19th District, 4th Section, Cherokee.

1 (fr.) Ephraim C. Blocker, Hudon’s, Marion.
2 Benjamin Jones, Jr., Taylor’s, Putnam*
3 John W. Smith, Craven’s, Coweta*
4 Absolem Williams, Dyer’s, Habersham.*
5 Wiley Reed, Howard 9, Oglethorpe.
6 Jonathan Ewing, 102d, Hancock.
7 William O. Bowman, Chastain’s, Habersham.
8 Robert Pugely’s ore., Gunn’s, Jefferson.
9 Isaac Tower’s ors., Latimer’s, De Kalb.
10 Edward P. Nixon, Robinson’s, Fayette.*
11 John Simmons, sol., Wilson’s, Pike.
12 Merriam Traywick, or., 118th, Hancock.
13 Alexander Mobley, Dixon’s, Irwin.
14 Amelia C. Mattox, w. r. a., Campbell’s, Wilkes.*
15 Gideon Elvington, r. s., Folsom’s, Lowndes.
16 John Phillips, Allen’s, Campbell*
17 Benajah Thornton, Flynn’s, Muscogee.
18 Jet S. Skidmore, Williams’s, Walton.
19 Samuel Glenn, Hatchett’s, Oglethorpe.*
20 Jabez J. Holcomb, 2d section, Cherokee.
21 Thomas Bealy, Sen., r. s., Allen’s, Henry.
22 Anthony Winter, 1st, Chatham.*
23 J. Oliver, of Gum Swamp, Mashburn’s, Pulaski.
24 James Mathis, Wynn’s, Gwinnett*
25 John Wayne, Gunn’s, Coweta.
26 Francis Hardaway, sol., Allen’s, Monroe.
27 Burrell Bales, Woodruff ‘s, Campbell.*
28 Philip Young, Sutton’s, Habersham.
29 William Avery’s ors., Norris’s, Monroe.
30 William S. Thompson, Salem, Baldwin.
31 Ezekiel M’Cravey, sol., Brock’s, Habersham.*
32 Wylie Maxwell, 166th, Wilkes.
33 John Wilkins, Sanderlin’s, Chatham.
34 Coonrod Weaver, Henson’s, Rabun.
35 Abraham Powell, Chastain’s, Habersham.
36 John Wansley, 672d, Harris.
37 Charles Slatham, Fulks’s, Wilkes.*
38 Joshua Ammons, Park’s, Walton.*
39 Allen Rhodes, 607th, Taliaferro.
40 John J. Steadly, Brewton’s, Fayette.
41 (fr) John Dorton, Funn’s, Henry.
42 (fr.) Mary Wood, w., Everett’s, Washington.
43 Caleb Smith, Mizell’s, Talbot.*
44 William Moore, sol., Collins’s, Henry.
45 Edward D. Craft, Coker’s, Troup.
46 Jackson Ward, Hall’s, Oglethorpe .*
47 Allen Bradley, Dobbs’s, Hall.*
48 Thomas Ed e, Whitehead’s, Habersham.*
49 Ambrose D. Brown, Hamilton’s, Gwinnett.
50 James Thrower, Hood’s, Henry.
51 Aaron Turner, Jr., Thompson’s, Henry
52 Sterling G. Barrow, Chambera’s, Houston.
53 Elias Sconyers, 73d, Burke.
54 Joseph Patterson, Whelchel’s, Hall.
55 Joshua Bailey, Hampton’s, Newton.
56 Matthew Stephens, Hamniond’s, Franklin.
57 Charles Baldwin’s ors., 141st, Greene.
58 Aquilla Bruice, Hughes’s, Habersham.
59 Giles Webb’s ore., Mason’s, Washington.
60 Caleb Hall, Sen., Bridges’s, Gwinnett.
61 (fr.) Washington Harris, Jordan’s, Bibb.
62 (fr.) Samuel Karr, a. i. w., Bower’s, Elbert.
63 William Jones, Coffee’s, Rabun.
64 Orphans of Britton L. Pearce, Roe’s, Burke.
65 Robert E. Martin, 143.d, Greene .*
66 John Mallon, 4th, Chatham
67 Pierson Ivy, Perryman’s, Warren.
68 John W. Pelham, 786th, Sumter.*
69 Hillary Moore, Chambers’s, Gwinnett.
70 Jacob Cleonkloy, Lamberth’s, Fayette.*
71 Lewis Sawyer, Morris’s, Crawford
72 John Akins, Clark’s, Morgan .*
73 Rebecca Faris, w. r. a., 404th, Gwinnett.
74 William Whitfield’s ors., Roe’s, Burke.*
75 John Phelan, 120th, Richmond.
76 James Love, Russell’s, Henry
77 William Ballard, Moseley’s, Coweta.
78 Peter Lingo, Garner’s, Washington.
79 John King, s. i. w., Butts’s, Monroe.
80 Thomas Kin;, Levrett’s, Lincoln.
81 Ney Peu Bustin’s, Pike.
82 Jonathan Williams, Liddell’&, Jackson.
83 Isham Turner, Gittens’s, Fayette.
84 Patience Hamilton, w., 1024, Hancock.
85 Richard Coggin, Smith’s, Habersham.
86 Edward D. Tracey, Caroller’s, Bibb.
87 James H. Chapman, Givins’s, De Kalb.
88 James Blackstock, House’s, Henry.
89 Lewis Brown r. s., Butte’s, Monroe,
90 William C. Kilgpre, 415th, Walton.
91 Joseph Brown, r. e., Henson’s, Rabun.
92 William Almon, Wood’s, Morgan.
93 William Wood, Trout’s, Hall.
94 Washington Goin, Herndon’s, Hall.
95 David Wilson’s ors., Perryman’s, Warren.
96 Joseph R. Sasnett, sol., 118th, Hancock,
97 William M. Craig, 702d, Heard.
98 (fr.) Hope. H. Parnell, Athens, Clarke.
99 (fr.) Joseph Smith, Will’s, Twiggs.
100 Mary Morris, w., 295th, Jasper.
101 Patrick Holt, Baismore’s, Jones.
102 John Gregory, Jordan’s, Bibb.
103 William Carrol, sol., Culbreath’s, Columbia.
104 John E. Petigrue, 320th, Baldwin.
105 Susannah Watts, w., 111th, Hancock.*
106 Francis O’Kelly, 417th, Walton.
107 Briton Buttrill, Per’s, Butts.
108 Moses Tullis, Jr., Watson’s, Marion.
109 Edward H. Norwood, Kellum’s, Talbot*
110 Sarah Stucky, w., 124th, Richmond.*
111 M’Neal’s five orphans, Hargrove’s, Newton.
112 Russell Williams, li. d., Herndon’s, Hall.
113 Horis Calton, 656th, Troup.
114 Windal Bower, Christie’s, Jefferson.
115 William Wood, 734th, Lee.*
116 (fr.) John Hooper, Gillis’s, De Kalb.
117 (fr.) Drury Bradley, or., Wood’s, Morgan.
118 Walter Stewart, s. i. w., Colquhoun’s, Henry.*
119 Jane Patterson, w. r. s., 466th, Monroe.
120 Proctor Berry, 606th, Taliaferro.*
121 Matthew Pirtle, Trout’s, Hall.
122 James M’Bee, Mangum’s, Franklin.
123 John Britt, Hampton’s, Newton.
124 William M. Hart, 1434, Greene.
125 Francis Hernandy, Cleland’s, Chatham.*
126 Jobn J. Heard, 374th, Putnam.
127 Henry Bennett’s ors., Morgan’s, Appling.
128 Edwin J. Vardaman, Greer’s, Merriwether.*
129 William Bailey, 174th, Wilkes.*
130 Clark Howell, 406th, Gwinnett.
131 William S. Morgan, 785th, Sumter.
132 Joseph Brady’s ors., Winter’s, Jones.
133 Samuel Freeman, M’Millon’s, Lincoln.*
134 Howell Moseley, Evans’s, Fayette,
135 John L. Shelly, 535th, Dooly.
136 Mary Ann Crawford, w.r. s., Grubbs’s Columbia.
137 Benajah Cain, sol., 574th Early
138 William G. W. Richardson, Rooks’s, Putnam.*
139 Sarah English, w. r. a., Fleming’s, Franklin.
140 George Booth’s ors., Wilhite’s, Elbert.
141 Richard Tatum, Watson’s, Marion.
142 William L. West, Wood’s, Morgan*
143 Lely Magness, h. a., 70th, Burke
144 Paul Patrick, Sen., 249th, Walton.
145 F. J. Jennings, Latimer’s, De Kalb.
146 George M. Hays, Hodges’s, Newton.
147 Samuel Biltison’s ors., 3d, Chatham.
148 Ze haniah Franklin, r. s., Parham’s, Warren
149 (fr.) Noah Powell, Dilman’s, Pulaski.
150 (fr.) Joseph Angle, Valleau’s, Chatham.
151 Elijah Watson, Taylor’s, Houston.
152 William Alford, 278th, Morgan.
153 Joel Barton, 277th, Morgan.*
154 Vinson Cooper, Mullen’s, Carroll.
155 Samuel Clay, sol., 672d, Harris.
156 Absolem Vaughn, Mitchell’s, Pulaski.
157 George Taylor, Jordan’s, Harris.
158 Stephen M’Pherson, Reid’s, Gwinnett.*
159 Henry Barges, M’Korkle’s, Jasper.
160 Lewis H. Plant, Alsobrook’s, Jones.
161 Jane Dickinson, or., Deavours’s, Habersham.
162 Oliver Palmer, Valleau’s, Chatham.
163 Allen Stephens, Colley’s, Oglethorpe *
164 Sarah F. Vernon, or., Colley’s, Oglethorpe.
165 (fr.) Aaron Baker, 561 at, Upson.
166 (fr.) Samuel Howard Fay, Groce’s, Bibb.
167 Zachariah Goulding, Cleland’s, Chatham.*
168 John R. M’Mahan, Dearing’s, Butts.
169 Elizabeth Lewis, w., 245th, Jackson.*
170 James A. Courvoice, or., Valleau’s, Chatham.
171 Edwin L. Lucas, Flynn’s, Muscogee.*
172 John H. Lumpkin, Wolfskin’s, Oglethorpe.
173 Charles R. Wiseman, sol., Thompson’s, Henry,

MLA Source Citation:

Smith, James F. The Cherokee Land Lottery: containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate Drawers in said Lottery, With an Engraved Map of Each District. New York. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 21 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/georgia/19th-district-4th-section-cherokee.htm - Last updated on Nov 3rd, 2012

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