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Biography of Daniel Phillips

DANIEL PHILLIPS. Among the honored and well-to-do tillers of the soil of Newton County, Arkansas, may be mentioned Daniel Phillips, whose many years of hard labor have been rewarded with abundant means. He is now in the enjoyment of a comfortable income, the result of intelligent management and undeviating industry, and enjoys the esteem and confidence of all with whom he has had business relations. He was born in Morgan County, Tennessee, August 27, 1846, being the sixth of nine children born to Jesse and Parmelia (Everage) Phillips, both of whom were born in the Old North State. The former died in Johnson County, Arkansas, in 1878, at the age of seventy-five years, in which section he had settled in 1859, and where he was successfully engaged in tilling the soil. During the lamentable Civil War he was a stanch Union man and all his sons were soldiers in the Federal Army. He became a strong supporter of the Republican party after the war, but being of a quiet and retiring disposition he never aspired to public preferment, choosing to leave the strife and turmoil of political life to others. He was a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as was his wife, who died in 1880 at the age of seventy-eight years. His father, John Phillips, was a North Carolinian. The children which he and his wife reared were as follows: Dinah, Miles H., Frances, Absalom, Margaret, Daniel, John, William, Tull, and one that is deceased. Daniel and Absalom are residents of Newton County, Arkansas, and the latter is a successful merchant of Marble City. Frances, who...

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