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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

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12 Elizabeth Vann. George West and David Rowe
13 Eliza Vann. John Martin
14 Clara Vann*
15 Jennie Vann*
11425314 Elizabeth Welch. Isaac Ragsdale, ___Nix and Moses Alberty
2 George Washington Welch. Margaret Jones
OK 3 Sidney Welch*
1112231415 Charlotte Bright. Joshua Humphrey
2 Delilah Bright. John W. Bannon
OK 3 William Bright. Sallie Morton
4 Samuel Bright. Barsheba Morton
1112232415 Elizabeth Murphy*
2 Charles Murphy*
OK 3 Dennis Murphy. Elizabeth Sullicooie
4 Andrew Murphy*
5 Thomas Murphy. Nannie and Nellie Gritts nee Manus
6 James Murphy. Sinia Beck and Martha White
7 Annie Murphy*
8 Sallie Murphy. Anderson Gritts and Sulecooya
1112234415 Edward Downing. Jennie ____ and Elizabeth Murphy nee Sullecooie
2 Celia Downing. Lewis Cording and Edward Still
OK 3 Rufus Downing
4 William Penn Downing. Nannie J. Walkingstick
5 Henry Downing. Lydia Ann Walkingstick
6 David Downing. Martha Wolf
1112331415 Amanda Smith. Alexander Wofford
2 Mary Smith. Thomas Sanders and Elias Gourd Foreman
OK 3 Jackson Smith* Isabel Love nee Eldridge
4 James Morgan. Josephine Clyne
5 Mark Morgan. Cynthia Smith and Saphronia Taylor nee Gruffin
6 Leean Morgan* Jeremiah Horn
7 George Morgan* Eliza Muskrat
1112431415 Stephen Whitmire. Elizabeth Horn and Quatie Corntassel
2 Nathaniel Whitmire*
3 Charlotte Cornelia Whitmire. John R. Wright
4 Charles Faught Whitmire. Palmyra Phillips
5 Delilah Whitmire. David Sanders
6  John Downing Whitmire. Malderine Still and Elizabeth Sanders
7 Walter Scott Whitmire. Elizabeth Reese and Ethie Russell
8 Eli H. Whitmire. Mary Wright and Moltcke Boquet

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