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Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska and Nevada Indian Honored War Dead

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The following Honored War Dead, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.


  • Bob Allen, Choctaw, Solomons
  • Gibson T. McMillan, Choctaw, Luzon
  • Emmett Jackson, Choctaw, Germany
  • Able Sam, Choctaw, Germany
  • John Day Isaac, Choctaw, U.S.A.
  • Raymond Martin, Choctaw, Germany


  • Murray L. Williamson, Blackfoot, Luzon
  • Fredrick Bauer, Jr. Sioux Luzon
  • Sam Davis Backwards Cheyenne Luzon
  • George B. Magee, Jr. Blackfoot France U. S. A.
  • Wilbur Spang, Cheyenne, Flathead, Germany
  • Daniel L. Pablo, Flathead, Germany
  • Warren L. Gardipe, Flathead, Philippines
  • Leonard R. Jette, Flathead,
  • Joseph O. Pronovost, Flathead, Pacific
  • William Pronovost, Flathead
  • Louis C. Charlo, Flathead, Iwo Jima
  • Oswald A. Felsman, Flathead, France
  • Pascal Bohn, Flathead, Belgium
  • Julian A. Pablo, Flathead, Philippines
  • Clarence I. Marengo, Flathead, Italy
  • Elmer C. Ladue, Flathead
  • Fredrick E. Kasko, Flathead
  • Isaac Mott, Flathead, Germany
  • Elvin Matt, Flathead Germany
  • Harvey W. Ducharme, Flathead, Germany
  • Francis Heavyrunner, Blackfoot, France
  • Eugene Horn, Blackfoot, Leyte
  • William Wolftail, Blackfoot, France
  • Fred DeRoche Blackfoot, Belgium
  • Patrick Reevis, Blackfoot, Luzon
  • William Allison, Jr. Blackfoot, Germany
  • Charles Stewart, Blackfoot, Pacific
  • Roger K. Paul, Blackfoot, France
  • Melvin Rides at the Door, Blackfoot, Germany
  • Joseph Long Knife, Assiniboine, Luzon
  • Benjamin Chopwood, Assiniboine, Italy
  • Pius Wing, Assiniboine, France
  • Richard King, Jr., Assiniboine, France
  • Murphy Gunn, Assiniboine, Pacific


  • Thomas H. Harrison, Winnebago, France


  • Seymour Arnot, Washoe, Pacific
  • Stanley Winnemucca, Paiute
  • Francis Shaw, Paiute, Africa
  • Henry West, Jr., Paiute
  • Scott Green, Paiute
  • Arthur F. Jones, Paiute, Africa
  • Mike Drew, Paiute, Italy
  • Edward Joe, Washoe, Peleliu
  • Sidney Jack, Paiute, Europe
  • Clarence Hanks, Paiute, Europe
  • Warren Wilson, Paiute, Pacific


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