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Persisting Pioneer Families in Emily, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals.

The farms of the following 63 Emily pioneers were granted to them by the Crown and still remain in the same family:

Moses Begley, X 16
David Best, 112
Henry Best, 113
James Boate, V 22
William Boate, V 22
John Callaghan, XIII 9
Patrick Callaghan, VII 7
John Carroll, VII 16
Timothy Carroll, VII 16
Martin Carroll, VIII 10
Michael Costello, X 10
Timothy Dorgan, XI 14
Bartholomew Downey, IX 6
Thomas Fee, V 12
William Fee, V 12
Humphrey Finley, I 15
Dennis Fitzpatrick, VIII 12
James Flaherty, IX 22
Thomas Flaherty, IX 22
Daniel Flynn, IX 10
Michael Flynn, IX 10
William Ford, II 8
George Franks, VII 22
Martin Harrington, XI 8
Timothy Heenan, XII 3
Patrick Herlihey Sr., XII 14
Patrick Herlihey Jr., XII 14
Patrick Hickey, X 10
Michael Houlihan, XII 7
Henry Jackson, II 18
David Kennedy XIII 3 and XIV 3
Wm. Kennedy, XIV 2
Wm. Laidley, IV 3
James Madigan, XII 13
Michael Madigan, XII 13
John Milloy, VIII 3
Peter Milloy, VIII 3
John Mitchell, IV 13
Timothy Morrisey, X 17
Patrick Murtha, XIII 13
Edward Morrisey, IX 14
Michael McAuliffe, IX 20
John McCarrell, III 18
John McFeeters, XIV 17
William McGahey, XII 2
Samuel McGee, II, 10
Arthur McQuade, V 9
Edmund O’Donnell,. VI 23
John O’Leary, IX 6
Richard Padget, XIII 9
BarthoIomew Piggott, XI 5
Daniel Piggott, XI 5
Edmond Piggott, X 4
John Scully, VII 2 and IX 2
Charles Shaw, IV 3
Henry Sheerin, III 17
John Smith, XIII 6
Dennis Sullivan, VII 20
John Sullivan,. XII 21
Tobias Switzer, V 18
John Toole, II 4
Daniel Winn, VIII 2
Robert Winn, VIII 1

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