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Biography of Frederick C. A. Denkmann

When on March 2, 1905, the spirit of Frederick C. A. Denkmann passed from earth there was completed and rounded out a life that may well serve as an inspiration for American boys of this and succeeding generations, through its disregard of difficulties, steadfastness of purpose, energy and accomplishment, sterling worth and help-fulness. In such a life there is encouragement for every young man who is constrained to be the architect and builder of his own fortunes, even as this necessity was laid upon Frederick C. A. Denkmann. He sprang from sturdy German stock, did this great American lumberman, and that his sole inheritance from his ancestors was a clear head reinforced by rugged strength was not the fault of his forbears, but so events were shaped by the fortunes of war. Frederick, mostly called Carl, was born April 8, 1822, at Salzwedel, the ancient capital of Prussia, the youngest son of his father, Diedrich Denkmann. This father had been a successful manufacturer, a man of property and standing in the German city. The Napoleonic wars destroyed his business and swept away his inherited and accumulated wealth. Disheartened and feeling that the lost ground could not be regained, Diedrich Denkmann died, and the little Carl was left to the care of the mother, upon whom great responsibilities devolved. Circumstances forbade Carl the enjoyment of advantages that his widowed mother would gladly have given him. She was able to provide him with the mere rudiments of an education and could only hope that his native strength of character would make valuable his tutelage in the school of experience. His days...

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