1st Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers

1st Regiment Of Mississippi Volunteers Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company Captain Samuel Dale’s Company Captain Benjamin Dent’s Company Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company Captain L. V. Foelckel’s Company Captain William Henry’s Company Captain William Jack’s Company Captain Chas. G. Johnson’s Company Captain Randal Jones’ Company Captain Jos. P. Kennedy’s Company Captain William C. Mead’s Company

18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (1814-1815, Captain Joseph Vellio’s Company) Barabino, T. O., private Bayard, Ant, sergeant Carragan, James, lieutenant Carver, Elihu, major Cibelot, M., corporal Courteau, Ih., private Demetry, , gunner Domingon, H. T., sergeant Favre, Charles, private Favre, F., private Favre, I., private Favre, I. B., private Fayard, Laurt, private Labat, J., private

16th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Samuel A. Allen’s Company Captain Daniel Atkins’ Company Captain William Crawford’s Company Captain William Evans’ Company Captain Griffith’s Company Captain Greaf Johnston’s Company Captain Wm. Moseley’s Company Adams, Benjamin, private Adams, Joseph, private Adams, Thomas, private Albright, John, private Aldridge, William, sergeant Allen, John A., lieutenant Allen, Samuel,

15th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

15th Regiment (Johnson’s) Of Mississippi Militia Anderson, John, private Beddingfield, George, private Boyakin, Soloman, private Braden, James, private Bradley, John, private Brown, Bartlet, private Brunson, Josiah, private Cassity, Hugh, private Cavenah, William, corporal Clarke, William B., private Clingaman, Henry A., private Colson, Samuel, private Coxe, William, private Curtis, John D., ensign Damn, James, second lieutenant

14th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

14th Regiment (Mcboy’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Benj. Dubroca’s Company Captain McKinsey’s Company Captain Samuel H. Garrow’s Company Captain Chas. L. Aland’s Company Acre, Samuel, private Alexander, Francis, private Alexander, Joseph, private Antonio, Joachim, private Antonio, Joseph, private Arrosa, Joseph, private Baird, Joseph B., private Barlow, Aaron, private Barnett, Ulysses, private Barriel, Joseph, private Blair,

13th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

13th Regiment (Nixon’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain John Bond’s Company Lieutenant William Bond’s Company Captain David Cleveland’s Company Captain Moses Collins’ Company Captain Francis B. Lenoir’s Company Captain James McGowen’s Company Captain James Phillips’ Company Captain Henry Quin’s Company Captain Harmon M. Runnel’s Company Captain William Smith’s Company Captain William Spencer’s Company Addison, Hiram, private

South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company A.

CAPTAINS: Casson, W.H., Shelton, M.A., Gaillard, F., Leaphart, S., L., Maddy, M.M. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Shuler, P.H.B. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Brown, R., Myers, W.M., Eggleston, D.B. SERGEANTS: West, W.H., Reid, J.C., Bryant, J.F., Livingston, J.B., Cooper, G.F., Gilbert, J.G., Wells, J.F., McTurious, E.C. Joiner, B., DuBose, J. CORPORALS: Sulaff, W.C., Bruns, G., Newman, R., Rowan, S.W., Mack,

South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company L.

CAPTAINS: White, W.C., Litchfield, J.L., Litchfield, G.S. LIEUTENANTS: Beaty, T.W., Petman, S., Cooper, T.B., Newton, K.M., Grissett, J.D., Reves, J.W. SERGEANTS: Waid, G.W., Nercen, J.W., Floyd, A., Johnson, J.M., Anderson, —-, Gregary, T.H., Granger, J., Prince, J.L., Rabon, D., Johnson, C.L., Anderson, D.R. CORPORAL: Green, S.F. PRIVATES: Barnhill, W.H., Barnhill. H., Cooper, L., Cooper, R.,

South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company G.

CAPTAINS: Irby, A.P., Whitner, B.M. LIEUTENANTS: Gladney, Wash, Robinson, J.S., Shedd, J.P., DesPortes, R.S., Jennings, R.H. SERGEANTS: Martin, D., Ashford, J.W., Gibson, H.T., Trapp, Laban, Watt, B.F., Trapp, L.H., Mason, W.N. CORPORALS: Beard, J.M., Robinson, Wm., Blair, A.F., Craig, T.N.A., Craig, Wm. PRIVATES: Aiken, Jim, Aiken, H.G., Aiken, H.N., Aiken, Robt., Brown, U., Brown, J.W.,

South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Field and Staff.

COLONELS: Bacon, T.G., Aiken, D.W., Bland, Elbert. LIEUTENANT COLONEL: Fair, R.A. MAJORS: Seibles, E., Hard, J.S. ADJUTANT: Sill, T.M. QUARTERMASTER: Lovelace, B.F. COMMISSARY SERGEANT: Smith, Fred. SURGEONS: Dozier, —-, Spence, W.F., Horton, O.R. ASSISTANT SURGEONS: Carlisle, R.C., Stallworth, A. CHAPLAIN: Carlisle, J.M.

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