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Biography of George Rushton

George Rushton. The George Rushton Baking Company, Incorporated, at Rosedale, is the largest concern of its kind in the State of Kansas. Every day its ovens turn out 20,000 loaves of high class bread, sold and consumed principally in the two Kansas cities, while the weekly capacity of the pie plant is 75,000 pies. It is the only pie baking plant on a large scale in the two cities. Baking had been a trade in the Rushton family for so many generations back that no record had been kept of the originator of the business. The president and founder of this business is a master baker in all that phrass implies. His father was a baker before him, and when only eight years of age began learning the business in his father’s shop back in England. George Rushton, Sr., was born at Wolverhampton, England, May 18, 1861, the oldest of the thirteen children of George Frederick and Martha Ann Rushton. As member of such a large household and the responsibilities of life being early put upon his shoulders, George Rushton had no opportunities to attend school. He never had a teacher except himself and experience. He learned his A B C’s by hard work, and only by much application and diligence did he acquire the fundamentals of a literary knowledge sufficient for business purposes. At the age of eight years he was doing a routine of duties in his father’s bakery. In the course of time he had acquired a complete knowledge of the trade. At the age of twenty he entered business for himself at Manchester where he...

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