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Biography of Richard Price Cravens

Richard Price Cravens. It must be conceded that the earlier history of Salina was made by a comparatively few reliable, responsible men, who, courageous in their action and steadfast in their belief in the future possibilities of the city, forged ahead, blazing the way for others, who, following in their footsteps and working with them, have developed one of the greatest business centers in the great state of Kansas. Had these men been less active, less willing to put their entire energies into their work, today’s prosperity would have never been developed. One improvement leads to another, each advance means more to follow, but the growth of any section is a gradual series of developments. Perhaps in no one line was more steady advancement made than in that which had to do with Salina’s insurance interests, and one of the men whose achievements in this direction made his name well known is Richard Price Cravens. Mr. Cravens came to Salina in 1878, in which year he was admitted to the practice of law, but with the opening of business opportunities he put aside his profession and for many years was engaged exclusively in the handling of insurance, more recently having become president of the Cravens Mortgage Company. Incidentally, he is one of the best known insurance men in the state, and had been variously honored by his fellow-members in the vocation. Richard Price Cravens was born July 31, 1856, in a log house on a pioneer farm in Ray County, Missouri, his parents being Thomas Jefferson and Mary (Stahl) Cravens. His father was born in the same home, in...

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