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Slave Narrative of Alice Baugh

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: Alice Baugh Date of Interview: May 18, 1937 Location: North Carolina Age: 64 Plantation Times An Interview on May 18, 1937 with Baugh, 64, who remembers hearing her mother tell of slavery days. My mammy Ferbie, an’ her brother Darson belonged ter Mr. David Hinnant in Edgecombe County till young Marster Charlie got married. Den dey wuz drawed an’ sent wid him down hyar ter Wendell. De ole Hinnant home am still standin’ dar ter dis day. Marster Charlie an’ Missus Mary wuz good ter de hundred slaves what belonged ter’ em. Dey gib ’em good houses, good feed, good clothes an’ plenty uv fun. Dey had dere co’n shuckin’s, dere barn dances, prayer meetin’s an’ sich like all de year, an’ from Christmas till de second day o’ January dey had a holiday wid roast oxes, pigs, turkey an’ all de rest o’ de fixin’s. From Saturday till Monday de slaves wuz off an’ dey had dere Sunday clothes, which wuz nice. De marster always gib ’em a paper so’s de patterollers won’t git ’em. Dey went up de riber to other plantations ter dances an’ all dem things, an’ dey wuz awful fond uv singin’ songs. Dat’s whut dey done atter dey comes ter dere cabins at de end o’ de day. De grown folkses sings an’ somebody pickin’ de banjo. De favorite song wuz ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ an’ ‘Play on yo’ Harp Little David’. De chilluns uster play Hide an’ Seek, an’ Leap Frog, an’ ever’body wuz happy. Dey had time off ter hunt an’ fish an’ dey had...

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