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Biography of John Battersby

JOHN BATTERSBY. AMONG the noted men of Albany, whose usefulness and whose generosity will always be held in high esteem by our citizens irrespective of party, is John Battersby, the present republican county treasurer of Albany. Born on the 19th of January 1834, in the town of Dromore, Ireland, he passed his earliest youth with his parents on the shores of the Emerald Isle, playing and working on the green fields, breathing the invigorating air of that healthful climate, and laying the foundation of a sound, vigorous constitution. John was the pride of his parents, who took the greatest delight in instructing him in right paths, so that in after years he might rise up and call them blessed. The father of John Battersby was in many respects a remarkable man; his chief characteristics being a provident, industrious nature, strict integrity, with a soul sensibly touched with the struggles of humanity and the sufferings of the poor. With a view to bettering his own condition and that of his young family he emigrated to America in the year 1847. On reaching New York and looking over the map of the country, to select a suitable location for carrying on his business – that of conducting a fine meat market – he decided on Albany, and sailing up the Hudson he landed at this city where he was to make a life-long residence. He was much pleased with the place and saw at a glance that there was a good opening for starting a business with which he was well acquainted and in which financial success was only a question...

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