1884 Logan Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Bashore, Samuel
Bell, A. B.
Bell, Sabrina E.
Bishop, Emma
Bishop, Irene
Bishop, Leora
Bishop, Millburn
Bishop, Wm.
Blair, Linda
Blair, Mearl
Blair, Wm.
Bliss, W. H.
Brown, G. W.
Buettner, Emma
Buettner, Fred
Buettner, Johanna
Buettner, John
Buettner, Nicholas
Buettner, Rudolph
Buettner, William

Campbell, Leonard
Campbell, Mable
Campbell, Narcissa
Challman, Frank
Challman, Josie
Challman, Matthew
Challman, Minnie
Challman, Samuel
Challman, Victor
Challman, William
Clearwater, Edgar
Clearwater, Henry
Clearwater, Jane
Clearwater, Jennie
Clearwater, John E.
Cronk, M.

Dickhut, John
Dieckert, John
Dunn, A. R.
Dunn, Cora
Dunn, Maggie

Ebert, Catherine
Ebert, Frederick
Ebert, George
Ebert, Margreta
Ennis, Agnes
Ennis, Allen
Ennis, Bridget
Ennis, Cecelia
Ennis, E. F.
Ennis, Henry
Ennis, Lillie
Ennis, Philomena
Ennis, Theresa
Ennis, Tillie
Evans, Laura
Evans, Mary
Evans, W. P.
Evans, William

Flanagan, Bridget
Flanagan, Catherine
Flanagan, John
Flanagan, Mary
Flanagan, Thomas
Flanagan, William
Fowles, Alice
Fowles, Alvin,
Fowles, Gertie M.
Fowles, Nellie
Fowles, Samuel
Frink, Hulda
Frink, W. H.

Garner, W. L.
Gilmore, Addie
Gilmore, Adelia
Gilmore, Cora
Gilmore, Ernest
Gilmore, George
Gilmore, H. A.
Gilmore, Myrtle
Graham, Joe
Graham, Minnie

Hansen, Peter
Hanson, Hans
Hanson, Louisa
Harkness, Amon
Harkness, Cecil
Harkness, Charles W.
Harkness, Eliza J.
Harkness, Elvira
Harkness, Ernest, L.
Harkness, George T.
Harkness, Maggie
Harkness, Wesley
Hecht, Albert
Hecht, Alta
Hecht, Ella
Hecht, Esta
Hecht, Geo. W.
Hecht, Henry
Hecht, John
Hecht, Mary
Hess, Amanda
Hess, Frank
Hess, Mable
Hess, Pearl
Hochstrasser, Blanch
Hochstrasser, Clare
Hochstrasser, Guy
Hochstrasser, Hugh
Hochstrasser, Nancy
Hochstrasser, P. H.
Hochstrasser, Roy
Hoeck, Asmus
Hoeck, Elnora
Hotchkiss, F. D.
Hotchkiss, George
Hotchkiss, Laura
Hutton, David
Hutton, Henry M.
Hutton, John
Hutton, Lillie
Hutton, Mary A.
Hutton, Solomon E.
Hutton, William E.

James, Charles
James, P. M.
James, S. M.
James, Sophia
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Gertie
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, Mamie
Johnson, Minnie
Johnson, Peter F.

Kaufman, A. W.
Kaufman, Edith
Kaufman, Erwin
Kaufman, Lura
Kaufman, Lusina
Kaufman, Mandie
Kaufman, Mary
Kaufman, Wilbur
Kolb, Anna M.
Kolb, Catherine
Kolb, Charles
Kolb, John
Kolb, Sadie
Krebs, Andrew
Krebs, Julianna
Kroeger, Anna
Kroeger, Clara
Kroeger, Claus
Kroeger, Hannah
Kroeger, Lewis

Lambertson, John
Lemonnier, Alice
Lemonnier, Annie
Lemonnier, M. F.
Lemonnier, Roy
Lewis, Cora
Lewis, J. W.
Lewis, Walter
Lingle, Clara
Lingle, Clara May
Lingle, George
Lingle, George A.
Lingle, Grace
Lingle, James
Lynch, Cora
Lynch, Frederick
Lynch, Mary J.
Lynch, W. T.

Matlock, Clara
Matlock, Enoch
Matlock, Frank
Matlock, George
Matlock, Jacob
Matlock, Jennie
Matlock, Joseph
Matlock, Mary
Matlock, Sophia
Matlock, Walter
McDermott, Anna
McDermott, Bridget
McDermott, Hannah
McDermott, James
McDermott, Michael
McMillen, Alvira
McMillen, Geo. S.
McMillen, Robert
Mentzer, Alice A.
Mentzer, Benjamin
Mentzer, Ivy
Mentzer, Myrtle
Meyer, Benjamin
Meyer, Catherine
Meyer, Christopher
Meyer, Eliza
Meyer, F. W.
Meyer, Ferdinand
Meyer, Mable
Meyer, Norman
Mundt, Albert
Mundt, Bertha
Mundt, Claus
Mundt, Edward
Mundt, George
Mundt, Gustav
Mundt, Henrietta
Mundt, Henry
Mundt, John
Mundt, Louie
Mundt, Meta
Mundt, Orvena
Mundt, Trina
Mundt, William
Myers, Jess
Myers, John
Myers, Tempest

Needham, Albert
Needham, Eugene
Needham, Frank

Perkins, Caroline
Perkins, R. G.
Perkins, William
Petersen, Charles
Pippinger, George
Potter, C. L.
Potter, Emma
Pottiger, Flaurette
Pottiger, Harry W.
Pottiger, Jennie
Pottiger, John H.
Pottiger, John M.
Pottiger, Sarah

Rea, F. H.
Rea, Florence
Rea, Mable
Rea, Mary
Rebok, Albert
Rebok, Alice R.
Rebok, Catherine
Rebok, Jacob
Rebok, Sarah
Rinehart, John
Rinehart, M. J.
Rosdail, Daniel
Rosdail, Julia
Rosdail, Oscar
Rundlet, Alice M.
Rundlet, C. J.
Rundlet, Edith
Rundlet, Frank J.
Rundlet, Mary
Rundlet, Nettie L.
Rupert, Anna
Rupert, Carrie
Rupert, Charles
Rupert, Elizabeth
Rupert, Geo. H.
Rupert, George W.
Rupert, Mary
Rupert, Mary M.
Rupert, Milton
Rupert, Samuel
Ruser, Albert
Ruser, Alma
Ruser, Emma
Ruser, John P.

Sheldon, Arthur
Sheldon, Clarence
Sheldon, Emma
Sheldon, Mary Ellen
Sheldon, Roxa
Sheldon, S. C.
Shindler, Emma
Shindler, Fannie
Shindler, Henry
Shindler, John
Shindler, Mary
Shindler, Sarah
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Charles
Smith, James
Smith, Patrick
Smith, William
Somme, Agnes
Somme, Bergit
Somme, Edwardine
Somme, Emma
Somme, Maria
Somme, Thomas
Somme, Thorwald
Stevenson, S. M.
Stone, Elmer
Stone, Hester
Stone, May
Stone, Reuben

Tank, Ernest
Thorp, W.
Thorsen, Andrea
Thorsen, Gunnar
Thorsen, Maria
Thorsen, Ole
Thorsen, Thorwald
Thorsen, Tobias
Todd, Robert
Tonar, James
Tonar, Leonard
Tonar, Leonard
Tonar, Mary Ann
Tonar, Patrick
Tordsen, Alfred
Tordsen, Annie
Tordsen, Christina
Tordsen, Ella
Tordsen, Johnny
Tordsen, Peter
Tordsen, William

Van Wagoner, Ettie
Van Wagoner, Nita
Van Wagoner, P. O.
Van Wagoner, W. K.
Vickery, Florence
Vickery, Mary
Vickery, Ray
Vickery, William

Waddell, J.
Walrod, Bruce
Walrod, Harry
Walrod, John
Walrod, Nelle
Walrod, Philena
Walrod, R. P.
Webster, Frank
Weiser, Alice
Weiser, John S.
Weller, Emily
Weller, Herbert
Weller, James
Weller, Nellie
Weller, William
Wertz, A. J.
Woolston, Charles

Zendt, J.

MLA Source Citation:

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 19 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/iowa/1884-logan-township-iowa-farmers-directory.htm - Last updated on Nov 13th, 2012

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