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Montana Land Patents – Blackfeet Tribe

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Patentee NameDateDoc. #Accession #
BROWN, ROSE CONNOLLY01/05/1916505378
BROWN, ROSE CONNOLLY12/09/1912277672304110
BROWN, ROSE CONNOLLY04/22/1913277672327562
CLARK, HELEN P02/13/1914397943384803
CLARK, HELEN P02/16/1914397943385497
CLARK, HORACE J02/13/1914397943384804
CLARK, HORACE J02/16/1914397943385498
CONNOLLY, ANGELINE12/09/1912277672304108
CONNOLLY, MARY12/09/1912277672304109
CONNOLLY, ROSE12/09/1912277672304110
CONNOLLY, ROSE04/22/1913277672327562
FORD, ALFERIE12/14/1908164956-0834413
FORD, ARTHUR12/14/1908164956-0834414
FORD, DANIEL12/14/1908164956-0834421
FORD, JAMES12/14/1908164956-0834417
FORD, JOSEPHINE12/14/1908164956-0834418
FORD, LILIAN12/14/1908164956-0834419
FORD, MILLIE12/14/1908164956-0834420
FORD, NELSON12/14/1908164956-0834416
FORD, ORRINE12/14/1908164956-0834415
FORD, RICHARD12/14/1908164956-0834412
LILLARD, THOMAS01/06/1910113460-09100414

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