmer
Brewster Joseph, fisherman
Brewster Melzar, farmer
Brewster Melzar jr., farmer
Brewster Nathan, carpenter
Briggs Samuel P.
Brown Charles H. farmer
Brown George H. bootmaker
Brooks Peleg T, stage proprietor and expressman
Bryant Franklin, farmer
Bryant Fredric, shoemaker
Bryant Hiram, ship carpenter
Bryant John, farmer
Burditt Andrew, master mariner
Burgess Charles ft. farmer
Burgess Consider, farmer
Burgess Daniel, lobster-dealer
Burgess James
Burgess Tames K. farmer
Burgess Nathaniel, farmer
Burgess Nathan A. farmer
Burgess Spencer, painter
Burns John, fisherman

Chandler Aaron, rigger
Chandler Alden, painter
Chandler Alonzo, farmer.
Chandler Asa, shoemaker
Chandler Bailey, farmer
Chandler Calvin
Chandler Charles H. box-mill proprietor
Chandler David, jr. shoemaker
Chandler Ebenezer, farmer
Chandler Edwin V. carpenter
Chandler Elbridge, farmer
Chandler Elbridge H. mason
Chandler Eli, farmer
Chandler Emmons A. shoemaker
Chandler Francis A. farmer
Chandler George, stone mason
Chandler George, 2d, shoemaker
Chandler George T.
Chandler George T. 2d
Chandler Harrison, shoemaker
Chandler Henry
Chandler Hiram, shoemaker
Chandler Hiram W. boat-builder
Chandler Horatio
Chandler Howard, house-carpenter
Chandler Ichabod D.
Chandler Ichabod W. laborer
‘Chandler Isaac
Chandler Isaac W
Chandler Jerome, house-carpenter
Chandler Joseph, farmer
Chandler Joseph, 2d, trader
Chandler Judah, keeper of alms-house
Chandler Julius B. farmer
Chandler Levi, fanner
Chandler Martin S. farmer
Chandler Nathaniel, jr.
Chandler Nathaniel L. farmer
Chandler Noah J. shoemaker
Chandler Otis, stone mason
Chandler Pelham
Chandler Philip, farmer
Chandler Proctor
Chandler Richard B. farmer
Chandler Rufus G. house-carpenter
Chandler Seth D. farmer
Chandler Thaddeus V
Chandler Thomas, shoemaker
Chandler Thomas, 2d farmer
Chandler Wadsworth, farmer
Chandler Willard K
Chandler William, farmer
Childes George VV. farmer
Church Martin, ship-carpenter
Church Samuel T.
Clapp Lewis
Clark Willard, stove and tin ware manuf.
Coggeshall Samuel W. clergyman
Collins William, fisherman
Cook Peleg, ship-carpenter
Cox Charles, shoemaker
Crocker George P. shoemaker
Curtis George W. fisherman
Curtis James, farmer
Curtis Julius, master mariner
Cushing Benj, D. shoo carter
Cushing John, farmer
Cashing John W, shoemaker
Cushing Levi H. farmer
Cushing Nathaniel, master ship-builder
Cushing Seth C. farmer
Cushing William H. shoemaker
Cushman Alden, ship carpenter
Cushman Benjamin,
Cushman Briggs,
Cushman David, master mariner
Cushman George, farmer
Cushman Henry L. carpenter
Cushman John,
Cushman Pelog,

Damon Proctor A.
Davis John,
Davison George, shoemaker
Dawes Abraham, farmer
Dawes Albert A.
Dawes Josephus, master mariner
Delano Albert,
Delano Alden, fisherman
Delano Asa S. ship carpenter
Delano Briggs B. ship carpenter
Delano Charles, carpenter
Delano Charles 2d, farmer
Delano Charles C.
Delano Charles H.
Delano Elijah, ship joiner
Delano Elijah 2d,
Delano Elijah, box manufacturer
Delano Henry,
Delano Henry M. carpenter
Delano Hiram, blacksmith
Delano Hiram T. fisherman
Delano Hiram T. 2d, fisherman
Delano James S.
Delano Jesse,
Delano John jr., farmer
Delano Joseph S. farmer
Delano Judah, shoemaker
Delano Nathaniel, blacksmith
Delano Otis, shoemaker
Delano Samuel, fisherman
Dorr Nathan, mason
Door Rufus B. blacksmith
Drew Alfred, master mariner
Drew Henry, painter
Drew Joshua E.
Drew Lyman, organist
Drew Spencer, ship carpenter
Drew William B. master mariner
Driscoll Daniel, farmer
Dunster Henry J. fisherman

Eldridge Everett, mariner
Ellis John, fisherman
Ellis Nathaniel, farmer
Estes Charles, farmer

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MLA Source Citation:

A transcription of the Plymouth County Directory and Historical Register of the Old Colony, Middleboro, Mass: Published By Stillman B. Pratt & Company, 1867. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 17 December 2014. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/massachusetts/1867-duxbury-massachusetts-directory.htm - Last updated on Feb 13th, 2013

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