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Fort Reid at Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania

Fort Reid was the most westerly of the line of defenses thrown out in advance of Fort Augusta, for the purpose of covering that place and as a rallying place for the inhabitants and the scouts when hard pressed. The Continental Army had drawn largely upon the young active men of the region, leaving those less ht for active service at home to cope with an enemy, the most active and wily in border warfare of this kind in the world. In this forest country, with the inhabitants isolated by the size of their land claims, he could lay in wait, concealed for weeks if necessary, to await an opportunity to strike the settler when off his guard or in a situation in which he could offer least effective opposition. Not hampered with baggage, never troubled about keeping open his communications, as he could glide through where a fox might pass, and as noiselessly; armed by his master with the best of arms the time afforded, while the pioneers could scarcely procure ammunition enough to keep his family in meat; the Indian was bountifully furnished from the ample storehouses of the English. One naturally wonders how, with all the disadvantages against him, the settler held out so long; his staying qualities were wonderful; with these strengthened houses inadequately garrisoned as the only refuge for his family, he was a man who elicits our admiration. Reid’s Fort was the dwelling house of Mr. William Reid, stockaded in the spring of 1777; its location is on Water or River Street, in the built up part of the town east of the...

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