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Biography of Marc Seguin

Marc Seguin, who is the French and Belgian consul at St. Louis, was born in Lyons, France, June 9, 1877, and is the son of Augustin and Marguerite de Montgolfier Seguin, both of Annonay, France. He is descended from a well known family of French inventors. His grandfather, Marc Seguin (1783-1875) for whom he was named, invented the suspended bridge in 1823, and the tubular boiler in 1825, and the latter applied to the locomotive made its high speed possible. The famous “Rocket” brought out by Stephenson in 1829 was equipped with a tubular boiler invented by Marc Seguin, who in 1830 built the first French railway, known as the Lyon-St. Etienne. He was a member of the French Institute and was regarded as one of the prominent scientific men and inventors of his native country. Marc Seguin is also a descendant in direct line of the brothers Joseph and Etienne de Montgolfier, inventors of the balloon, the first, ascension having taken place in 1783 at Annonay, their native city. The family was ennobled by King Louis XVI of France. The coat of arms of the Seguin family bears the motto “Plus d’honneur que de profit” (More honor than profit). Augustin Seguin, father of Marc Seguin, was a well known civil engineer and iron manufacturer of France, the important steel mills known as “Forges et Founderies de I’Horme” having been for many years under his active management. He was also a paper manufacturer, managing among other industries of that character the famous firm “Canson et Montgolfier” of Annonay, the oldest paper mills of France, having been founded in the...

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