Jonathan, son of Benjamin Whitney, was born in 1681, and married in 1700, Susanna , born 1681. In 1721 his name is found on the list of those taxed for the minister’s rate in Sherborn, Massachusetts, at which time he paid one of the largest taxes. In 1723 his name was first on a petition to be set off as a separate town, afterwards called Holliston. In 1727 he was one of a committee in the latter town in relation to land for the minister, and in 1730 he deeded his interest in the land to the first minister. He was selectman in Holliston, 1724-25-26-27-2832-36-37. He owned some meadow lands in what is now (1910) Milford, and lived there at one time. Children: Susanna, January 20. 1702; Jonathan, October 17, 1704. mentioned elsewhere; Keziah, July 11, 1706; Dorothy, August 28, 1708; Mary, May 28, 1710; Lydia, March 3, 1712; Elias, November 14, 1716; Mehitable, December 27, 1719; George, August 12, 1721: Jesse, February 8. 1723; Hannah, February 11, 1724.