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Clatsop Indians

Clatsop Indians. The Clatsop centered about Cape Adams, on the south side of Columbia River, extending up the latter as far as Tongue Point and southward on the Pacific coast to Tillamook Head.

Biography of Mrs. Helen Smith

MRS. HELEN SMITH. – There survives within the limits of the old Oregon no person whose life possesses more universal interest than the lady whose name appears above, and of whom we present an excellent portrait. The widow of a pioneer whose first operations upon this coast belong to the antique days of Wyeth and Kelly, her own memory extends to the remote times of the Astor expedition of 1811; and her infant life was contemporary with the explorations of Lewis and Clarke in 1805. The entire panorama of the occupation and settlement of our state has therefore passed before her eyes. She has been no careless observer of these great events; and her mind, still clear and active, retains a surprisingly vivid recollection of our early Oregon history. As thus pictured in her mind, this possesses a peculiar interest from the fact that it has been drawn exclusively from personal observation from the standpoint of the native owners of our state. Celiast, whose christian name is Helen, is the daughter of Coboway (incorrectly written Commowool by Bancroft), and dates her birth in the year 1804. Her father was the chief of the Clatsops, a tribe whose boundaries extended from the mouth of the Columbia River southward to Ecahni Mountain (Carni), eastward thence to Swallalahost or Saddle Mountain, and thence by Young’s river back to the Columbia. The Clatsops were a quite and peaceable people, having the same language as the more numerous tribe of the Chinooks. They were possessed of many arts and accomplishments, which, although of a different order from our own, betrayed no less the inventive...

Clatsop Tribe

Clatsop Indians. A Chinookan tribe formerly about Creek Adams on the south side of the Columbia River and extending up the river as far as Tongue Point and south along the coast to Tillamook Head, Oregon.

Biography of Dr. John McLoughlin

DR. JOHN McLOUGHLIN. – Doctor McLoughlin has been very well called the first real governor of Oregon. As chief factor of the Hudson’s Bay Company west of the Rocky Mountains, he was more than this; – he was autocrat. He was a great man, – large physically, of large views and ideas, and above all, very large-hearted. He was nearly forty years on this coast, and during that time was the chief man in it. The Indians called him the “white-headed eagle;” and the Whites went to him with their troubles. In a pathetic little manuscript found among his papers, and never published until after his death, he calls himself the father of Oregon; and in a certain way, from a certain point of view, his claim is wholly just. The circumstances of his life may be briefly told. He was born in Canada in 1784. His parents were Scotch, although his mother, by some, is said to have been French. When but a youth of sixteen he entered the service of the old North West Fur Company, and for twenty-four years thereafter was making his way up, step by step, from the lowest to the highest positions. It was his duty during the years of his initiation to roam through the forests, and to navigate the long rivers of British America, going northward far towards the Arctic circle or to the skirts of the Shining Mountains in the West. He was stationed in lonely forts year in and year out, and made pilgrimages back again to the headquarters at Montreal. He probably took a good brisk part in...

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