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Biography of William C. Goodwin, Rev.

Rev. William C. Goodwin. In the death of Rev. William C. Goodwin, which occurred at his home in Moline, Kansas, May 12, 1913, that community lost a much loved citizen and there passed away a character which in strength and in service deserves more than passing mention. Largely in the words of a friend and admirer who wrote of him the following biography had been prepared for this publication. He was born at Massena Center in St. Lawrence County, New York, September 3, 1837. His father, Daniel Goodwin, was born and reared in New Hampshire; his mother, Elvira Clark, in Chatham, Lower Canada. He was of Puritan stock and ancestry. St. Lawrence is the northeast county of New York and had the vigorous climate and sterile soil peculiar to the northern New England states. Daniel Goodwin was a typical Yankee. He possessed in full measure the enterprise, courage and piety of that race. In his youth he spent some years on the ocean. His son related that at one time his father was one of the crew of an American privateer in the War of 1812. While off the coast of South America the ship was overhauled by a British man-of-war. The American skipper took a vote of his crew as to whether they should fight or surrender. Young Goodwin voted to fight. From some memories of his early life which Rev. Mr. Goodwin wrote out for the benefit of his children the following extracts have been made, presenting a fine picture of the Puritan home and school life in which he was reared: “My father was a poor...

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