The names of the rescued captives, and vessel’s crew:

William Rowland, captain
Duncan McEwen, mate
Benjamin and Richard Gibbs, sailors
Tamaree, an Hawaiian cook

Asher Sargent
E. N. Sargent
Samuel D. Howe
Ambrose Jewell
Charles Weed
Daniel Show
Samuel H. Williams
James McAllister
John Thornton
Charles Hendricks
George A. Paige
John Remley
Jesse Ferguson
Ignatius Colvin
James K. Hurd
William Mahard
Solomon S. Gideon
George Moore
B. F. McDonald
Sidney S. Ford Jr
Isaac M. Browne
Mr. Seidner

I find, besides the reports made at the time by S. D. Howe, George Moore, Captain Rowland, and subsequently by Charles E. Weed, an account by the latter among my manuscripts, under the title of Weed’s Charlotte Island Expedition, from all of which I have drawn the chief facts. Weed was 27 years of age, a native of Connecticut, and had just come to Olympia by way of the Willamette from California.

George A. Paige, a native of New Hampshire, had served in the Mexican war, and had been but a short time in Oregon. He remained on the Sound, serving in the Indian wars, and receiving an appointment as Indian agent at Port Madison. He died at Fort Colville in 1868.

See references to the Georgiana affair, in Oregon Statesman, Feb. 15 and 24, and March 9, 1852; Oregon Spectator, Jan. 27, 1852; New Tacoma Ledger, July 9, 1880.