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Muster Out Roll of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company K

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Heman N. Moore, Capt.
Hiram Ingersoll, 1st Lieut.
John B. Maston, 2nd Lieut.
Andrew N. Buck, 2nd Lieut.
Edwin W. Barnes, Sergt.
William Dusenberry, Sergt.
Charles H. Garland, Sergt.

Casall, Edward
Carl, Eli C.
Clark, Jonas
Dyer, Myron
Keep, Daniel
Mosher, George
Paynter, William
Powers, Joseph


Dawn, Daniel
Smith, Eli


McDonald, John J.
England, Morris
Baker, Daniel H.
Baswel, Abraham
Cline, Andrew J.
Downer, Jacob R.
Hamel, Harrison
Ingldew, Eber
Madson, Joseph D.
Lowe, Henry
Ralinson, Franklin
Reed, Henry A.
Specer, James L.
Stanwell, James O.
Tubb, Philip
Tacy, Deria
Wright, William A.


Sprague, Thomas
Kitchen, William
Campbell, James
Conly, Edward M.
Crawford, Oscar W.
Geer, Myron
Hodgson, John
Hill, Henry
Lewis, William H.
Lapine, Isaac
Lapeer, Moses
Lamartin, Frank
McEwen, Alexander
O’Donald, John
Power, Nasby
Rantz, William A.
Rogers, Jacob
Shymes, William J.
Tompkins, John
Young, Chauncey


Lambert, Gregory
Godfrey, George W.
Lucus, Isaac W.
Matevia, Lewis
McGregor, Alexander
Montgomery, Raust B.
Powers, William C.
Rood, Hosea
Sawtelle, Vincent
Tompkins, Daniel B.
Whelock, George
Carpenter, William H.
Lewis, Merritt
Semis, Fitch M.
Bitgood, William W.
Schlander, Frederick
Murphy, Daniel
Alton, John K.
Anteen, Ambrose
Champlin, Ace J.
Edwards, William
Genia, Henry
Hartshan, William
Harris, George S.


Bennett, Nelson
Carver, Lucius
Wilkenson, Arthur
Osgood, Calbourn
Taylor, William H.
Smith, Hugh
Evans, Alvin
Treat, Gordon
Andre, Charles H.
Gallup, James B.
Lesley, Edward
Chalker, Oliver
Huyack, Alva H.
Sprague, Jesse G.
Clark, Sylvester
Arsnoe, William II.
Babcock, Martin
Bennett, Charles
Buck, Hasan A.
Jones, Melvin J.
Bartholomew, Theodore
Kruger, Frederick
Kittel, Thomas
Laverty, Ogden B.
Long, Daniel
Mahan, John
Martin, John W.
Mitchell, Andrew
Morandett, Anteen
Matty, Triple
Marshall, George W.
Meech, Dewitt C.
Metty, Andrew
Maclain, Alexander
Marshall, Horace
Osborn, Amos
Parker, Jefferson
Popple, George
Petibone, Salem E.
Prescott, Frank
Blanchard, William
Cadraw, Michael
Suchard, Eli
Chapman, Andrew J.
Conroy, James
Carrier, George
Colf, George
Crompton, Benjamin
Conkrite, Samuel
Dunnett, W. D.
Eberly, Samuel
Ellis, Jefferson
Fordham, Albert
Fordham, John W.
Gilbert, Nathan
Gilbert, Seth
Gilbert, Edwin
Goff, Philander R.
Huland, John
Hahn, Frederick% 9
Williams, Squires
Harper, Benjamin F.
Wilson, Perry
Henderson, John A. J.
Wagner, Andrew
Hill, John W.% 9
Watson, Cyrus
Jones, David% 9
Young, John L.

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