Biography of Ralph M. McKee

Ralph M. McKee is superintendent of the consolidated city schools at Neal in Greenwood County. He is one of the younger men engaged in educational work in Kansas, and had a highly creditable record for the work he had already done and stands high both among his fellow teachers and in his home community. Mr.

Biographical Sketch of John Hunt

John Hunt, meat-market, Mattoon; was born in Fayette Co., Ohio, Nov. 6, 1837; his father came West to Illinois and settled in Jasper Co. in 1845; his early life was that of a farmer’s boy, and his advantages for securing an education somewhat limited; most of his education he obtained in the schools of Xenia,

Biography of Charles Trader Beatty

Charles Trader Beatty. One of the oldest and most prominent names in the history of Chanute is that of the Beatty family. It was in 1870 that the late John Brooke Beatty established himself at the old Town of Tioga, which had since become a part of the City of Chanute. He erected the first

Shawnee Indians

Shawnee Indian Tribe

Roll Of Capt. William Stephenson’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from October 24, until December 22, 1812, and from Sept. 20, 1813, until March 20, 1814 Capt. William Stephenson Lieut. Samuel Stites Ensign, John McCally Lieut. Edward Jones Ensign, Daniel Kebbinger Sergt. Alexander Ireland Sergt. Thomas Sleeth Sergt. Moses McNair Sergt. Peter Pence Sergt. William Kelley Sergt. William Harper Corp.

Roll Of Capt. Zechariah Ferguson’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from September 23, until October 30, 1812. Capt. Zechariah Ferguson Lieut. Peter Borden Ensign, James. Popenoe Sergt. Samuel D. Kirkpatrick Sergt. Andrew Hawker Sergt. Isaac Morgan Sergt. George Hittle Corp. Peter Hoy Corp. Jacob Cosler Corp. Abraham Cosler Corp. Samuel Bowen Privates Anderson, Seth Ashby, Lawrence Birely, William Borders, George

Roll Of Capt. John Davis’ Company

(Probably from Greene Co.) Served from May 3, until May 20, 1813. Capt. John Davis Lieut. David M. Laughead Lieut. Stephen Commwell Cornet, Henry Barnes Sergt. John B. Todd Sergt. Adam Shigley Sergt. David Hanes Sergt. John John Privates Barker, Joseph Black, Peter Blue, Davis Clifford, Thomas Devone, John Elam, John Gibson, John Gill, Hugh

Roll Of Capt. Robert Gowdy’s Company

(Probably from Greene Co.) Served from August 23, until September 21, 1813. Capt. Robert Gowdy Lieut. Thomas Constant Sergt. Samuel Gray Sergt. William Sutton Sergt. Joel Hixon Sergt. James Fire Corp. William Sterrett Corp. John Loid Corp. William Simpson Corp. David Conkelon Drummer, William Allen Fifer, Samuel Simpson Privates Aldreedezr, Littleberry Barber, John Barnes, Alexander

Roll Of Capt. Joseph Lucas’ Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from January 20, until March 2, 1813. Capt. Joseph Lucas Sergt Isaac Garard Sergt. Henry Bone Corp. Abraham Lucas Privates Bales, John Beales, Jacob Beales, Jonothan Beason, Thomas Brewin, William H Copeland, William Downey, John Ellis, Jacob Fair, Thomas Foster, Samuel Harris, Steward Murphy, David Price, George Price, William Ross,

Roll Of Capt. Robert McClelland’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from August 22, until September 22, 1812, and from May 25, until November 24, 1813. Capt. Robert McClelland Lieut. James McBride Lieut. Elisha Leslie Ensign David Douglas Ensign William Erwin Sergt. Samuel Snodgrass Sergt. Isaac Miller Sergt. Jacob Hozier Sergt. John McDaniel Sergt. John Barnes Corp. Samuel Lawrence Corp. Henry

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