(V) Judge Perez Richmond, son of judge William Richmond, was born at Little Compton, October 13, 1728-29, and died November 23, 1800-01. He married, February 3, 1754, Mercy Church, born September 18, 1734, died October 24, 1813, daughter of Thomas and Edith (Woodman) Church. He was appointed to enlist minutemen in Little Compton, June, 1775. He held various town offices, and was a leading and influential citizen; auditor of town accounts; moderator of town meetings six years; judge of probate court, and president of the town council. He was a mild old gentleman, fond of children and popular. He lived for fifty years or more opposite the head of Meeting House Lane, on the place lately owned by Fred 1. Brownell, Little Compton. He was quartermaster and enlisting officer for Little Compton, and was one of a committee “who shall use diligence to procure arms and accoutrements” in 1776. He was killed by a fall from his horse. Children, born at Little Compton: Sarah, August 24, 1756; Ruth, September 6, 1758; Flizabeth, March 9, 1760, married Isaac Hathaway (see Hathaway) ; Mary, September 29, 1761; Thomas, September 5, 1764; Benjamin, July 11, 1765; Anna, March 24, 1767; Charles, September 28, 1768; Mary, April 5, 1770; Charles, July 9, 1773; Hannah, December 17, 1775.