Steamboats, Tug Boats and River Craft in Washington

The first charter granted to a steamboat company on the Cowlitz River was to Seth Catlin, John R. Jackson, Fred A. Clarke, Henry N. Peers, George B. Roberts, and their successors, by the legislature of 1854-5. Wash. Stat., 1854, 439. This company failed to make any use of its charter. The legislature of 1858-9 granted

Washington Insane Asylum

The legislative assembly of 1861-2 authorized the governor and auditor to contract for the care of the insane, the contract being let to the St John lunatic asylum at Vancouver, in charge of the Sisters of Charity. A fund was set aside out of the general fund of the territory to pay for their keeping,

Washington Councilmen, 1879

The New Tacoma Herald, Oct. 30, 1879, is my authority for the following condensed biographies: President of the counsel, Francis H. Cook, born in Ohio; age 28; came to the territory in 1871; publisher of the Herald. Elliot Cline, born in Pennsylvania, age 60; immigrated in 1852; farmer by occupation; residence New Dungeness. J. H.

Leading Citizens of Spokane Falls Washington

Among the leading citizens of Washington, in addition to those mentioned elsewhere in this volume, the following residents of Spokane Falls are worthy of note: J. N. Glover, a Missourian by birth, and, it may he said, the founder of the city, settling there, or rather on its site, in 1873, and purchasing from two

University of Washington, 1862

The legislature, in Jan. 1862, re-incorporated the university, which was previously chartered in 1860 while it was located on the Cowlitz prairie, creating a board of regents consisting of Daniel Bagley, Paul K. Hubbs, J. P. Keller, John Webster, E. Carr, Frank Clark, G. A. Meigs, Columbia Lancaster, and C. H. Hale, in whom was

Biography of Bezaleel Freeman Kendall

Bezaleel Freeman Kendall, like Elwood Evans, crossed the continent in 1853 with Stevens. He was a native of Oxford, Maine, and a graduate of Bowdoin College. His talents are highly praised by all his biographers. Evans, who knew him well, says that he possessed a grand physique, was a fine scholar, able writer, powerful speaker,

Miners of Silver Bow District and Gulches, Montana

The men who uncovered the riches of Silver Bow District were, after the original discoverers, W. R. Coggeswell Peter Slater Vernon & Co. C. Solomon M. Johnson Dennis Driscoll J. Baker Robert McMinn Thomas Flood W. R. Crawford Sherman & Co. Henry Rust M. Prettyman Lester Popple W. E. Harris J. La Clair L. Thayer

List of Early Montana Farmers

E. S. Banta, born in Missouri, Sept. 2, 1832; brought up a fanner; immigrated to California in 1862, with his own team; remained there one year, and came to Montana, first to the Bitterroot Valley, then to Gallatin City, and finally to Willow Creek in Madison County, where he obtained 196 acres of land, and

Pioneer Newspapers of Montana

A history of the pioneer newspapers will not be out of place here. The Montana Post was the first journal started in the territory. In 1864 John Buchanan brought a press and material from St Louis to Fort Benton, with a view to locating at some point in the new commonwealth. He fixed upon Virginia

Biographical Sketch of I. L. Scammon

Another Chehalis County pioneer is I. L. Scammon, who was born in Maine in 1822, came to California in 1849-50, making the voyage on the 63-ton schooner Little Traveler. In the autumn of 1850 he took passage for the Columbia River, which was passed by mistake, the vessel making Shoalwater bay. Making his way overland

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