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Descendants of Edmund Weston

The following genealogy was prepared at the solicitation of many of the descendants of Edmund Weston, and published, that what has come down from tradition and the scanty records relating to this family might be preserved in some permanent form.

It was my purpose only to bring it down to the time of the fathers and grandfathers of the descendants now living thus making it comparatively easy for any interested, to complete their genealogical history. I have confined myself to the briefest statements of the facts relating to the different members of the family, hoping that others may give a more extended account of the lives and characters that many of them so well deserve.

These men and these women seem to have been for the most part noted only for their quiet, industrious lives, their strong moral characters, and for faithfully performing the duties of life as they came to them, setting a worthy example to their own families and to the community in which they lived, and then "coming to their graves in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in, in his season."

While the greater part of these descendants were farmers, as were most of the men of that period in our history, many were actively engaged in maritime pursuits, and not a few were distinguished for their enterprise and thrift. Some of them exerted a salutary influence in shaping the civil and religious affairs of those early times. Few families did more in developing the early manufacturing and shipping interests of the Old Colony. In the war of the Revolution they were well represented in defence of the liberty of the colonies, nor were individual instances wanting of personal heroism, and the large sacrifices which their times demanded.

The later descendants of these men are now scattered over the country, and I doubt not that whoever shall further trace this genealogy will find that the children have not forgotten the virtues of their fathers.

I have been very much assisted in the preparation of this genealogy by the careful and laborious researches of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Weston, of Boston.

The loss of the earlier records of Duxbury has rendered it necessary to rely largely upon the traditions that have come down through the numerous branches of the family; for much that is important relating to their history. Many of these are so varied, especially as to names and dates, that it is impossible to fix them with accuracy.

The family of Westons were numerous in England at the beginning of the seventeenth century, and many of them early emigrated to America. Hotten, in his list of emigrants in the year 1635, gives no less than twelve of this name who emigrated to Virginia. Those who came to New England were Thomas Weston, the London merchant, who was probably a brother of Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland. Frequent mention is made of him in the early history of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay archives. It is doubtful, however, whether he left any descendants in the country. Francis Weston was with Roger Williams, but he had no children. John Weston came to Salem in 1664, a lad of thirteen years, who secreted himself on board the vessel and was not discovered until it was too far at sea to return him. His descendants are very numerous in New England. Among the early settlers of Duxbury occurs the name of Francis West. In a tax-bill of March, 1630, he is called Francis Weston, which was probably his true name. He however soon disappears from any records of the town or colony, and he probably let. no descendants.

Thomas Weston, Jr., 1887                        


Notes About Book:

Source: The Descendants Of Edmund Weston Of Duxbury, Massachusetts, For Five Generations, By Thomas Weston, Jr. Esq A.M.
Published Boston: George E. Littlefield. 1887. Reprinted from the N. E. HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER for July, 1887.

Online Publication: The manuscript was scanned and then ocr'd. Minor editing has been done on this manuscript and it may still contain errors. To insure accuracy please find an original copy to reference.